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Baltimore scores first play?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; bouman sucks the sweat off a hog's sack. can we get someone in there who may eventually be an nfl player. I'm such a negative nancy tonite....

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bouman sucks the sweat off a hog's sack. can we get someone in there who may eventually be an nfl player.

I'm such a negative nancy tonite.
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im with u. i think we realease bouman next year.
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But, shouldn't we be trying to figure out who the #3 guy is right now? Neither of them played last week, and I would hope the coaches know what ehy have in Bouman....a steaming pile of donkey excrement.
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realease bouman next year... sweat off a hog's sack... donkey excrement
LOL - I've said before I'm all for releasing that guy. NOW. Others on this board have said the same. He's been in the league too long to say he's just developing. He stinks, and will continue to stink. Might as well put in another stinker that might improve over time.

Bye-bye Boo... torn acl AND mcl... he's done.
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My thoughts on this game.

Boy, this was not a good showing by any means. Our defense was caught over persuing. This is what led to those huge runs. After a while in the game, our defense settled down. Our pass defense for the most part is pretty darn good. A better linebacking corps would mean better run defense. Unfortunately, Buckwoldt is the only linebacker doing something worth applauding. Our offense without Deuce is lame.

Honorable Mentions:

McKinnon played nicely tonight. With injuries and his performance, hopefully he'll get more playing time.

Deuce was stuffed in the beginning, but after our team began to settle down and block, he was slicing through defenders once again.

Horn shined on offense making up for his last two preseason games in which he dropped a couple of balls.

Buckwoldt is the only remotely consistant linebacker.

Our defensive line is getting better penetration.

Williams (I believe is his name), the punter, was great.

Other points of discussion:

Brooks played decent. He did nothing special and nothing incredibly stupid.

Its sad to see that Boo is going to lose his job as he just had a baby.

McKenzie and Smith didn't get any turnovers, but they played decent despite a play or two.

Stallworth is still not making the catches that he's wide open for.

All in all, the performance by the Saints in this game was lame.

lame - adj. Weak and ineffectual; unsastisfactory
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Originally Posted by OldiesDJ
Its sad to see that Boo is going to lose his job as he just had a baby.

Couldn't they just put him on Injured Reserve for the entire year?
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Couldn't they just put him on Injured Reserve for the entire year?
More then likely the pup list .
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Well, I just finished watching the rebroadcast, and I think Oldies summed it up pretty well. Here's some additional observations:

1 - Stallworth made one nice catch early on but pretty much sucked the rest of the night. He looked like he's losing his depth perception out there. I wonder if that faceplate he wears is catching the lights in the Dome. Whatever it is, something's wrong.

2 - Sullivan flattened that lineman in the 1st quarter, and hustled throughout the rest of the game. He batted away a pass. It's a nice improvement, and he looks serviceable at the line. What an improvement. He looked better than Green looked out there tonight. Still not quite what I'd call dominant, but that's the best game I've ever seen him play.

3 - Losing Fincher stinks, especially on special teams. But... McKinnon looked awesome out there, nevermind the helmet-to-helmet penalty. He plays mean, aggressive, hits and wraps solidly. I feel comfortable with him at the Mike position.

4 - I feel awful for Boo, but he was gonna be cut anyway. At least this way, he'll get an injury option - i.e. he'll get paid. But an ACL --and-- an MCL? That's about as serious as a knee injury can get. His career may well be over.

5 - Bockwoldt was all over the place, and I commend his hustle. But the bad part is I saw him getting blocked out of plays making for nice open lanes for the running backs. We cannot continue to give up 50 yard rushing plays and have any hope for the coming season. I think the LB's are the root of that problem.

6 - Mayberry went out early in the game, and will be out for two weeks. I thought Holland was decent in his place, but not great. I hope this doesn't cost us the Carolina game. It might.

7 - That's the first time I've ever seen both tackles get flagged at the same time for holding -- wow. What can one say? Wow.

8 - The pattern continues. The Saints are just required to come out of the gates cold. It's worse than just cold, it's to the point of semi-fragrant stench. This has been going on for years, it's a pattern that's extended for far to long. WHY?? Why has this not been corrected. The coaches should have fixed this at least two years ago. They have not.

9 - Rick Venturi is my nominee for the next Darwin Award. But wait, he has already reproduced, hasn't he? DAMN. That's a real tragedy to the homo sapiens gene pool. The guy should've been released years ago.

10 - There's still hope for the team.

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

Qui a laissez sortir les chiens!
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Nate Poole did -not- look good out there tonight. And neither did Henderson. We'd better hope Hakim can become famous for something other than dropping the ball.
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Fun Facts.

With the 120 yards the Saints 1st stringers gave up last night on 7 carries in the first quarter, they now have given up 270 yards in 5 quarters of play.

As "disruptive" as the Saints were against the pass last night, Ravens QBs completed 60% of their passes. If you take away AB's 2-minute drill, the Saints complete 41% of their passes. Even with the 2-minute drill we only completed 45% of our passes. Our starter completed 50%.

Haslett went nuts on the sideline and fired up the crowd after McKinnon was called for a personal foul after leading with his head on a sack. The D and Dome got fired up and the Ravens only ran 3 plays after that. On the first two they gained only 7 yards on rushing plays. On a whopping 3rd and 3 the Saints brought the house. Mike McKenzie interfered with Moore, but that didn't stop him from catching a Boller pass and going 31 yards for a TD. Ain't it beautiful what our D can do when they're "charged up?!?!"

Have a nice day.

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