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How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Oh it's warming up alright. Faith will be lost in the mighty Sean Payton especially when you have a QB like Brees. I don't want to see him go but I do want him to improve a team with lost ...

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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

Oh it's warming up alright. Faith will be lost in the mighty Sean Payton especially when you have a QB like Brees. I don't want to see him go but I do want him to improve a team with lost potential.
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

Someone say hot seats?

Ohhhh wait...
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

Originally Posted by saintshrimp View Post
Well with the lack of being able to put a decent defense on the field since he has been here . Going thru defensive coordinator like he does juicy fruit. With his awesome track record of drafting players. The number of players in trouble with the law. The scandals that have occurred under his watch the Vicodin ordeal bounty gate etc. recommending hude deals for players only to see them jettisoned out of town. there has to be warming of the seat if you ask me

The only reason its not is because of the superbowl but that was almost 7yrs ago. When is that not going to be enough to save him. We got rid of Jim Mora for less and he was just as good or better than sean payton and Mora didn't have a elite qb to work with

The thread was suppose to be a poll but obviously I screwd it up
Actually, Jim Mora quit. He may well have been fired after the season, but he didn't want to deal with it anymore. Which is the reason I'm not one of these Mora apologists who say what a great coach he was, and, "if only he had an offense".

I do think that Payton is underachieving in recent years and would absolutely be on the hot seat if it weren't for the fact that we're the Saints, and he won a superbowl. He gets way too much of a pass because of it.

I'm not calling for his firing, and I've said that repeatedly. But I find it nauseating how much butt kissing goes on when his name is mentioned. Nobody else in the real world gets to live off of a past accomplishment. You have to actually keep something going. The talent has been there, and you gotta expect a little more. Is that being spoiled? There are a couple people around here riding giant horses who would say so, but those kind of people are more concerned with feeling superior than they are about examining the heart of the matter.

We've been to the playoffs here and there, but as the core of that superbowl team has aged and moved on, the roster has not been turned over very successfully. That falls on Sean and Mickey.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

I think the superbowl win gives him a good 10 years.
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

Originally Posted by dizzle88 View Post
Sean Payton is the best thing to happen to the Saints but we are not contenders year in and year out.

We seem to follow decent seasons with mediocre and there's always something that is a glaring weakness that has not been addressed that causes our down fall.

2009 - SB win
2010 - Made the playoffs and lost to the first 7-9 team ever in the playoffs
2011 - Great season ended abruptly to a pretty average 49ers team.
2012 - Payton suspension
2013 - Great season, we went down fighting in Seattle - I was proud of our toughness
2014 - They thought a 37 year old CB would win a starting job and we had to settle for Corey white as a starter and we couldnt close out any close games.

It's certainly getting warm, anything but a playoff berth this season is not acceptable and some questions should start getting asked about SP.
Its because the division has gotten closer. In 2010 we went 4-2. In 2013 we went 5-1. Not only that, here's who we beat in 2010 that were contenders that year at the time we played them......

NFC West-0 contenders
AFC North-2 contenders, we beat one of them.
Division(not including us)-2 contenders
4 contenders in 2011. Three of them at home. Only one out of division and it was a team who did not match up to us the way SF did eventually.

Now 2011
NFC North-3 contenders(2 wins, both at home)
NYG-contender(another win at home)
@StL-non-contender(we lost anyway)
AFC South-2 contenders(can we really call Tennessee one though? and we beat Houston in a shootout which was at home)
Division-2 contenders at the time we played them, and 4 games.
8 contenders this season but the contender were not matched up well against our O(pass rush, suffocating secondary) and bears, lions, giants, falcons, bucs, texans were all at home. The four road contenders GB, Ten, Atl, and Tb which we split.

NFC East-3 contenders(1 at home)
SF-contender(big time)
@GB-contender(big time)
AFC West-2 contenders
Division-3 contenders(yes all 3 at the time we played them were contending)
10 contenders!
We played home games against the teams that is Brees' achilles heel-Was, SF, SD(those three had top pass rushers) along with Atl and TB(Car was last game). Road games were at NYG, Dallas, GB, Den, Car, Atl, and TB where we won only two of those.

NFC West-3 contenders
AFC East-3 contenders
Division-3 contenders(at the time Atl week 1 and TB week 2 were contenders)
9 contenders. Home games against SF(which we barely beat in a rally), Arizona, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Carolina. Road games at Seattle, Chicago, NE, NYJ, Car, and TB where we only won two of those.

NFC North-2 contenders
SF-contender(at the time)
@Dal-contender(big time)
AFC North-4 contenders(at the time, Cleveland gave Indy problems like us had we gotten them at that time we could have won because they were already out)
Division-2 contenders
10 contenders!
Home games against GB, SF, Cin, Bal, Car, and Atl and only winning ONE of those. Road games at Pittsburgh, Dallas, Detroit, Carolina, and Atlanta, winning only two of those.

We have faced more competition. In 2010 it was NFC South and NFC North that could put in two playoff teams and NFC East was right there. In 2014 three divisions can do it. Our didn't. NFC West replaced us, and NFC East was right there again. In 2014 all four divisions have at least two contenders. The more contenders, the more chances of playing one.
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

^2015 all four sorry
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

Not very, I'd say pretty cold.
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

At some point he coaches Dallas.
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Re: How Hot is Sean Payton seat as Head coach

We he first arrived in New Orleans I recall hearing or reading where he said he had a 5 year plan. We over-achieved from the beginning and won it all in 3 years.

Did we catch lightning in a bottle, or was it really all about Sean's influence (with a healthy assist from Loomie)?

If you ask me, we're in year two of the second cycle, if you get what I mean. The crazy-over-the-top one year suspension effed things up considerably, not to mention the draft picks, so that's kinda why I see it as year 2 of Sean's second 'master plan'.

Hot seat? I don't think Sean is on or anywhere near the hot seat. I think when he ever does leave New Orleans it will be on his own terms or at worst a mutual agreement to part ways.

He's not old, out of style or out of touch with 'today's' players. He remains one of the top offensive coaches. He has been dealt a hand that he didn't deserve, kept his mouth shut, came back with his head held high and got back to business, but hampered considerably relative to the 31 other HCs.

We whiffed on last year's draft but it sure looks like we scored this year. If we're two years in to the second five year plan we're in very good shape if you ask me.

Now, I'd love to see us win a Super Bowl with Rob Ryan cause he'd be fun to watch, but I question whether we will. Rob's seat is en fuego. Sean's? Not even lukewarm.

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