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Screw draft position!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If i were a 1st round athlete, I wouldn't want to go to a team that tanked for draft picks. It speaks volumes about the teams character....

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If i were a 1st round athlete, I wouldn't want to go to a team that tanked for draft picks.

It speaks volumes about the teams character.
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Re: Screw draft position!

Some of you may disagree, but at this point it's a win-win IMO. We win the ballgame, great, I get to talk smack to all of those Cow fans here in Dallas. We lose, we get a better draft pick. I know some super-fans disagree with that, saying "if you don't root for us to win you're not a fan." I agree with that actually, just that my perspective is a bit different.

I don't care about regular season wins. I care about winning the Super Bowl. If we aren't winning the SB, I ain't happy. So, we aren't going to win the Super Bowl this year, so I'm now rooting for whatever can happen that will help us win the Super Bowl next year. If getting to draft a bit higher helps, then I'm rooting for that.

Some people may say that drafting a few spots later isn't a huge deal. While that could be the case, it isn't always. This is obviously an exaggeration, but if the Browns could have drafted ahead of the Redskins last year, don you think they'd be in a better position with RG3?

So, to sum it up, going 8-8 instead of 7-9 doesn't really matter to me. I won't remember our record in 2012 a few years from now. But getting the chance to potentially draft a better player that will help our future prospects of winning a Super Bowl, I'm all about that. Win-win.
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Re: Screw draft position!

Originally Posted by Boutte View Post
How could anybody actually want us to lose these last few games just so we can improve our draft position? I still posts lamenting our wins moving us down in the draft. I'm enjoying this winning streak. I feel sorry for anybody who isn't giddy about whipping the Cowboys in their house while they're scrambling for a playoff spot.

Besides the draft is such pot luck process that a couple of spots up or down doesn't mean anything. Think about how many times we've traded up for that "special player". How many times has worked out well for us?

I say we go out and beat the Panthers so bad Cam Newtons head explodes in the 3rd quarter. Maybe well get to see what that kid from the commercial can do.
I love that kid, great commercial and hopefully true!!! Cracks me up!!
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Re: Screw draft position!

not at this point. does us no good. if we were in the top ten i may not care.

win win win
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Re: Screw draft position!

Sure we want to draft talented guys but as we have all seen, its coaching thats separates the mediocre from the great. Look no further than the sowboys to see what I mean and our team w/o SP this year. All the talent in the world won't win you a choampionship if you can't meld it into a force to reckoned with. Sean can do that, many other coaches can't. If we really sucked bad and had no hope of things to come etc, like say the Jags, then yeah, maybe. But this is the Saints and they don't lie down for nobody.

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Re: Screw draft position!

I wanted to beat the Cowgirls badly and I'm not wanting to throw away the last few games............but I wouldn't be against playing all of our backups and getting film on them.
I don't care what our record is! This isn't Paytons team. Next year is a different story and if we get a better draft pick then I'm all for it. Rookies are cheap now. Get the best you can even if you have to trade up.
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Re: Screw draft position!

I get high from the Saints winning...
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Re: Screw draft position!

Agree, you always play to win, no matter what.

I heard something interesting on sportstalk the other day where it was said teams like the Patriots hate having early first-round draft picks and would rather have late round picks because they're capable of developing them.

That's sorta' like the Saints, no? If a team can develop players, it's not such an issue to get a high draft pick, and some times, those high ones don't pan out anyway ... IDK, I don't get involved in the draft that much, it's like shooting craps to me.
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Re: Screw draft position!

Win the game, always.
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Re: Screw draft position!

Congratulations!, you're getting what you want. A few meaningless wins in lieu of a play-maker for our team in the draft or even a trade-able pick to gain us another possible 2nd round pick to improve our team for next year, and that's ok, but I don't want to hear you crying about how we didn't get this player or that player in the draft or how our defense is still terrible next year when we STILL DON'T HAVE THAT PLAY-MAKER THAT WE SO DESPERATELY NEED TO GET OVER THE HUMP. You're getting what you want so don't come crying when we don't make the playoffs next year.
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