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For WhoDat !!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; No worries B&B Since I kinda feel like I now started this whole thread of debate again....I will just apologize to everyone. I said the comment in total jest as I\'m sure B&B did the \"cack\" comment. It\'s all in ...

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For WhoDat !!!

No worries B&B

Since I kinda feel like I now started this whole thread of debate again....I will just apologize to everyone. I said the comment in total jest as I\'m sure B&B did the \"cack\" comment. It\'s all in fun. I honestly don\'t believe anyone in this forum is without contribution....even WhoDat yes that\'s a wink too.

I don\'t have a problem with anyone and if anyone has a problem with me it doesn\'t bother me.

Cheers guys. & GO SAINTS!
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For WhoDat !!!

I never said that I was the only one who made good posts. What I said is that if you look on the board right now the most popular topics are the ones that I posted about football. Not that I care about it.

This would have ended a long time ago, but some people don\'t want to let it drop . As far as I\'m concerned it\'s over.

This is going to be one boring site if people can\'t stand a few jabs. But so be it!!
A. What you really said was \"If you look at the board the only real football topics that anyone have posted under have been mine.\"
You just chose the post I\'m replying to to slap on the \" right now \" part. Loose the God complex dude. You didn\'t make this board any better by being here....and that\'s the idea...something that fell by the wayside in your case.
B. If it\'s over as far as you\'re concerned then stop replying.
C. Jabs and down right insults are vastly different.
D. If my math serves me right, you\'re posting like 10 messages a day. And that\'s an AVERAGE!! To you that\'s not excessive? I don\'t check my Event logs that much in a month!! (WhoDat and the other SysAdmin\'s will get that one....although, I should check\'em a tad more... :P )

E. I know I really have no control on this board, but this is a cancer that will go away if ignored. So, I\'m asking the other people here to just boycott BillyC\'s posts. It\'s all up to y\'all, but from now on I will.

No need to respond to this BillyC...you just don\'t get it when most people here have grown tired of your drivel and tell you to stop and/or go away...just SHOOOO FLY

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For WhoDat !!!


I hope this helps you out.......

Lack of confidence, the inferiority complex --- the causes

1. Odd weaknesses and inabilities that a person may have
that he becomes increasingly sensitive about. He builds
them up in his mind; he makes them into much bigger things
than they really are; he worries about them far in excess of
what their importance merits.

2. Trying to do hard things; setting hard tasks for oneself;
having high standards for oneself; having high expectations
for oneself. The person who is abounding in self-confidence
is often just a person who has never expected anything of
himself, has never attempted to do anything really
difficult, and is as a consequence very happy and content
with himself. He does easy things, avoids hard things, sees
life superficially, and is very content with all that. The
person with the inferior feelings is often the person with
unreasonably high objectives and standards and expectations
for himself; who is always setting for himself very
difficult or impossible tasks; who ignores easy tasks and
focuses on the difficult; who is always digging beneath the
surface of things. This fellow, because of what he
habitually focuses on, is always experiencing frustration
and anxiety. And because of the impossibly high goals these
people set for themselves, the impossibly high standards and
expectations they have for themselves, they are never able
to just relax, enjoy themselves and be content. They are
never able to really like themselves. They never are able
to come up to their own expectations of themselves.

3. Focusing so intently on difficult tasks that one has
committed himself to that he loses sight of the forest for
the trees, that he loses that important mental and emotional
balance that tells us what is important is life and what
isn\'t; that sense of just how important one thing is
relative to other things (unimportant things take on a lot
of importance to you and important things are forgotten and
lost sight of). Because he gets so involved and wrapped up
in detail he loses sight of the whole and loses his
perspective and balance.

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