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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Heard on WWL this evening that Sully weighed in at 355+lbs this week. He is a disgrace, it is time to write him off. He should be cut after June 1st. Only about 1% of these type of guys ever ...

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Heard on WWL this evening that Sully weighed in at 355+lbs this week. He is a disgrace, it is time to write him off. He should be cut after June 1st. Only about 1% of these type of guys ever turn it around and become just decent......Later Sully!!! When he's asked why he don't work hard WWl said he always says its because he already has his $$$$$. What a loser
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unfortunatly that is how many pro athletes feel..that\'s why you\'ve got to be careful when picking guys in the draft and if they have their best year as a senior/junior before the draft or if they have character concerns or if they are inconsistent..then you should be very careful.
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Heard on WWL this evening that Sully weighed in at 355+lbs this week.
Hasbeen wanted to spend 2 no. 1 \'s on him because he was a 2 gap DT . Yep a few more pounds and the lard butt could cover 2 gaps just by lining up .
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I said it on the main page and I\'ll say it here - it\'s too early to write him off, much less make a stupid move and cut him. Look at the other DL\'s from that year, the only one who has lived up to anything is Kevin Williams. Dewayne Robertson is solid and Ty Warren is good when he is on the field, but the rest have done just as little as Sullivan. Williams Joseph & Jimmy Kennedy, the two guys everyone here were wanting badly before the draft, are possibly WORSE than Sullivan so-far. None of the DE\'s that first round have done a damn thing either.

Give him another two years and then we can see what happens.

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I imagine that, much like T-buck, if we cut him now our cap hit would be larger than keeping him.

I thought Pease was gonna ride his arse this offseason... so much for that.
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He won\'t be on the opening day roster.
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Look at all the progress players make when the coaches focus on a guy\'s conditioning in the offseason and make him their \"personal projects.\" LOL. I don\'t know how you can possibly be skeptical of this staff. :beer2:
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rAge, how can you say ANYONE is wrose than Sullivan. Those guys still go out and play, not get scratched fromt he line-up while they are healthy. For him to get better, he has to PLAY and wanna play, and he doesn\'t. I\'ll take a bust who tries and hold on to the hope he can get better over one who steals my money and doesn\'t care.
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i think kennedy and joesph have made the active roster and not embarassed their organization\'s nationally by their over indulgent escapades.

sorry rAge, this reminds me of the aaron brooks is the best qb in saints history reasoning. what the hell are ya comparing him to? two more years?!? have patience to make the active roster for $19million? this big lazy azzed food machine deserves all the deriding he gets. i hope they abuse him as much as possible like a blocking dummy until he is cut. he shouldn\'t be hard to find in griffin georgia after he is cut. i might even invest some postage to let my sentiments be known with something that stinks as much as he does.
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How did the FO go through meetings with this bum and still not see that he had no heart? Sully must have put on a good show for them because they busted a gut to get his sorry arse.

You mean to tell me that we wasted two mid first round picks on a guy who when asked why he doesn\'t try hard replies \"because I\'ve got my money\"? That makes my stomach hurt, literally. How could Haz and Loomis be so stupid?

Also, is there any truth to what I\'ve heard about his nickname being 11.5 or something like that. Like when somebody asks, \"why don\'t you care anymore Sully\", and he replies, \"11.5\". As in the amount of money he\'s stole from our team.

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