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teams salary cap status update 02/22

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; comment: teams are catching on to new england's cap management success and following, i dont think moss will be missed, the jags look like the place for darren howard, expect more cowboy splash than just bledsoe, it looks like time ...

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teams salary cap status update 02/22

comment: teams are catching on to new england's cap management success and following, i dont think moss will be missed, the jags look like the place for darren howard, expect more cowboy splash than just bledsoe, it looks like time for the chargers to go for it all to me (howard there too), don't be surprised to see the niners get a FA qb since rodgers and smith arent up to that standard (daddy call your leon), eagles are doing a good ne imitation- win with money to spend, after all those cuts titans are still 2mil over, i like the n.o. comment (bye tbuck n more), i bet ty law will sign for cheaper than 12mil, glad to see division foes the bottom 3 of 4

1 Minnesota Vikings $31.94 M
The Vikings have the cap room to make HUGE strides this off-season. The only problem is that their ownership situation remains up in the air. The current owner is a cheapskate. The possible new owner may not HAVE any money to spend, as questions lurk about whether or not he even has the money to buy the team. The lofty cap space also means that the team could easily absorb the nearly $10 M cap hit they would take in the event that they decide to trade Randy Moss. Minnesota also recently released Terrance Shaw and Cory Withrow to free up even more cap space.
2 Arizona Cardinals $22.4716 M
What do you know? For a change, the Cardinals do not lead the league in cap space. That's because Dennis Green knows that you have to shell out the big bucks to win in the NFL. This year the team will be in the market for a starting QB as well as an every-down RB.
3 Detroit Lions $21.2 M
The Lions have a nice young corps of players -- most of whom are still in the early stages of their contracts, meaning that they are cap-friendly. Keep in mind that the Lions really only have about $64 million wrapped up in actual salaries and bonuses (they only have 33 players signed). The Lions recently freed up cap room (they saved $1.2M by releasing S Brian Walker) and the door is open to create more space as Harrington is open to re-structuring his $10 million that would count against the cap this year, and they may be looking to re-structure WR Az Hakim's salary. The Lions have made no secret that they're hunting for help behind Harrington, at Safety, at TE, and along the OL. It's a good thing that they will have plenty of money to spend to improve because they're looking to make that leap into the playoffs next year.
4 Cleveland Browns $19.3522 M
With the entire organization in major overhaul mode, there is no telling what cuts are likely to happen -- and what cap impact such cuts may have on the team. One thing that we know is that Jeff Garcia won't be back in Cleveland, so the Browns saved an additional $3.265 M by releasing him.
5 Baltimore Ravens $18.795 M
The Ravens' cap problems appear to be a thing of the past. Their management will continue to exercise caution to avoid falling back into the situation they saw themselves in a few years back. Of course, that doesn't mean that they will pass up a marquee free agent if one should come their way, especially at WR. This latest number takes into account Kevin Johnson's voided contract.
6 Jacksonville Jaguars $18.613 M
Look for the Jags to be one of the big players in free agency this off-season. They have made it no secret that they covet a pass rusher as well as a big play wide receiver, and there should be players available for their liking. This number does take into account the franchise tag on Donovin Darius.
7 Dallas Cowboys $17.9 M
Knowing Jerry Jones like we know him -- and observing that the 'Boys look to be in tremendous cap shape, you can expect Dallas to be one of the major players in free agency. This latest figure takes into account the release of Marcellus Wiley and Gennaro DiNapoli.
8 Chicago Bears $17.257 M
The Bears are in outstanding cap shape -- and may be able to clear up even more space with some cuts here and there. With that said, we see them as a team willing to make a number of minor moves -- but unwilling to get in on high ticket bidding wars. Thanks to Lloyd Thomas (the Capmeister) for the well researched, updated numbers! This figure does take into account Quinn's release.
