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We won't stand for it anymore!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Here is my take on the subject. I saw a book(that was aimed towards children) in my church this past Sunday that was titled "HEROS". On the cover was, a baseball player, a basketball player, a hockey player and a ...

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Here is my take on the subject.

I saw a book(that was aimed towards children) in my church this past Sunday that was titled "HEROS". On the cover was, a baseball player, a basketball player, a hockey player and a football player. Some of you maybe old enough to relate to this, but when my dad was a kid his hero was Babe Ruth. Why? Mine was Dalton. Every team I ever played for as a kid, my number was 21. Why? Because these people are (at times) larger than life to kids. What better thing to grow up to be, than to play your favorite game for the rest of your life.

Why did I not see a police officer, a fireman, a nurse, a Soldier, or any of the jobs that any of you do on the front of that cover? Because people, those jobs are not games. They are not fun to do. You don't get to PLAY.

Cher, I'm with you on this 100%.

These pros (pick a sport), are looked up to, and imitated by our children. How do our kids get this way???? because of US! Because we talk with PRIDE, and SCREAM with joy when we watch Deuce carry 5 defenders into the endzone. Parents or no parents is not even an issue. I know you have heard "It take a village to raise a child". The NFL needs to be a big part of the village. When kids see all of these players breaking the law with no action taken against them (or very little), what does that tell them? No one cares.

When you become a STAR, you have just allowed yourself to lose your total privacy. If you want privacy....don't become a STAR.

But hey, what do I know. I just a dumb old Soldier.

"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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Bump time!
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Turley should have had a head to go with that helmet he threw down field.

Ok now you know were I stand.

The media has found the new holy cow of football. They are going to milk this cow till it is all dried up and the only thing it is good for is cleats and footballs.

This is a contact sport. Not only that but a sport that requires a mind set that not all have. Right there you have to expect some aggressive behavior. It has been coached into them since pee wee. For you parents out there you know that we can be worse than any coach. So why is it so surprising that these kids are aggressive off the field. I was till an injury my Jr year took the game away from me. You do not back down. that is what you are taught.

What is college all about? Not only do you learn how to take a test but you learned how to be an adult. Education and to be socially acceptable. I have to laugh at the education part a bit. I can remeber sitting in the principles office in high school and being told not to worry about the grades. As long as I play, I will pass. Later in life I went back to college and was math tutor for players in college. (That explains my writting skills.) Funny thing was that the the same mind set is in place. Some I still chuckle with when they are in town playing because they are playing pro sports today. They made it. If the the front offices only knew the the deep dark secerts. Wonder what would have happened.

The social interaction part is the hardest for alot of them. These hollier than thu judgemental people have no real clue. They have not walked in there shoes. Not all the players have had an easy life and many have had there personal lives cleaned up much the same way as their grades. The cover ups are numerous. So who is really to blame here. Administarion, alumni, and the judical system is the place I would start. But that would mean the quality of pro sports will drop. Is society as whole willing to do that? Heck no. Many people who are sitting in seats of power are low lifes them selves and the only difference is, they know how to play the game. A turd is a turd no matter how pretty the wrapping is it comes in. Just most people can not see past the wrapping. Because they are masters at playing the game they will never be the one held accountable. The players or some lesser person will always be the skate goats. Given these facts and they are facts, why is this so surprising. You have to accept the fact that socially there will be a stepper learning curve, when the player has been completly babied all the way to the pros. They will be just that, socially stunted.

Granted some are just turds and always will be. Nothing can be done about them because they have choicen to be that kind of person.

When I was doing the 2oo7 player review I got really sick of what they were reporting. DUI, fights and such all the way back to high school. It was getting a bit much. What do these reporter think? All these kids came from a solid family and had the core values put into them at an early age. That the system itself did not aid them in becoming what they are. Getting convicted for ones action is one thing but guilty by association is another. Sorry gang that is illegal. We all make mistakes and that is what life is all about. Learning from your mistakes. I still make mistakes and always will.

If we step out of bar and you get into a fight. You can be sure I will cover your back. If we get arrested so be it. I will be there and not turn my back on you. I am old school that way. If some one holds that value system against me I do not have the time or the respect in the person to give a sh*t what they think (sorry for the * crap Sam). They are a person not to be trusted. Blue collar or white I do not care. So if I was to go into the draft this year, I would have been one of those questionable kids. I do not start fights but I will not run from one either. I was brought up to differently I guess. Maybe that why I never could become a sensative new age man.

Let kids be kids and hope they learn from it. A punk is a punk but he must be convicted before you hang him. That is a constutional right. The NFL is in a grey erea here and I hope they do not push it to far. I hope they do get burned if they over step it. This could effect all of us if the NFL is allowed to overstep it legal rights. You can add this to list of rights you have lost. Something has to be done but keep it legal.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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