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View Poll Results: Penn State-Which is worse? NCAA sancitons or a brief death penalty for football?
NCAA Sanctions are worse 13 72.22%
Death penalty would have been worse 5 27.78%
Voters: 18. You may not vote on this poll

Worse than death?? PSU

this is a discussion within the College Community Forum; Originally Posted by Halo I voted BIG TIME that the NCAA sanctions were worse than a brief death penalty because the sanctions impacts will be felt for years to come, the death penalty would have restarted the program in 2 ...

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Originally Posted by Halo View Post
I voted BIG TIME that the NCAA sanctions were worse than a brief death penalty because the sanctions impacts will be felt for years to come, the death penalty would have restarted the program in 2 years. Nuff said.
me too-- I wonder if that was an option for PSU.

The death penalty is like chapter 11 bankruptcy- gives you a couple of year to get your sh** together. This is much worse. Don't forget to factor in $$$ lost in merch sales.

side note- great opportunity for some stud players to cherry-pick a new school where they have a chance to win a Nat. Championship immediately. The phones at LSU, Bama, USC & Oklahoma are ringing off the hook.
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Really dig that they vacated the wins for all the years PSU admins knew about the abuse.
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This move is very Goodell-ish.
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Should've received Death Penalty for Ten Years...Stricken from Record Books...Silence or diding a crime of that type is inexcusable...
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Originally Posted by ScottF View Post
Penn State sanctions were hastily reached by NCAA's Mark Emmert and are anybody's guess - Yahoo! Sports

NCAA really drilled them. I don't really understand the vacated wins, but think the rest is warranted.

edit- sorry, that story doesn't list the death penalty punishments--looking now
... the wins were vacated so they could remove Paterno as the all-time 'winningest' NCAA coach of record,eh?

This was a tough vote and I voted 'death penalty' because I just wanted to see a clean break with this thing ... get rid of the program & the people in it, take down the statue & put it in the corner of a warehouse somewhere with a sheet over it, come back a few years later with new-style uniforms and start anew ... they'd have lost plenty of money, scholarships, bowl appearances, et.. that way too ...

... not that I disagree with what the NCAA handed down, it's a severe penalty that will impact PSU for years and was really creative in that, other then allowing them to field a team, was basically a 'death' penalty (minus the 'death' part), ... I do have to hand it to them for thinking about the players & the rest of PSU that wasn't directly involved and how they would be negatively impacted by a total loss of the football program.

This is a sad chapter in Penn State history ... my uncle went there & played for JoePa', so did a neighbor's kid ... <sigh>.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
This move is very Goodell-ish.
Actually to be fair, it's kind of NOT like Goodell at all...this penalty is pretty thorough and well thought-through, with mountains of ironclad court-worthy evidence to back it up, and it considers all aspects of the situation, including not harming the individual players and seeking to positively change the institutional culture at Penn State where this despicable Sandusky stuff occurred. They're not just looking to wantonly throw the hammer down hard, to make an example and to prove his authority, in the hopes that "this will never happen again" which is basically what Goodell did with Bountygate.

Whereas in contrast to this, Goodell's punishments were kind of wild and arbitrary, and seemed to be aimed at targeting specific people that he had previous beefs with (Hargrove, Vilma, Smith, Payton, Loomis, Fujita) while completely ignoring others of the presumed guilty. See also: the NCAA waited until the report was done, then released THE ENTIRE REPORT publicly, then evaluated and formed their opinions on the sanctions and crafted the punishments. Goodell did quite the opposite -- arrive at his bounty conclusion based on heresay, conduct the investigation that supports his conclusion, then handed down punishments, then NOT release the evidence to back it up.

The part that was the most Goodell-ish I thought was vacating the wins. That's just for spite, to get Paterno's name out of the record books. Not that I disapprove of it.
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I only meant "Goodell-ish" in how steep the punishment is but I agree with what you said regarding the process. Not only have they gone through the legal process once, there's going to be a civil suit on top of what has been handed out via the NCAA. I have the utmost compassion for the families that were involved and they will be well compensated. But this 3 stage punishment will cripple the university for a very long time... not just the athletic department. It'll affect all aspects of that university including all the personnel and students not involved.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

All little common sense goes a long way.
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Originally Posted by ScottF View Post
Don't forget to factor in $$$ lost in merch sales.
Exactly! What young boy will want to wear these now??

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Originally Posted by papz View Post
It'll affect all aspects of that university including all the personnel and students not involved.
I don't think it will affect the non-football students at the university and their education. Penn State is a public university and I'm sure the tuition is sufficient to keep the academics afloat. The other athletic programs might take a bit of a budget hit but they should still be okay because they don't lose scholarships and players don't get to transfer away.
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Well, I'm glad the players are being taken care of. Other than that; I don't have a problem with what they did to PSU football. If this happened at LSU, I would expect the same punishment. I love; LOVE, LSU. However, if this type of thing were to have occured there, I would strongly think about removing myself from the University.

I think PSU got what it was owed.
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