9 San Diego Chargers $16.415 M
The Chargers' enviable cap situation allows them to do what is best for the team in regards to the QB situation. That is, they have the cap space to place the Franchise tag on Drew Brees (about $8 M) -- and/or they could trade Phil Rivers and absorb the cap hit associated with doing so. Of course, they could decide to do neither. This latest number accounts for Brees being slapped with the Franchise Tag and accounts for the cap hit incurred by releasing Tim Dwight.
10 San Francisco 49ers $13.05 M
Now that the Niners have paid their penance for past salary cap indiscretions, will ownership be willing to pay REAL dollars to maintain the talent they have, let alone attract new blood? At least they shelled out the big bucks to franchise Julian Peterson, but it may not be worth it being he's coming off a severe injury.
11 St. Louis Rams $12.292 M
At first glance, the Rams appear to be in decent cap shape. However, closer analysis reveals that much of the reason for their space is because they don't have anyone signed at a number of key positions. For example, they only have ONE safety on their entire roster heading into the off-season. This number does take into account Chris Chandler's recent release.
12 Seattle Seahawks $12 M
This latest number DOES take into account the 7-year deal that Walter Jones just signed, which reportedly inlcuded a $15M+ signing bonus, Matt Hasselbeck's new 6-year, $49.4 M deal ($16 M bonus), and the designation of Shaun Alexander with the Franchise tag.
13 Philadelphia Eagles $11.878 M
Once again, the Eagles are in great shape in terms of the cap. They have the capacity to be major players in free agency if they should so choose -- and we expect them to make a noteworthy signing or two. Just don't look for the kind of blockbuster signings like last year's deals for T.O. and Jevon Kearse. They've already secured one of their own by slapping the Franchise Tag on Corey Simon.
14 Buffalo Bills $9.36568 M
Tom Donahoe has done master job of keeping the Bills' salary cap situation under control since slashing the roster back in 2001. DT Pat Williams and LT Jonas Jennings are the team's only key unrestricted free agents. This latest number takes into account Eric Moulds' restructure and Drew Bledsoe' release. Taken together, these moves freed up over $5 M in cap space, which is important, considering the recent incentives that Mike Williams and Nate Clements earned.
15 NY Giants $8.933 M
The only good news about the Giants having traded away this year's first round draft pick to the Chargers is that they will not have to worry about the salary cap ramifications of having a top ten draft pick. By recently releasing some veterans they freed up some cap space, but this team is hurting in the depth department. Of course, when Kurt Warner does void his contract, the Giants will be in better shape.
16 NY Jets $8.0917 M
GM Terry Bradway has been maintaining for some time now that the Jets would be in good shape cap-wise this year. From our calculations, it looks like he is indeed on the level. That means that the team should be able to re-sign the likes of John Abraham and LaMont Jordan -- if they want to. In fact, the number we cite even takes into account the recent designation of John Abraham with the Franchise Tag.
17 Washington Redskins $6 M
Surprisingly the Redskins are not in nearly as much cap trouble as one might think... at least not this year, meaning that they know that their day will come in the not-too-distant future, when the piper will come calling. That places them in a situation where their ability to restructure existing contracts is beginning to dwindle. For example, they don't have the cap room to RELEASE Mark Brunell, even if they wanted to. The same goes for Laveranues Coles, which seriously ties their hands for any thought of trading him too. This number does take into account Jermaine Haley and Vaughn Parker's release.
18 Indianapolis Colts $4.235 M
It's no secret that the Colts spent a great deal of money this past season to lock up such important players as Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Brandon Stokley. These deals were made to be cap friendly in the immediate future, which is what afforded the team the luxury of being able to Franchise tag Edgerrin James at a cost of $8.08 M this year. But will these deals take their toll in a year or two?
19 Denver Broncos $3.56502 M
Don't look for the Broncos to do an incredible amount of maneuvering with the cap. That's what got them in trouble last year, which is why they are paying the penalty this year (via forfeiture of their 2005 3rd round draft pick) for attempting to circumvent the cap. Now that Ellis Johnson voided his contract the Broncos saved an additional $1.7M.
