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QB of the future?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; And as far the other matter I was not referring to you, the other individual knows. BnB is about a eloquent as a side swipe from an 18 wheeler . Let me help you out Black on Black By the ...

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And as far the other matter I was not referring to you, the other individual knows.
BnB is about a eloquent as a side swipe from an 18 wheeler .

Let me help you out Black on Black

By the way are you goona take that bet I offered are you scared that your girlfriend Jake will lose??
It is too late in the season for this bull . Calling posters out is a no no . If you want to place a side bet PM the poster .

Otherwise a moderator might take this as an offensive remark and delete the post and then the poster .....
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Coaching staff first... without a change in the coaching staff, there will be no changes at QB no matter what.
No kidding .

Not like anyone would get a fair shot with Fumbalaya Brooks on the Roster .
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Brees definately warrants consideration if he's let go by the Chargers next offseason. Unlike AB, he's continued to improve and not regress. Look if we go 8-8 or less again... this team is in for major changes at every position, including the quarterback. I thought this offseason was a success, but so far it doesn't appear so. It still too soon to tell, but I hope we gel very soon or we're in for a long ride (which is the norm for us Saints fans).
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So you are blaming Brees for leading his team to an 1-2 start? Why don't you go check out his numbers and then blame him. They lost to two good teams... what's your point? You talk about how LT performed the last game and then won... why not talk about the first two games when they lost? When the Chargers were blowing all those years, they had no where near the defense they have now. LT put up his ProBowl numbers every year when they blew or not... they still didn't get into the playoffs until Brees and the defense improved their play.

Seems to me, that great player usually come here to become mediocre to suspect players, and good-to-great players leave here and show their off their stuff else where.
Like who.. AB?

So what i'm trying to say is, put Brees with this team and all those who are asking for him now...Ya'll don't want to be around this forum cause i'm gonna remind you after he shows us his bloopers 2 -3 times every game and we still lose!
He doesn't appear to have a fumbling problem like Brooks. You see if Drew were to fumble, someone probably sacked him. Now Brooks on the other hand... No one said if Drew were on this team we'd be a playoff team or be dramatically better. We don't have the defense and running game to support him as I can see the point you are TRYING to make with Brooks. But... AB is definately not the leader that this offense needs. He hasn't shown it the past 4 years and he still isn't. It safe to say after this season it's time for a change... if we don't make it into the playoffs that is. How many more years of this do you willing to tolerate?
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But he's still no worse than the 12-14 QB in the entire NFL and ain't no new incoming Coach would send him packing without seeing what they could do with him in their system.
You mean like Ditka did to Everett ???
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You could not bring in Tom Brady and make us contenders. The major problem is the coaching. Get new coaching and the players WILL perform. Brooks has to go and now.

Rivers maybe a good fit. We need to see what A-Mac is going to do first before we even talk about giving up the kitchen sink for another player.

What's that I see off in the distance...........Ditka with DREEDLOCKS?!?!?!?!
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If I were looking for a short-stop for my church softball team, Rivers might be a good choice, since he has that side-arm throw going for him. I think those side-arm throws are going to get batted down more often than not in the NFL. If we are going to give up the farm for a QB, make it someone like Lienart(sp), or someone like that who throws like a conventional QB. I don't want any more circus acts at the QB position.
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Chargers GM emphatic: Rivers won't be traded
By John Clayton

Chargers general manager A.J. Smith immediately put an end to any speculation about quarterback Philip Rivers, the backup quarterback who is behind Drew Brees. Any team interested in trading for Rivers won't have any luck. Rivers is not available.

"With the trading deadline approaching Oct. 18, we'd like to put an end to the swirling rumors that Philip Rivers is available for trade," Smith said. "Philip Rivers will be a Charger for the remainder of the season."

Smith was contacted because a growing number of stories circulated that the Jets could turn to Rivers as an option because of season-ending injuries to quarterbacks Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler. One rumor had Jets middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma being involved in a possible trade proposal.

None of that will happen. Smith has a history of being definitive when he makes a statement. He engineered the trade to get Rivers to San Diego and likes his future as a quarterback. Brees took the Chargers to a 12-4 season and is firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback this season, a year in which he's under a one-year contract as a franchise player.

Smith won't make any determination on his quarterback of the future until the offseason. He organized the Chargers salary cap to be able to afford two quarterbacks this season. Brees starts and Rivers will back up for now.



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Chargers GM emphatic: Rivers won't be traded
Wow, so he's getting traded?

Seriously, though....let's just remember that if he was Ryan Leaf a few years ago sitting the bench, we would be chomping at the bit to get him. You never give away too much for a player who has never played an NFL down. (Though, I would take him for Howard.) Who knows what Rivers can do? I would take him, but let's remember that the Jets are more aggressive and higher profile than the Saints with the same need. They will nose us out of any deal, whether its Volek, Brees, or Rivers.

Another thing....people seem to think that Haz is gone after this year. I too am tired of watching the most undisciplined team in the league. I punched a hole in my bathroom door like a 12 year old last week. But.....I would be very surprised to see this organization make any moves after this year, regardless of the finish. (Oh yeah, write it down...we WILL go 8-8.) Haslett will get a pass even though this team looks exactly the same as they always have. He will be around till the end of '06 after the dust settles and the future of the Saints is clearer.

Loomis isn't a football guy and neither is Benson.....I think they will keep Jim around till things settle down. I'm not saying that I agree with that...I just think that's how this group operates. They don't give a damn about winning football. When Tom said we're going to the superbowl, you could tell that even he thought it was funny. They are happy with mediocrity and Jim can provide that for years to come.
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Originally Posted by BlackonBlack
I just read that before I came here and I was wondering what it would take to get Rivers. Or Brees if they don't keep him.

It's just like you to continue your crusade to get a one year to replace someone that's better than the fluke you're trying to get. What's the Chargers record under the leadership of Brees? Didn't they just win their first game thanks to LT?

Had a nice year last year playing that last place schedule, from what I understand. And was given the Division winners schedule thia year and "wow", could only beat the Giants. Before that he couldn't beat out 55 year old Flutie for over 3 years, sounds like some more of your Jakeitis to me...

By the way are you goona take that bet I offered are you scared that your girlfriend Jake will lose??
Classic. I didn't make the thread, was like the 4th person to post in it, and you take offense with me. Your obsession is getting out of hand. There is nothing wrong with seeing what it would take to get Rivers. In case you haven't heard, QB competition is a GOOD thing, I know there is a fear it will expose Brooks even more though. I understand.
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