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How GB will beat the Saints this weekend

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; One word: Mike McCarthy errrr... two words... MIKE MCCARTHY...

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One word: Mike McCarthy

errrr... two words...

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Xan made a good analysis of the situation. First, YES!! Thank goodness for NFL RPLAy! And second, lets hope Coach Payton expects the Packers to do the same thing you described cause if he does...then you know he is already planning and scheming.
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What I am hopeful of is that Payton and his players learn from last week and adjust, prepare themselves and eliminate these potential issues. Then it won't matter what GB throws at us.
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I think you are underestimating Brees -- I agree with your assessment of the first game on him -- but think that this is really his first real full game with the team -- Its just going to get better each game -- Plus -- your emphasis is on the passing game -- the teams emphasis is on the running game --and as for run blitzing -- sure fire way to give a couple of highlight plays to Bush -- one when he slips by the blitzers and is in the open downfield -- and the other on a quick pass. Run blitzing will not work when you have a reggie and a deuce.

As for our D -- you have not taken into account the amount of time Favre will be on his back -- or the 3 INTs he throws because of the rush.

Can the Saints lose -- absolutely -- but with Payton at coach -- Brees at Qb and the R&D investment in the team -- they won't -- not this year
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WHO IS BAGGING ON BREES???????????? Jiminy Christmas people.................................for the last few years we have had to deal with a deep snapper posing as a quarterback, and now after one game some of us are bashing Brees??????????????????????????? He did not have a full offseason to gel with his receivers. He does not have a solid tight end. He has a revamped O-line..yet he goes out and LEADS the team to a win. I will assure you that it is his leadership that we will all come to respect. No more laughing jack in the crack after an interception. No more un-assertive un-emotional play. No more 30 yard reverse pass plays...er....deep snaps. Once Bree's gels and gets completely in rhythm, we will learn to appreciate a good quarterback....again....something we have not been able to do since Archie (ok...and Hebert).

So back away all you nay-sayers........I am driving the Drew Brees tank...thats right.,.not the bandwagon..the tank.........either jump on board or eat my tread........
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Respect my authori-tie
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By the way HALO..you forgot a word reference Mike McCarthy...it's three words.....

Mike McCarthy Sucks.........Hard...... oopps...thats four aint it...
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McCarthy isn't a coach that should be coaching in the NFL.
Favre, I've been a fan of his for a while now but let's face it, he's done.
Packers offense is horrible, we'll sack Brett 4-5 times tomorrow...
The Packer defense made the Bears look like the Colts, tomorrow we'll look like the best Saints team of all time, the Packers aren't a very good football team right now, they will make us look really good too.
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Re: RE: Re: How GB will beat the Saints this weekend

Originally Posted by GoldRush26
Originally Posted by shackney
XAN is a frekin nerd! New Orleans will assassinate those chumps.
Man I'm not saying all that or calling him names...
Well, you should be. Sissy!
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