20 Houston Texans $2.52 M
Very quietly through quality drafting and judicious free agent signings, the Texans have built a solid amount of depth on their football team. They probably won't have enough cap space to make many major splashes this off-season, but they don't exactly have a shopping list of needs either.
21 Kansas City Chiefs $-775000
Considering their current cap situation, the Chiefs are going have trouble finding (and paying for) the help they need on the defensive side of the ball. Releasing Vonnie Holliday got them close to the cap thanks to the $6.225 M savings.
22 Tennessee Titans $-2.25 M
The Titans have already had to swallow a bitter pill, which served to free up over $23 M in cap space. Even after releasing WR Derrick Mason, CB Samari Rolle, DE Kevin Carter, RT Fred Miller, FB Robert Holcombe, kicker Joe Nedney, TE Shad Meier, and WR Eddie Berlin, they still have a ways to go. However, they feel that restructuring Steve McNair's contract may just about get them where they need to be.
23 Cincinnati Bengals $-2.323 M
Since the Bengals decided to use their franchise tag on Rudi Johnson, they find themselves in cap trouble. This number respresents the $6.3 M hit they take by tagging him.
24 New Orleans Saints $-2.719 M
Designating Darren Howard as the Franchise Player was enough to send the Saints over the cap limit. Clearly, they could stand to free up some cap dollars, and based on the tone coming out of the front office at the conclusion of the regular season, it sounds like there are going to be some changes on the way.
25 Green Bay Packers $-3.745 M
Although the Packers' aren't in dire straits in regards to the cap, they position may be worse when you take a close look at the lack of depth that they have on their current roster. Darren Sharper's exhorbitant cap hit of more than $8 M is a good place to look for relief. Since Hannibal Navies recently voided his contract the Packers saved $1.35 M against the cap, but they placed the Transition Tag on Bubba costing them $2.095 M.
26 Pittsburgh Steelers $-4.2 M
By the time the Steelers extend offers to all of their Exclusive Rights and Restricted Free Agents (factored into the equation), they won't have enough room to provide their Unrestricted Free Agents (namely, Plaxico Burress) with competitive offers.
27 New England Patriots $-4.26499 M
With some prudent moves, the Pats shouldn't have much trouble working their way down under the cap. One move, in particular, could be the dismissal of Ty Law, who alone acounts for over $12.5 M against the cap. Releasing him would free up about $9.8 M.
28 Miami Dolphins $-4.6661 M
The Dolphins' cap situation may not be quite so ominous as it appears. The possible release of David Boston and restructuring of Junior Seau should help. Furthermore, the recent release of QB Jay Fiedler, DE Jay Williams, and S Arturo Freeman helped quite a bit as well.
29 Carolina Panthers $-6.9 M
From the looks of things, the Panthers will have some decisions to make in the off-season, including the futures of both Muhsin Muhammad and Stephen Davis. In particular, the Panthers can't possibly afford to keep Muhsin under his current contract, meaning he either restructures ... or walks. Considering the career-year he just had, we'll give you two guesses what his intentions are.
30 Oakland Raiders $-11.85 M
The signing of Jerry Porter (5 year, $20 M with $8 M guaranteed) and designation of Charles Woodson as the Franchise Player (which costs a whopping $10.5 M) have made a huge impact on the team's cap situation. The good news is that Kerry Collins agreed to restructure, which freed up close to $3 M in cap space -- and freeing up the remaining necessary cap space shouldn't be too much of a chore, considering that Rich Gannon is scheduled to make over $8 M in base salary alone in 2005.
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $-12 M
The Bucs cap situation has led to speculation that Brad Johnson will become a cap casualty.
32 Atlanta Falcons $-14 M
The Falcons' cap situation is dictated by Mike Vick's $22.5M signing bonus -- and whether or not it can/will be prorated -- and over how many years. This ominous numbers assumes the full amortization (as is currently on the books) for 2005. Even so, the Falcons will need to make some tweaks here and there to get comfortably under the cap -- and are, therefore, unlikely to be big players in the free agent market.
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teams salary cap status update 02/22

