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Lomas Brown: I intentionally missed block to get Scott Mitchell hurt

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Posted 12-28-2012 at 07:24 AM by SloMotion

Lomas, Lomas, Lomas, (smh) ... didn't your mom ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? (and) Like the Detroit Lions need more bad publicity in the character, discipline & self-control department already. 1994? Really? What's your point now, 18yrs later? What's the motivation? What about the code, Lomas? "What happens in the trenches, stays in the trenches . . ."

Lomas Brown: I purposely missed a block to get Scott Mitchell hurt | ProFootballTalk

This is kind of a rehash of what I've been saying in the forums, that Lomas is just looking for attention. You can tell him that too. I'm tired of this crap with the Lions, it's gone on forever and it never ends. Way to represent there, big guy, I'm sure the Lions organization and the NFL community is proud of you.

November 6, 1994. The (4-4) Lions vs the (4-4) Packers at Milwaukee County Stadium. It was 41-degrees, outside, on the grass, with a wind of 21mph. Relative humidity 79%. Both teams would eventually battle to 9-7 records and meet in the playoffs, the Lions losing in yet another embarrassing playoff loss. And to the Packers, no less, for the second year in a row. So what's new?. But I'm supposed to believe Lomas Brown is out there singlehandedly altering the fate, direction & history of the Detroit Lions, . This was back when the Lions played in the Silverdome and were known as an 'indoor/home' team. It had been a disappointing season for the Lions thus far, after finishing 10-6 the year before and winning the NFC Central Division. It was also the era of Barry Sanders, expectations among the Lions Faithful were high. The Lions lost a lot of close ones back then, and now.

So they lost the game, the Lions that is. 38-30, after trailing 24-0 at some point. Their QB got knocked out of the game and the backup came in and mounted a comeback. It's deja-vu, that game was no different than the many Lions' come-from-behind-to-almost-win-close games before and since. In fact, 12 of the Lions' games that season were decided by 8pts or less, regardless of who was the QB. And now, Lomas Brown wants me to believe it was an intentional act on his part. It was his decision to put Dave Kreig in the game. Like after the QB circus that had become the Detroit Lions at that time (Rodney Peete, Erik Kramer, Andre Ware, Scott Mitchell, Dave Kreig), Lomas had finally made the decision to take matters into his own hands and end it on a cold, blustery day in November, 1994. I suppose I should have been grateful, . Good initiative, bad judgement, eh?

What a bunch of malarky. I don't believe this anymore than I believe the Lions are contenders. You know what this is? It's an attention-grab. It's a misdirected attempt at being relevant, at jump starting a sputtering broadcast career. How many of you had ever heard of Lomas Brown outside of Lions Nation before this? When you saw him as a sports commentator/analyst, didn't you find yourself wondering who this guy was? And when you found out he was a member of the Matt Millen-era Detroit Lions, didn't that kind of discount anything he had to say? I was glad to see Lomas as a commentator, but it was few and far in between, they used him as a substitute more than a regular. He needed an edge, he needed notoriety, some street cred ... something to get his name out there.

Hence, 18yrs after the fact, we find out Lomas Brown purposely missed a block in an evil plot to get QB Scott Mitchell hurt and out of the game. He's really some sort of a hero when you think about it that way. The consumate team player, he was only thinking about what was best for the team. His name, his face, they're out there now. Mission accomplished. I can't turn on the TV or radio without seeing or hearing something about Lomas Brown. He's current, he's relevant, he's also full of sh#t. You can't tell me it was nothing more than Lomas, playing outside, in the elements, uncomfortable and cold, down 24-0, frustrated and getting beat, concocting a tall-tale rather than being accountable for his play that day. Yeah, that's the ticket, 18yrs later, he missed that block because it was his intent to get Mitchell injured and knocked out of the game. It's kind of far-fetched, IMO.

I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing him scheduled as a commentator/analyst more often in the future now and he'll be laughing all the way to the bank. I'm sorry, I just think the guy is blowing smoke up all our arses.
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    jeanpierre's Avatar
    I appreciate his honest...but my opinion of him, his career recognitions, all of it now has to be brought into question...including his Madden Awards...
    Posted 01-02-2013 at 04:51 PM by jeanpierre jeanpierre is offline

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    neugey's Avatar
    I agree, this is likely a tall tale by Lomas and an attention-grab. I wish there were less and less former players in the broadcast chair, because there all just freakshows now. with the occasional exception like Trent Dilfer. I really don't give a rats' butt what Magic Johnson says about the Lakers now because it's 2013, not 1988.
    Posted 01-04-2013 at 03:31 PM by neugey neugey is offline
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    ... and after all the hub-bub ... nothing. No 'beer summit' at the White House, no follow-up story on Lomas & Mitchell reconciling. My worst suspicions have been confirmed.
    Posted 01-07-2013 at 06:56 AM by SloMotion SloMotion is offline
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