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Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Did anyone else see him running up peoples backs (again) "as if" his eyes were closed? Did anyone else see him stopping his forward progress so he could think about what he was going to do next? For the life ...

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Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

Did anyone else see him running up peoples backs (again) "as if" his eyes were closed?
Did anyone else see him stopping his forward progress so he could think about what he was going to do next?
For the life of me I can't figure out why Robinson can't get any 1st down touches.
Freeman simply picked a gap and hit it - left everyone up front reaching
and our DBs had to make the tackle.
That's not our Ingram.
If he would just run to the light, I would be happy.
He went down at least 3 times with no one grabbing him.
One guy was laying on the ground and accidentally tackled him.
PLEASE let Robinson put his head down and get us 4-5 on 1st down.
It will change everything.
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

In my opinion Robinson is easily the better back but he was playing with a 3rd string OL.

Did you see the holes the falcons were opening? You could have driven a truck through them!

Just so happens the falcons dominated in run blocking and we dominated them at pass rushing.
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

Everybody was playing behind a 3rd string offensive line but Robinson, as usual, was the best. He gets what he can, every time, and if there just so happens to be an actual hole he blows through it. When Ingram got that draw on 3rd down inside the 10, in the 3rd quarter, I thought he was easily going to get the first down. It was an enormous hole, but he just ran right into the one guy who could make a play. Didn't make any kind of move.
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

K. Robinson is Ivory all over again. Thus KR leaving via FA or being traded. Regardless of what Oline is put on the field for the Saints, KR >>> MI.

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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

Ingram will never be what I would consider a goid running back. He is like the Scott Shanle of running backs.
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

First of all, if you see him in the backfield, chances are he's getting the ball. Our first snap I nearly lost my mind. Linebackers, stand by to fill gaps when he's lined up. If he gets the ball, he's incredibly slow getting to the line, then he gets tangled in the bodies. Just not dynamic or creative and frustrating to watch.

Robinson on the other hand...
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

I don't think he is doing that bad. You have to consider the o line he is running behind. I really think we are doing a better job with telegraphing what play we are about to run this year hence all the passes being thrown ingrams way. The kid has passion and he doesn't always look great. Got to remember, the opposing teams D gets paid to play also.

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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

The zone blocking scheme hasn't been effective either.
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

Give Robinson the ball more.
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Re: Ingram, Ingram, Ingram

We paid the man so we will play the man. Unfortunately his leash will be longer because of his wage.

I agree, I like Robinson's lower the head and go running style better. I'd like to see him get a lion's share for a game or two and see how it differs. I think Ingram is an average #1 back in this league and isn't a special player and the breakouts we have seen may be his ceiling.
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