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Is Micheal Vick the best QB in the NFL?

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; The NFL... where everything is "what have you done for me lately". Just a couple of weeks ago Chris Ivory put up a great game against the Tampa Bay Bucs... and then people were saying how great of a running ...

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The NFL... where everything is "what have you done for me lately". Just a couple of weeks ago Chris Ivory put up a great game against the Tampa Bay Bucs... and then people were saying how great of a running back he was going to become here. People are way too quick to jump on and off bandwagons. He had a great game... one that certainly went down in the history books. But the best in the league... personally I don't think so. Without a doubt Vick is the most electrifying football player in the league... but if I had a must win game with everything on the line, he would not be in my top 5.

Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, and Big Ben would be my top 5... Vick probably right after that.

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It hurts me to say it, but, at the moment, the just might be. Ouch.
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well i have always hated him do to fact we had to play him twice a year.
But DAMN the dude was unbelievable last night. If he plays like that the rest of the year. Yes he would be the best!
I really hope they don't make the playoffs.
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Originally Posted by Mr Magic View Post
I remember when Vick was reinstated there was much talk of the Saints bringing him in. Over at another popular Saints site, everyone said Vick "wasn't smart enough" to run Payton's offense. I hate it when people who have never played a down of football in their life make statements like that.

I think Payton wanted Vick but either Loomis or Benson made the call to not bring him in. Vick would've been a perfect backup and Daniels could've been the number 3 qb. When Brees stunk it up this year against those fast 3-4 defenses, Vick would've been the perfect counter to that. Payton obviously has no faith in Daniels as he kept Brees in way too long (Arizona, Atlanta, Cleveland).

I honestly think Vick would've given us a spark in those games and we'd be sitting at 9-0 now.

Vick is a man on a mission this year. He has come black player of the year locked up, the real question is will he get MVP?
vick is setting up his 2nd big payday of his career, he has to shine.he.ll get what macsad just signed for if he keeps that train rolling
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Vick is the reason we give people a "second chance".

Speaking as a former 'Vick hater' - I'm actually cheering the guy on. I saw his maturity in the Gruden interview.

Glad to see his transformation and I hope he becomes a beacon of light for embattled youths.
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I'm just curious, but before we crown Vick as the "best", what is the Redskins defensive rankings right now? Anyone want to post that? I gave Haslett credit before, on his defensive schemes, but I gotta say, they all played like hot garbage last night. In fact, after the Eagles were up in the 2nd quarter, they all seemed to quit, more than anything else. Vick is a great player, but the best QB in the league? You gotta be kidding me. The skins are in a total rebuild this season, on both sides of the ball, with a new head coach, and an all new coaching staff. Let's not get too carried away here.

Let's also not forget that the Skins beat the Eagles, in THEIR house, the first time they played. Didn't Vick play that game?

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The Saints and our great fans are better without Vick. Let me explain: Vick should've never been given an opportunity to play professional football aqain because he didn't just make one or two mistakes and pay for them, he made a killing grounds purposely, he is inhumane purposely, he made money betting on his endeavors purposely, he lied about everything purposel. So you see there were hundreds of mistakes, a couple I could forgive but IMO Michael Vick and everything thug like him has no place on this earth and I mean that with all my heart.
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I decided to answer my own question. Going into that game, the Skins were ranked 31st against the pass. Not exactly the best secondary in football I suspect.

"When the statistics are moved to the side - and that will be hard to do - there will be significant questions about the Redskins defense, which must somehow right itself over the season's final seven games. Washington entered the night allowing 393.3 yards per game, third-worst in the NFL. It had been especially susceptible to the pass, ranking 31st in the league at 280.9 yards per game."
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Originally Posted by Mr Magic View Post
No offense but i disagree. Brees played so bad in the Browns game that he should've been pulled at half time. IMO, no one in the NFL is exempt from being pulled, even Brees, Peyton, and Favre.

Payton has no confidence in Daniel, and it showed. If we had Vick we would be undefeated now. Vick is "the answer" to those fast 3-4 defenses of Pitt, Balt, N England.

Even though we disagree, we can still share a cold one at the end of the day bro.
Funny how you give Vick all this man-love and call him "the answer", yet Sharper, with all his career accomplishments, is an "OK player".
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Originally Posted by Mr Magic View Post
It's all about performing on the field bro. You can call it man love or whatever but Vick is handling his business and setting NFL records. What has Sharper done? 1 forced fumble and a fumble recovery from a massive hit by Marvin Mitchell? Not exactly recording setting stuff.

Still two different positions, don't even try and compare the two.
I wasn't comparing the positions. I was comparing the credit you are giving a player who has had a hand full of good games this year in an otherwise mundane career to the lack of credit you gave to a player that has had a Hall of Fame career. Sharper owns records as well. If it's all about performance on the field, then a comparison of Vick's and Sharper's careers leaves no doubt who has been the better performer.
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