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Blogs light up Saints Over Cardinals

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Posted 01-12-2010 at 10:39 AM by Halo

I ran across a betting and prediction blogs today called "Not Qualified to Comment" which should be the name of ESPN - LOL. Anyway, they ran the gauntlet on predictions for the Saints - Cards game picking the Saints over the Cardinals.

Some of their observations were true, while others like were generic. At least someone recognized the the Saints had some injuries- the Saints "secondary has been banged up" and "they slumped at the end of the season" is kind of the reason why the Saints ended the season on a slide. Again, at least they recognized that the Saints actually had some injuries. They should rename the blog "More Qualified to Comment than ESPN."

SATURDAY, 1/16 at 3:30 pm CST: Cardinals @ Saints
  • Stormin Norman (5-3) Saints over Cardinals: The Cardinals offense was impressive last week,but the Packers defense looked like swiss cheese. They can expect a tougher time against the Saints defense, especially on the road. Also Drew Brees is Drew Brees and I donít care how poor they have played down the stretch (not really that poor, but definitely worse than the first 14 weeks).
  • South Side Sheik (5-3) Saints over Cardinals: I think the rest actually helps the Saints. Their secondary has been banged up and after they slumped at the end of the season, this gives Sean Payton extra time to play the ďPeople donít expect us to beat the Cardinals with defense and our running gameĒ card with his players. And thatís what New Orleans will do. Rather than getting in a hole right away, the Saints will be able to control the clock and Sharper will return a pick-six.
  • StevieY19 (4-4) Saints over Cardinals: The downtime for the Saints concerns me more than the Coltsí does. Still, we could be in for another offensive shootout and the Saints are well prepared for that kind of game. Playing at home, their defense will make enough plays to win the game and Warner might even throw an incomplete pass or two.
  • Javier Sandooski (2-6) Saints over Cardinals: I think the Cardinals offense had a pretty good week, huh? Yeah they were awesome. I donít really think their running game got going Ė I think they fix that against the Saints. Their defense also is better than they played on Sunday and I think theyíll step it up and make it to the NFC Championship game.
The guys were split on the Vikings and Cowboys this weekend. They make some interesting observations.

SUNDAY, 1/17 at 12:00 pm CST: Cowboys @ Vikings
  • Stormin Norman (5-3) Cowboys over Vikings: What? Iím picking against Douchebag McFavre? Yeah thatís right. The Vikings did not impress me a couple weeks ago when they got spanked by the Bears. Everyone knows Favre is 50 years old and only gets worse as the season wears on. On top of that, the Cowboys are playing some of their best football of the year and I think that defense will be good enough to slow down AP and the Vikings.
  • South Side Sheik (5-3) Cowboys over Vikings: This is the tough one. Vikes have one of the few true homefield advantages left in the league with the deafening Metrodome. They have a dynamic offense with talent at WR and AP running the ball. Unfortunately, they also have Brett Favre who will be hounded by Ware, Spencer, Ratliff, James, etc. all game. In the end, I like Dallasí D better at this point of the season and I think thatíll make all the difference.
  • StevieY19 (4-4) Vikings over Cowboys: The Cowboys are on some kind of run as of late. Does this mean they can follow the Yankeesí lead as a hated team with a ridiculous new stadium capturing a championship? No. The Vikings have been sitting back and watching that Cowboys defense and will be ready to exploit it this weekend. Look for Adrian Peterson to run wild after some time to rest.
  • Javier Sandooski (2-6) Vikings over Cowboys: Iím not ready to be a believer in the Cowboys. I thought they were overrated almost all season and I think Vikingsí homefield advantage will give Romo some trouble getting his offense going. Buuuuuuut I could be wrong (see my record).
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    I hope Southside Shieks prediction comes true
    Posted 01-12-2010 at 04:30 PM by strato strato is offline

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    Halo's Avatar
    Join the club!
    Posted 01-12-2010 at 07:57 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    homerj07's Avatar
    Screw the predictions - We need to come out & play HARD & minimize our mistakes!!
    Posted 01-15-2010 at 11:53 AM by homerj07 homerj07 is offline
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    Frankie Boog's Avatar
    Whatever team wins is gonna have their hands full, If its Dallas, I can promise you this, we won't have the same outcome as last time.
    Posted 01-16-2010 at 09:29 PM by Frankie Boog Frankie Boog is offline
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