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How would you fix the defense?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Hodge is back and I think we need to go to a 5- 2 that way we stack the line and let every team beat us with the pass and with McKenzie we should have 4 pretty good DB\'s...

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How would you fix the defense?

Hodge is back and I think we need to go to a 5- 2 that way we stack the line and let every team beat us with the pass and with McKenzie we should have 4 pretty good DB\'s
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How would you fix the defense?

I wouldn\'t mind seeing the old 5-2 stack. We need it. Just put Rodgers and Watson out there. Wait... do we have 3 DTs capable of starting... oops. What\'s plan B?
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How would you fix the defense?

Now this is a fun question for a change.

Go a base nickle! Yikes! Like we can stop the run now? Also, which extra DB to you propose, none of the non-starters (except Ambrose, who hopefully will no longer be starting) inspire any confidence at all against the ground game.

I do think having Hodge back will help some.

Here are my suggestions to improve the current defense (if simply getting better coaching and game planning is off the table):
1. Give up on Watson being the full time starter (I think he is great, but he is still raw - he backs into coverage too quickly). Ruff should play in all obvious rushing situations and Watson in all others.

2. Get a good corner. Oh wait, we just got MM. This will help, since it will allow us to bring T-buck closer to the line. Currently, he is playing deep to make up for Thomas\' small stature and Ambrose\'s lack of speed.

3. Do not run stunts on the ends. Our guys are just not getting it done that way. On a related note, Grant and Howard should not play every down like it is a passing down. Howard needs to work harder on his read and react rather than his overwhelming instinct to simply kill the signal caller.

4. Young is way too small. From what I\'ve seen, he just gets pushed around. He will be great on passing downs when he isn\'t required to the job of the guy standing next to him. If Sully suddenly shows up, Young will be solid, until then the fact that whoever is on the inside next to him is going to be purely mediocre (at least so far) and Young will be neutralized. Thus, I think we\'d do just as well with two middle to low talent big bodies than poor Young who is getting his ass kicked because he isn\'t getting any help inside.

5. I think we should run blitz a little more, but not a lot more. People keep saying \"let\'s blitz more\"; we\'re not disrupting the play in the backfield, and I agree, but blitzing is a little more complicated that people make it out to be. Angles, gaps, and positional blitzes are determined by what the goal of the blitz is. Our guys seem to pass blitz all the time. It would be good to see a few more people come every once in awhile, but I\'d like to see a few shallower paths to the ball carrier and fewer delayed blitzes (i.e. more quick fire rushes) - this will stop the run better, even if they are less likely to get to the QB.

Anyway, that is my five step proposal for fixing the Defense - if we\'re not simply allowed to fire the coaches.

What do you guys think? I\'d really love to hear.

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"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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