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Is Eli HOF worthy?

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; Originally Posted by Crusader He shouldn't get in but he probably will because of those SB wins. If there was a Hall for the very good he'd be in it right away but I don't believe he is a HOF:er. ...

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Re: Is Eli HOF worthy?

Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
He shouldn't get in but he probably will because of those SB wins.

If there was a Hall for the very good he'd be in it right away but I don't believe he is a HOF:er.
Don't know about that. A "straw poll" was done of the 48 hall of fame voters and nine said 'yes', nine said 'no', ten said 'undecided' and the others said they wouldn't respond. Since it takes 80% of the votes to be elected he doesn't have the votes today. That could change over the next five years with turnover of voters or viewpoints. But, as it stands now, he is on the outside looking in.
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Re: Is Eli HOF worthy?

Originally Posted by K Major View Post

The Hall of Fame is reserved for the "best of the best" at their respective position. Eli had a good career but not elite.

His last name & 2 SB MVP's helps his cause tremendously.
Yeah and winning the SB is a team effort, he didn't carry the team as much as their respective defences did.
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Re: Is Eli HOF worthy?

He's not a Hall of Famer.

Eli has been mediocre his entire career. Football Perspective ran a hilarious article years ago comparing him to past mediocre QBs who won SBs and they found that his floor and ceiling was basically Phil Simms. Simms probably ends his career with 2 rings as well if he don't get hurt in 1990. Five Thirty Eight also ran a breakdown on his entire career demonstrating how Eli has been profoundly mediocre his entire career.

Eli's best year was 2011 and even in that season, he wasn't one of the top 3 QBs. He was behind Rodgers, Brees and Brady in every major statistical category, but was good enough for 4th or 5th place. Yet his Giants were so mediocre, they are the only SB winning team in history to have a negative point differential and they finished 9-7. They failed to really dominate a weak NFC East that got thrashed and kicked around all year. His stats are even inflated from playing bad defenses that day.

I hate the ring argument in sports. Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, Phil Simms, Joe Flacco and Brad Johnson all have rings and none of them are Hall of Famers.

People put too much stock into him beating those Patriots teams. Did anyone watch the 2007 and 2011 Pats in the playoffs?

The 2007 team was begging to be beaten, and they most likely lose to San Diego in the AFCCG if Rivers hadn't tore his ACL and LD Tomlinson sat on the sidelines pouting like a baby with his helmet on. The Chargers could've really taken them down if they don't have to settle for field goals in the red zone thanks to their HOF RB acting like a baby while Rivers played on just one leg. That Pats team avoided having to play the Colts; a team who nearly beat them in the regular season.

The 2007 Pats also struggled with a Baltimore team QBed by Kyle Boller and an Eagles team missing McNabb. It's not like Eli was the only mediocre QB to give them a tough game. Hell on paper, the Packers matched up well with them had we got that as a SB. The Pats were running on fumes by the end of 2007 as they had truly exhausted themselves playing for that undefeated record.

The 2011 team was a paper tiger and no one seems to understand this. Pull up DVOA and defensive rankings for 2011. The Packers, Patriots and Saints were 3 of the worst teams defensively despite all winning 13 or more games. That Pats team went 0-2 against teams above .500 on their schedule. This included Pittsburgh and the Giants. The Giants took them down at Foxboro.

Baltimore and SF were the 2 best teams in 2011 per DVOA rankings, and both blew the conference title game in their own way. I don't think it's a coincidence both made the SB the next year. The Niners would've beat that Pats team in the 2011 SB and Baltimore should've beat them. NE needed 2 Brady INTs called back and then the kicker shanking an easy field goal to barely get past the Ravens.

2011 was one of those weird years in NFL history where the stats were all wonky and nothing made sense cause the passing stats are so inflated. The 3 best offenses (Packers, Saints, Patriots) had the 3 worst defenses. On the flip side, 3 of the best defenses (SF, Baltimore and Denver) had 3 of the worst offenses. All 3 of them - Packers, Saints and Pats were overrated that year due to their offenses running up scores and padding stats against cupcakes. They all faltered in the post season when they finally had to face a legit defense. We struggled with SF, the Packers struggled with the Giants and the Pats needed 2 called back INTs and a missed field goal to escape Baltimore.

People get it that the Pats play an easy division but they don't see the bigger picture that the AFC as a whole conference, has been bad during the past decade. The Pats dominate a crappy division, and the only team that has ever truly stood in their way and backed up the big talk by beating them in the playoffs, was the Manning Broncos. For the longest time, Manning and Brady BOTH were beating up on a crappy AFC.

But back to Eli; 2011 was his best career year and it was all down hill after that. The Giants only finished with a winning season once after that (2016) and their season came to an end with Green Bay demolishing them in the wildcard.

Eli is winless in the playoffs outside those 2 miracle runs. That's why using his playoff runs, really is a bad argument for him being in the HoF.

Jim Plunkett also has a similar playoff record, where the Raiders had those 2 SB runs and then he really didn't do anything else outside of that.

If you want a QB who deserve the Hall of Fame, go check out Ken Andersen. Led the league in efficiency multiple times. Andersen was elite for most of his career, won an MVP and took the Bengals to a SB. Had they won that SB, no doubt he'd be in the Hall of Fame today. Andersen is legit a top 10 all time QB and he's not in the Hall, but people argue Eli should be.
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Re: Is Eli HOF worthy?

last 20 years theirs been alot of teams get into favorable situations that hand them a SB, 2 of them was NY.

It may of not been an easy feat to defeat NE when they went 16-0. But it could of been or should of been done.

I think Cha Ching covered most of what needed to be said, but the AFC been crap for a decade?

No its been crap for 20 years, since they did Division realignment. Even some years before that, hence why Elway got 2 SBs, notice what it took for that to happen, took Montana, Young, Marino, Kelly, Moon, whatever other QB to AFC to retire before that ever happened. Same time the AFC became pretty terrible. Brees in the AFC is good for 2-3 SBs, dare I say had he been on Chargers possibly more had Rivers not taken over, Rivers cannot play in the playoffs.

But this whole post is about Eli aint it? Should he be in the HOF? No, but will he get in? Yeah, because Joe freaking Namath is in it, and hes worse than Eli.

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