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Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton?s ego has cost Saints...

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Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton?s ego has cost Saints
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

Hard to disagree!
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

Blame Payton for NOT feeding Ingram the ball. Blame Payton FOR feeding Ingram the ball three straight times.
BLAME Payton for the fake FG gamble. PRAISE payton for the on-side gamble.
Damn I'm dizzy.

His play calling was a direct result in those two games of the all out assault on his QB. I still have the faith in him (even with his aggressive trends).
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

Sheesh! Damned if he does. Damned if he does not.
Ego is bad when we lose. Ego is good when we win.
It is what it is.

Either we think he is a decent a coach overall, or we don't. Make up your minds and then justify it. But whatever there is no perfect man out there.
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

Originally Posted by Mardigras9 View Post
Blame Payton for NOT feeding Ingram the ball.
"Against the Panthers and Rams, his blatant disregard of and trust in the run game was embarrassing".

I can agree with that. Ingram was well on his way to a 100+ run game against a very good run defense. Hopefully we go back to basics on sunday.
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

Payton runs the same kind of plays that won us a Superbowl. Now all of a sudden it's his ego. Payton is just being who he is, aggressive. Sometimes it does not work most of the time it does. Give the man a break. He's a great coach and that article is a load of crap. If everything he tried had worked, that article never would have been written.
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

i hate when he tries to out scheme a defense but in his defense he needs to address the OL issues so his hands are tied a bit on that one.

Till we get back to a balanced attack that produces consistently on the ground as well as through the air he will drive me nuts at times.

So expect to see the saints use the run and passing attacks pretty evenly between the 30's then go to an unbalanced attack in side the opponents 30. pass pass pass. with a run thrown in to see if we catch the defense napping.

i do not mind the heavy passing attack from 20 to 30 yards out because that always seemed to be drew comfort zone. but one time i want to see the saint jam the ball down an opponents (playoff caliber team) mouth for that last 30 yards and dare them to stop us.

when SP has faith in the run game again he will go back to it. but the faith is not there. so it will be those cute plays that fail that will get this type of crap written about him. Cuteness can get you sick to stomach
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"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins

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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

The only criticism I have is our run game. When we won the SB, we ran well and were committed to it. Maybe it's personnel? Maybe it's a reaction to what the other teams are presenting us, heck I don't know, I'm not the professional, it's just an observation. And really, under Payton, we've done some odd play calling,,,double reverses, on-side kicks, fake field goals. Your a fricking genius when they work and a complete tard dart when they fail.
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

Oh yeah, because he's only come back and led the team to playoff contention when we were well out if it last year in his absence. While making the playoffs the 3 previous years with our first ring sprinkled in there too.

Players haven't been making plays they normally make. Drew Brees in particular. Holding the ball when the o line is shotty.
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Re: Sean Paytonís ego has cost Saints

This is just dumb. His "EGO" is the primary reason we've been a top team since his arrival.

Sportswriters make Saintfan grumpy.
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