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RIP to my father

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; First off I just want to say that I have always felt like this was a family forum. For those who have been here a while, we have developed special kinships with one another and it has always felt like ...

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RIP to my father

First off I just want to say that I have always felt like this was a family forum. For those who have been here a while, we have developed special kinships with one another and it has always felt like a true brother hood here.

Sure we get a smart ass comment here and there but that's what brothers do.

Having said that, this is the reason I am sharing my story to my WHODAT brothers because not knowing you all in person, I know in some way you can relate.

My father was the biggest saints fan I knew growing up as a kid. I was born in 1981 and he would do what most Saints fans did back then, yell and scream at the TV like the Refs, coaches, and players could hear him. I know that part of him will live with me forever. I still turn into a madman on game day for those of you that know me in person.

My father developed kidney failure about 10 years ago and fought his ass off until it got the best of him. He never gave up, but unfortunately passed just 2 months ago. It has changed my whole out look on life and how truly precious it is.

I guess my message to you all is to go the extra mile to be with your loved one's and cherish every moment. I know many members on here can probably relate to my situation and I'm not here for sorrow. Just to pass on this message of making the most out of your time with your folks.

I will end this message on a good note. I know pop is upstairs reading this post and tugging on Jesus' coat tails a bit to have some big plays bounce our way this season. Maybe I'm caught up in the moment but I truly think The New Orleans Freakin Saints will bring home the Lombardi trophy again this year. I have that mid-season feeling that I had in 2009 and it started again shortly after the pieces of the puzzle started to finally come together this offseason.

Thank you for reading this post and get well Forever Fan. This one is for you too buddy!!!!


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Re: RIP to my father

Sorry for your loss bro. Dallas may be Americas team but God loves SAINTS!
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Re: RIP to my father

Sorry for your loss too. God Bless.
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The death of one's parents is inevitable, but most times it has a tendency to catch us of-guard.

It seems you had a strong relationship and that'll undoubtedly help you get through this time.

Let's hope that the Saints can go all the way this season; I too have a good feeling about this year's team.
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Re: RIP to my father

My mother died the spring before the Saints Super Bowl run. She, too, was a life long fan and would swear off watching them after particularly heart wrenching games. She would be back in front of the TV the very next game. When she found out she was terminal she promised us, her 7 children raised to be good little Saints fans, that when she came face to face with God, she was going to ask him why a team called, of all things , the Saints, couldn't make it to the Super Bowl. She said she would pester him until the team made it there. Well, they not only made it there, but they won and all of us, through the tears of joy and sadness that she didn't see that victory in her lifetime, laughed about the vision of Mom following God around and asking for his blessings on the Saints until he finally said, "Okay! Enough already! They'll go and they'll win!" I'm sure her next project was to see to it the Saints went back to the big game so maybe with your Dad's help and her persistence, we will get that return visit and victory. Can't watch a game now without seeing Mom in her Saints jersey and hearing her cheer for them! I pray that everyone who loved and cared about your Dad finds peace and comfort knowing he is amongst real saints. And eternal Saints fans!
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Re: RIP to my father

Sorry for your loss brother, we are all family here so if you need to talk about anything just let us know.
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Re: RIP to my father

prayers are with the family my friend. now he sits with Buddy D and can finally tell him what he thinks of some of his opinions. you know it will be a good debate
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Re: RIP to my father

My mom and dad never lived to see the Saints win the Superbowl. Thank you B_Dub as you have been one of the top people on this forum for years and we trust that will continue. This year I spent 6 days in the emergency room and you are correct... the forum members here treated me great.

We are sorry to hear about your father and thank you again for the stuff you sent me.

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Re: RIP to my father

The best things stay with us.
May God bless and continue to get you and the family through.
Black & Gold Forever!
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Re: RIP to my father

Thank you for all of the love ya'll. My pop got his Master's at USL (ULL) here in Lafayette, LA.

He always pulled for Jake Delhomme since of course he was a USL alumni. He used to get so pissed when Haslet would not put in Jake when AB would start blowin the game. I still laugh today at how mad he would get.

I think we all did but we probably would have never got Drew Brees if Jake would have eventually started. Everything works out for a reason.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. WHODAT FOREVER!

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