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QB of the future?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ahhh, 08, you know me too well. Kinda scary, actually.......

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Old 09-29-2005, 11:35 AM   #21
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Ahhh, 08, you know me too well. Kinda scary, actually....
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n case you haven't heard, QB competition is a GOOD thing, I know there is a fear it will expose Brooks even more though.
If we grabbed a legit starter, ala Brees/Volek/Rivers, there would be no competition. I would say if you make a move like that, you gotta get Brooks out of here....you can't have 2 big salaries in one place like SD does. And Brooks would get ugly fast in the face of such legit competition.

I've always thought Brooks would be a perfect fit for the silver and black. A couple of nice TDs a game downfield, a fumble or 2, a pick in the red zone....They have always been high in the yards penalized rankings. He would perfectly embody their shoot yourself in the foot while making some highlight reel plays mantra. Collins is old. Brooks to Raiders for a pick....we grab Volek/Rivers/Brees for Howard. I wouldn't complain if something like that went down.
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Wondering who on the Texans we could use? I guess anyone from the O-line would be out, I guess. I'm not familiar with their defense and don't know if they have any run-stopping studs. They do need a "mobile" QB - someone who can run for his life...

...and the Texans will probably have a valuable pick come first round next year the way their season is goin'.

Just a thought.

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3 weeks in and we're already in offseason mode......

What a bunch of douchebags we are
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Maybe we could get Heath Shuler to come our of retirement?

I'm intrigued with Rivers, but not so much that I'd be willing to pay him big money. Mainly because there should be quite a few QB shake-ups this off-season.

Guys to watch:

1. Brees--If he takes them to the playoffs, how can they deal him? If he's a available, he would be a nice pick up. I wouldn't mind a Howard for Brees sort of deal.

2. Rivers--Who knows? He really should be quite good, but how much of a chance has he really had to learn? And to this point, he hasn't been able to be a better option than Brees in San Diego. I wouldn't give the kitchen sink for him, but I'd be interested in him. The problem with him is that he's probably going to insist on being the starter where-ever he goes. Can he be a winner? I want to believe he's the real deal, but I am a Saints fan after all...

3. Leinart--Are we really going to be bad enough to pick #1 or desperate enough to trade up for #1? Looks like a can't miss prospect though.

4. Carr--I don't think Dom Capers will be able to save his job this season. Will the Texans be looking for a new signal caller too? If Carr is available, I like him.

5. Harrington--Almost a lock to be released. Won't throw the long ball and we have an offense designed to throw the long ball.

6. Ramsey--Has got to be done in Washington. Is Joe Gibbs right or could the kid be a starter somewhere. Even harder to evaluate than Rivers but with tons more film.

7. Marcus Vick--Do we keep ab one more year and try for this kid? Any chance he might come out early? (unlikely since Leinart has #1 all locked up--but one never knows with the Vick media machine) 4.28 speed and looks like he can actually throw the football with some accuracy. We've put off winning for a long time already, what's one more year?

8. Kyle Boller--Is Billick going to give him a chance to run the offense next season?

The BMG theory:
Brooks is going to have a monster cap number next year. I'd much rather deal him than cut him. It makes no sense to start A-Mac or anyone else this season if we want to come out on the winning end of a brooks trade. Let brooks pad his stats one more year and make some sort of "I'm a legendary qb on a mediocre team" comment and then let the new coach/gm deal him while we can get good value for him. We rid ourselves of a cancer and laugh all the way to the bank.

Right now, we might be able to interest teams like Arizona, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, KC, Baltimore, Houston, Oakland, Denver or the Jets in a guy like brooks.

But until we swing the trade, we just can't sit him. We endure him, we humor him, we cringe whenever he's on the field, but he stays on the field or we get nothing back from him but attitude. Some team will be so enamored with 3000 yards and 30 tds that they will ignore all the evidence and believe that they can win with brooks. Sitting him would be a foolish decision for us. Besides he is our best chance at a new coaching staff too. A-Mac buys Haslett more time, with ab he has to win right now.
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Good read BMG, I guess I never looked at it that way before.
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if ya missed this from the other thread-
i don't think anyone will be interested in brooks with a $6.25mil base coming next year. i think the bonus hits should be done so he can just be dropped unceremoniously.

from a good wwl article-
Mind you, I’m not factoring in a signing bonus and/or other bonuses. That information is even harder to come by. To be fair to Brooks, though, I’m not sure if his signing bonus will continue to be paid off in the coming years. But still, is Brooks worth a base salary of $5.5 million this coming season? I’d say no. Here’s more food for thought: my inside source, “guy who knows a guy,� told me a couple months ago that Brooks’ total salary from last year (2004) was third highest in the NFL, behind Culpepper and Manning. I don’t know about you, folks, but when I think of the three best quarterbacks in the league, I certainly don’t envision Aaron Brooks standing next to Culpepper and Manning. I could easily name ten guys whom I’d rather have as starting QBs over Brooks.

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Thanks LT and your damn right I don't think he even makes my top 20.
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how come noone is metnioning omar jacobs. the kid looks great
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OK 25, here it is: OMAR JACOBS, I thought I would make sure he got the shout out since you asked for it.
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