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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; yeah search for coaching staff, GM, Offensive line and Defensive line as well... Hell lets get new water boys while we are at it. [Edited on 22/11/2004 by Euphoria]...

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yeah search for coaching staff, GM, Offensive line and Defensive line as well... Hell lets get new water boys while we are at it.

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If ANYONE watched the game yesterday and still doesnt think AB is at least half the problem then they don\'t know football. Its just the fact that he has no pocket presence, can\'t read Defense, doesn\'t know when to throw it away, throws it away when he shouldn\'t, never runs when he should, can\'t run a hurry up offense... and on and on... Brooks just isnt the QB we need. He has a hell of a lot of talent, but talent isnt everything if you cant use it when you play. If you can throw the ball 70 yards good for you, but if you throw the ball 70 yards into coverage it doesnt matter. Brooks throws too many balls into coverage... throws to many high over the middle... throws to many straight to the other team... He has happy feet...

The ppl sitting behind me at the game were Denver fans. They asked me what our record was. I said 4-5. They were like ohh so yall have a pretty good team. I said I wouldnt said we are good, but we have talent... He said well doesnt Brooks usually put up good numbers? I said yes he puts up good numbers but with all the talent we have its hard not to. He gets alot of stats in garbage time. I said he can play good sumtymes, but he just doesnt have it between the ears... He didnt seem to believe me... Then half way through the first half he looked at me and said ... Ohh ok I see what you are saying... and we had a little laugh... It was after the underhand pass to that LB.. I mean in half a game their fans can see that our QB doesnt know what he is doing...

Just now on ESPN they were talking about Brooks and said he just doesnt get it and he might not be starting next year... Its a thing we should watch... if not Broosk then who?
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Its fourth and 2 early in the fourth quarter. We are inside Denver\'s 10 yard line, down by 21. The ball is snapped. Brooks rolls right. Mike Karney is open for a short dump pass that would have gotten the first down. Brooks insteads chooses to throw to a double-covered receiver in the endzone, resulting in an interception and the end of all hopes of making a comeback. The Offensive Line didn\'t cause this...the coaches didn\'t cause this. Brooks caused this.
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Yes Brooks makes many stupid mistakes -- yes he has no real ability to read defenses or the ability to change the play on the line of scrimmage. That said -- we have many more holes to fill before the QB becomes a top priority. GM and coaches first -- linebackers second -- defensive backs third. Then we can start thinking about the QB.
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Brooks has the same problems on our team as many other players, the staff has no idea how to develop talent. NONE!! If a player doesn\'t develop on his own(Joe Horn and Charles Grant), he will not. Brooks had all the tools to build on when he started for Blake, and these coaches figured he didn\'t need to get any better. How come you don\'t hear about AB at passing camps like MAnning and Delhomme? How come you don\'t hear about Brooks throwing i the offseason with his receivers like McNabb and Manning? Cause the coaches have told him he was good enough and let it be.

Other examples. How can Will Smith be the best pass rusher in the draft, lin eup on the other side from grant, and not have more sacks? Anyone see what Suggs or Peppers or Kearse did their first years? And Howard has been hurt so he has played. How come Devery can go deep for national champ LSU and not for the Saints? Are they waiting for him to figure it out himself, or are they giving him the help he needs? How come McKenzie looks so-so since he became a Saint? Coaches are killing this team, but if AB has to go with them, so be it. Give me Brees cause at least he has the heart to make himself better.
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Whodi - I\'ve got back news for you - and for many of the other LSU fans on this board (I\'m one too btw) - Devery Henderson is NOT a 2nd round WR. He probably deserved to be a 5th rounder. He benefitted from playing across from the best WR in the nation, having a solid college QB, great runningbacks, and the best defense in college football... and the TEAM winning the national championship. He is fast as hell, so in college, he can simply burn people. In the pros, he\'d get lit up. I bet he won\'t be much more than a number 3 guy in the NFL, and it may take him 3 years to get to that point. Given the choice bewteen Stallworth or Pathon at number 3, I take both over Devery. I probably take Lewis and Gardner before him also.

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I think it is mostly the defense as to why the Saints are having problems. I see also alot of times the center is snapping the ball to Brooks to high. No excuse for his fumbles though. I mean when you can\'t keep a team to under 20 points a game and cannot stop the run of course your going to lose. I must say though Brooks does make mistakes at crucial times in the game. I must say also we having not had much of a rushing game this season. This is probably due too a poor offensive line. You rush for 100 yards in a game and have a decent defense your going to win most of your games. The key is having a rushing game to keep the defense off the feild.

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I know this is going to be a stretch..but...do you think Haslett lets Brooks through a 100 of those short 5-10 yard passes to pad his stats? Think about it, we were down by 20 points, and was in 3rd and long alot, and he threw short dump-off passes as his #1 option more than I want to remember. I mean after a while it was almost humorous to watch him pass Jim Everett in pass attempts and then it was insane as he passed Archie for completions. And the sad thing is, most of them were totally useless passes. It was sad, really.
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I think the bottom line is that, while brooks is no A qb or even a B qb, his stats put him as one of the brighter spots on the team. and while stats don\'t win games, teams that win consistently, consistently put up good statistics. You can\'t \"find a way to win\" every week. I agree with all you who said that brooks isn\'t our weakest point; he\'s just the easiest to pick out because he\'s the q.
My biggest problem is with a coach who won\'t pull a player who has obviously lost his composure in a game. Saban knew when to pull randall and bring in jemarcus, and the team was better for it (of course this is assuming a coach has a team that wants to win, as a team).

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I am still with Whodat on the Devery thing. He hasn\'t scratched the roster because Haz doesn\'t want to win, or he hasn\'t scratched the roster because our other WR are better? Hmmmm... let me think... Oh, my bad, it is Haz\' conspiracy to lose that is keep him from the roster.

Also, McKenzie\'s being so-so has nothing to do with our coaching. You should have heard how greatful many of the GB fans in my parts were to see him go. They\'re certain that it wasn\'t much of a loss (and look at their current CBs, yikes).

Aparently, I don\'t know anything about football either, since I am convinced that Brooks is NOT HALF (come on) of our team\'s problem. Sure, he had a shiznity game, with that it would be almost impossible (though I\'m sure I know someone who could) to defend that performance. On the other hand, he is NOT losing these games on his own - OUR DEFENSE IS GIVING UP 500 YARDS A GAME PEOPLE! The defense stinks. The offense is put in a position where they have to make plays and not simply control the ball - this will lead to mistakes.

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"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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