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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; First, "being rebuilt" is what we in the construction world call "re-no-va-ting". Renovating takes far less time than rebuilding. Uhm - maybe you should check on things like this before you speak in the future. I live in Chicago. I ...

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First, "being rebuilt" is what we in the construction world call "re-no-va-ting". Renovating takes far less time than rebuilding.
Uhm - maybe you should check on things like this before you speak in the future. I live in Chicago. I drive by Soldier Field every single day. The stadium was REBUILT. The ONLY part of the stadium that remained was the old stone facade that was the trademark of the field. The rest of the stadium - i.e. all seating, boxes, concessions areas, bathrooms, lockerrooms, etc. were reconstructed from the ground up. I do believe that there were a few places where they left some of the structural supports in place, but Soldier Field is a new stadium, not a renovated one. In fact, not only did they rebuild SF, but much of the area surrounding it.

Second, the fact alone that New Orleans is below sea-level and similiar to a bowl in design, lends itself to flooding. Make no mistake that no matter what man does to try to lessen the affects of nature, he can not stop it. There is no levee that can with stand a direct hit from a Cat 5 storm.
Sure there are. Simply b/c they weren't in place in New Orleans this time doesn't mean that they can't be built. Considering that the levees were built to withstand a Cat 3, and Katrina was the 4th most powerful storm to make landfall in US history, I'd say the levees, which only broke in the New Orleans area in a few places, did quite well. It wasn't a total failure - the vast majority of the levee system stood its ground. The problem is that any break is catastrophic - but we've known that for years. The Corp simply didn't have the money to make the levees Cat 5 strength. Think they'll get funding now?

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Note the NEW structure inside of the OLD outter wall - which serves no purpose other than that it looks good.

Or maybe you'd prefer the model from the architectural firm:

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Here is what 08 prefers :


A luxury box , a cold beer and a Saintsation on my lap .

A man has to have his standards ....
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08, when you're right, you're right.

Not sure how this will go over post-katrina

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BMG! I would appreciate you not posting my old lady all over this forum! You can't date her bro! But I did hear that LOE's avatar is single!!!! LOL!!!
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Ok let me say this... does anyone find it weird that there is supposedly talk from an unknown source that there are building or what ever at a said location??? They haven't decided anything on the dome yet, there will have to be studies and zoning issues that will have to be resolved before building anything anywheres and if there was such a board meeting on this, it would be NEWS.
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The talk was from the initial negotiations between the Saints and the Mike Foster administration. At that time the only alternative the Saints were considering was the construction of a new stadium, and that was one of the proposed sites. Then Foster gave them a "too sweet to pass up at the time deal", and all of a sudden the Dome wasn't that bad. Whether or not they are still considering this 3-4 years later is anyones guess.
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Hey 08 that looks like seattle's stadium....
nice though...
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Wow, that stadium looks great... but, uh, where's the parking? And is that supposed to be on the uptown side of the convention center? I sure hope not, otherwise it's going to require one hell of a reconstruction project for Business 90 - b/c those single lane offramps at Tchoupitoulas won't quite cut it for Saints game traffic.
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but, uh, where's the parking?
You see those green areas? They look like perfect spots for some 6-level parking garages. NO needs more parking spaces anyway so that would solve another problem.
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