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Conspiracy? Prove us wrong, NFL.

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Posted 05-08-2012 at 01:36 AM by burningmetal

I know way too much has probably been said about all this, but so much has changed to make even my initial skepticism (which was pretty intense) feel like a minor nuisance, I am compelled to vent once more. This time with a whole new perspective.

Of all the holes forming in Roger Goodell's "case", easily the most misunderstood, or downright ignored fact that has come out about all this, is the admissions by the Saints themselves. People saying "oh, but they admitted it, so it doesn't matter if the NFL has evidence, or ever shows it". Nobody admitted to trying to hurt players. They admitted, just as Joe Vitt said yesterday, only to paying for big plays as everyone else does.

Then they say "well the NFL told them to stop it, and they didn't". Did it ever occur to these morons that maybe the coaches didn't instruct players to stop, because they were never actually engaging in what the NFL was accusing them of? The league never asked the Saints to stop paying each other for big plays. They asked them to stop "bounties" on opposing players. There are any number of teams, if not every team, that could have been pressed to the point where they had no choice but to accept responsibility, even if there wasn't much there to feel guilty about.

The Giants are one team in particular, who were known to have spoken of targeting players. Not saying there was anything to prove that they actually followed through, but it shows how hypocritical people can be, when they crucify the Saints for what Williams said, but don't even question the Giants, or any other team for that matter, when they do or say the same things.

Goodell didn't give the Saints a fair trial. In fact, he gave them no trial, so what could the Saints do but say "yeah, ok, we had something going on", so Roger wouldn't banish all of them for life? Maybe that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but after all the crap, all the inconsistencies and the subsequent excuses made by the league I am truly becoming convinced that Goodell is a tyrant.

I don't care if the NFL is required to show evidence or not. There is an outrage growing about this in a time when the league is already shaken with a rash of lawsuits and suicides by it's former players. Telling me I'm unwilling to accept the truth only goes so far when there appears to be a deliberate, concerted effort to hide this so called truth.

I started off saying the Saints were guilty, but that we were being singled out in what is a league wide issue, as a means to create an illusion of caring about player safety, while not having to throw any more teams under the bus... Well, there isn't much question that we've been singled out, but two months later (or however long it has been now) I have to question every aspect of this entire story. I was so enraged by the suspensions of Payton, Loomis, and Vitt in the beginning, that I missed an even bigger problem.

Whether or not we ever know the actual truth about bountygate, no level headed, practical person can deny that there has been, at best, a great deal of exaggerated "evidence", at a very conspicuous time.
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    Agree 110%. I want people to stand up and publicly recognize that there has, thus far, been exactly ZERO evidence offered by Roger that pins a single person to any action that is worthy of even a third of the punishment he's handed down.

    RECOGNIZE that this is a play by Roger to show the NFL as an entity that truly cares about player safety. It's hog wash. It's manufactured. It's trumped. It simply should NOT be allowed to continue.

    CBA be damned. The players should strike if that is their only recourse.
    Posted 05-09-2012 at 01:51 PM by saintfan saintfan is offline

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    joker-saint's Avatar
    Thats ok....Goodell placed these suspensions on the Saints because he knew they would still win the superbowl this year, even if they lost their players and coaches. He probably made a deal with the Saints behind the scenes while he was in Benson's office that would create a large ammount of off season publicity for the NFL, and help the Saints to sell more tickets and merchandise. On top of that he will put in place a systematic referee system that helps the Saints to win all of their games. How much you wanna bet that somebody says that if the Saints go all the way this year? Stupid commissioner.
    Posted 05-10-2012 at 08:03 AM by joker-saint joker-saint is offline
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    even if some of the saints players had admitted to a bounty program, so what, thats no proof one existed. what if someone wrote down how the team selected who they were placing a bounty on and how much they were worth? thats still no proof of a bounty. how can that not be proof you might ask. beats the hell out of me, but maybe we should ask the NFL that question because that was the case with the washington redskins. there were 6 players and 2 coach who admitted that under williams they had a bounty program. furthermore one of the former players wrote an article for the chicago tribune detailing how their bounty worked. here is link) Matt Bowen: Bounties are part of the NFL - chicagotribune.com
    yet the nfl just completed its investigation of the redskins and the bills and has cleared both of them because there was no evidence of a bounty program.
    i cant begin to explain how confused i am by all of this. on one hand you have the saints who vehemently deny ever running such a program but the NFL say they have enough evidence to warrant the harshest penalties ever issued by the league. and on the other you have the skins who have 7 people who admit to a bounty program, one who even detailed it in writing for one of the largest news papers in the country but the NFL says there is no evidence. have i slipped through a black hole into bizarro world?
    Posted 08-06-2012 at 04:01 PM by Kosoma Kosoma is offline
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    my apologies i meant 1 coach
    Posted 08-06-2012 at 04:04 PM by Kosoma Kosoma is offline
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    Posted 08-07-2012 at 09:48 AM by homerj07 homerj07 is offline
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