Now we can see why they let Moss go... with that cap space they can sign a bonafide superstar on defense and get a VERY good replacement for Moss in the market.

My pick for Moss replacement is Burress. I can see them signing an Ian Gold or a Fred Smoot.

By the way, nice find.

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teams salary cap status update 02/22

no comments? there is a lot to be said and learned about this. the era of true cap footbal is relatively new, since the mid 90\'s. we have seen the first wave of teams decimated by not managing it properly, the niners and cowboys stick out most to me. we have seen reckless spending by the snyder\'s skins paralyze them. this year the crunch came to the titans. when you have to release the league\'s leading receiver, two starting lineman, an all pro cornerback, and others for zero-zilch-nothing and STILL be over the cap by 2million that is a big deal. if you haven\'t ever spent much time examing capanomics you should. i am convinced that has been as much the key to success of the patriots as the on field play. more than ever, a saavy front office will provide the vehicle for a coach to win with.

here is a question- you are the saints gm and the colts say you can have peyton manning for your team. do you take him? the caveat is that you have his contract as stands now. here is a quote form an article examining it with a question-

The contract calls for Manning to pocket all $34.5 million of the signing bonus by March 5, 2005. It begins with modest salaries of $535,000 for the upcoming season and $665,000 in 2005, but has roster bonuses of $9 million in 2006 and $10 million in 2007 to go with salaries of $1 million for each of those years. Its salary cap value jumps to $17.766 million in 2006. At a time when many NFL owners are fretting about the sport going the way of baseball, with growing revenue disparities between \"have\" and \"have-not\" franchises, will Manning\'s contract give the have-not Colts enough remaining cash and salary cap space to put a competitive team around their quarterback in 2006 and beyond?

my question is, can any team succeed when a single player, no matter how talented or good, takes up 20-25% of the entire team payroll salary cap? myself, i doubt it. i believe this was the greatest impetus of the moss trade. attitude n issues to deal with but even the best performance of any receiver hardly justifies 9 million smackers a year. you might could get muhammed and derrick mason for that! let\'s put manning in that context... would you rather manning or tom brady, corey dillon, and more for the same price?

here is a link if ya would like to see the capanomics of the patriots in detail. an amazing webpage-

i\'m soapboxing on this cuz i see so much of let\'s get rolle, kendrell bell, and trade for orlando pace. it\'s sad but true that it is not only the players anymore but it is the money and the balancing of the books. when you envision a free agent or trade do not see the name in lights, see the salary cap hit and if what they can add to the team warrants that.

the good side, it there is any, of this front office is that loomis is a bean counter extraordinaire. we won\'t ever be spent into oblivion with him there. of course, we might never get a key or vital player when it is time to push either cuz of that too.

i may be preaching to the choir but if you have not realized how vitally necessary it is to simply move howard and drop pathon (or restructure) i hope you do. those two equal almost $12million. that is a lot of budget for a secondary receiver and de that puts your first draft pick on the bench.

more ya\'ll?
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teams salary cap status update 02/22

Good man Kelley. I have been fighting that fight to. In that Patrick surtain thread I had to AGAIN explain why getting him at his current cap figure is all but an impossibility for us, even if we traded Howard for him. That\'s also why I was for trading Joe Horn. He deserves to get paid, but what is gonna be the cap impact 2 or 3 years from now when we have to cut him? He has value now, and there are a lot of guys who could come in and do the job. Sentamentality aside, cause we all love Joe, it makes more business sense to move him now. Devote his cap figure to a Derrick Mason or a Coles, who won\'t be 37 in a few years and we won\'t be faced with having to part with an aging star we paid to keep too long. While I can see us spending for ONE name player, say a Hartwell, Hartwell and Pace and Rolle and so on just ain\'t happening. That\'s why there are articles that say if the Saints come out of free agency with at least 2 of their hundred needs, it is a success. Building through the draft is a premium in this league and we are not good at it. We need better talent evaluators and scouts who are allowed to have more imput because we can not continue to fail in the draft and add to that not spending or being able to spend in free agency. Key teams need maybe one pick-up at the most in the off-season to contend. We need so many at so many positions. I hope we do get at least one stud though after trading Howard and cutting Pathon, then we can get a second tier player at another key position like Womack at T or Lucas at CB. That would set us up nicely for the draft.

But besides all that, good work Kelley.
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