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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I get this feeling that this thread is going to plummet into a darkness that we have not yet discovered on this board. I will stay out of the mix, but will be nearby with coke and popcorn, eagerly awaiting ...

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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

I get this feeling that this thread is going to plummet into a darkness that we have not yet discovered on this board. I will stay out of the mix, but will be nearby with coke and popcorn, eagerly awaiting the entertainment. :P
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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

Anybody notice that in B&B\'s picture Sammy Knight is the only player around the ball who\'s not a linebacker?

I will miss that...
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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

won\'t we all miss that. By the way Whodat, just what is your stance on AB? LOL :P
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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

wow bucktooth you\'re so witty, this is a Saints forum and we don\'t care about your opinions about the bucs. Too bad you guys dont have any fans who can create a website worthy of blackandgold.net. Maybe after highschool you and your boyfriend can work on one. Actually probably just by yourself because from your star wars comebacks you must be pretty lonely. Keep your chins up all you gay bucktooth fans and by the way I\'ve been around longer than you.
I\'m just trying to get the feel of the board here.... It seems that I can be called names and pointed out the clearly obvious fact that this is a \"Saints\" board and my views are not welcomed, on several occasions?

When the real matter of fact is, if I can\'t look around and see that this is a Saints board, then I have bigger problems than going back and forth with some 30 something poster. You said that to say what? Perhaps it was some ill fated attempt to gain supporters? Just remember; you initiated the \"smack\" sissy....

So smack you shall have.

Saints, Bucs, Bucs, Saints.... Any \"true\" football fan would welcome the views of other teams dispite they admiration of their own. You want to live in a make believe world; or a world controlled by dictators? Then take your punk azz to IRAQ, it wouldn\'t matter because I will still bomb on your azz, with sports related talk or flat out smack, just remember you selected the latter....

You have been around longer than I have at what? Maybe trying to dis someone without first getting to know them. Ignorance is BLISS and you are KING IGNORANCE. I asked you to \"Please leave me alone\", yet you mustered up another feable attempt at a come back....

Talk some sports to us, other than telling us how you jumped around like a little sissy, on the LSU play..... It was a great play, but bring the sports signifigance to the forefornt instead of your lame comments....

\"It was sweet looking at those Kentucky players face, once they started to realize that they lost.\" - ISYOULISTENING....

Give me the sports signifigance to the play. Maybe something like; \"This just goes to show you that it\'s never over, until it\'s over.\" Something that you can pass on to your next generation to grow on, or to feed on. You are weak in that aspect alone....

Then to talk about web sites?? Please -- Do you even know how to change your damn screen resolution? Do you know anything computer related, other than knowing how to be a CYBER IDIOT?

Nice move, to get on the B&G bandwagon; yet another attempt at gaining supporters BRAVO!

Indeed the site is tight, but what contributions have you made to it\'s success? ABSOLUTELY NONE from a sports perspective. Your takes are watered down, copy & paste material, worthy of nothingness. Maybe you can make a cash donation to the board, from the corners you STROLL on, you little skeezer. (SKEEZER is a ghetto reference identifying a TRICK that gives up the booty, and a TRICK is.... Well, you know what a TRICK is from walking the stroll.)

I sure want to dis your Saints, but that\'s just not wise in the midst of the copany, but its the first thing that comes to mind, especially when you jab at my boys. My boys that I\'ve followed and stuck with. But I can say this specifically about you.....

You AINT on point and you never will be on POINT.

Now take you ball and go home. Again......

PS: Let the truth be known that you must be as lonely as you claim me to be. YOU KNEW WHAT character I was referring to......... DOH!

Week 9: Saints vs. Bucs

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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

Aaron Brooks threw 27 TD\'s and 15 INT\'s in one year. He has only started 2-full years. What kind of numbers and leadership did Johnson have his first 2-years or 8 years as far as that goes.
Not defending anyone here....just stating facts:
Brad Johnson
\"One of the most accurate passers in NFL history... Career completion percentage of 61.7% ranks fifth all-time... Became the first quarterback in club history to lead the NFC in passing (92.9) in 2002... His 84.6 quarterback rating ranks 11th all-time in league history... Also ranks sixth among Super Bowl winning quarterbacks with an 84.6 quarterback rating.\"-from NFL.com

He basically sat his first four seasons...so his first two years as a starter were:

YEAR TEAM G GS Att Comp Pct Yds YPA Lg TD Int Rate
1996 Minnesota Vikings 12 8 311 195 62.7 2258 7.3 82t 17 10 89.4
1997 Minnesota Vikings 13 13 452 275 60.8 3036 6.7 56 20 12 84.5

Brooks first two complete starter years:
YEAR TEAM G GS Att Comp Pct Yds YPA Lg TD Int Rate
2001 New Orleans Saints 16 16 558 312 55.9 3832 6.9 63 26 22 76.4
2002 New Orleans Saints 16 16 528 283 53.6 3572 6.8 64 27 15 80.1

Both have their pros and their cons....pretty even I\'d say. But in Brooks defense Johnson had 4 years to learn and mature before he did it.

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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

and billy stop encouraging his ass. You dont have to kiss his ass so he\'ll like your posts.
WTF....Let me tell you something boy. An idiot such as yourself must have come from a good blood line of idiots. Your Daddy must have been an uneducated drunk who pilfered the streets for anything he could find, when he ran across your mother, who was on the street giving what she got, when the two conceived you pathetic ass behind a garbage dumpster. Which is exactly where your adopted parents found you, in the dumpster.

I know they tried to make you feel loved, but you still harbor ill feelings towards them, and feel the need to take your anger out on me. Bad mistake IDIOT.

Now you go and tell your parents how much you love them and see about getting into some therepy.

Good Day.

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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

Fact: Saints were 16th in league in team passing yards and Bucs were 15th. Did anybody view bucs as a passing dynamo? Doubt it. Saints O for sure. This is still a team game. As for as individual players go though, no question Brooks has most talent and athletic ability. AB will make huge strides in his overall game this year.

Oh, by the way. Can someone help me out. I don\'t understand some of the spelling that appears on this board. I have tried descrambling the words that start with an F and end with a K. What gives with the #@$%* typos? Let\'s see. There\'s the words


Just Chillin Checking Out The B&G Forum While Waiting For My Ship To Come In

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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

Actually Joe, I think he is the best thing since sliced bread. I want to have his children. Is there a better quarterback in the NFL?

PS - not to sound like a sell out (B&B, JOE... WATCH THE RESPONSE TO THIS!!! HEHEHE), BUT I think Aaron\'s numbers would look average compared to Brad Johnson\'s if you gave BJ this offense. If you were to switch the two out and make Brooks play with Tampa\'s O - Johnson could potentially have challenged Gannon for the league MVP and Brooks is somewhere around 20th in the league... maybe worse. Just my opinion. Johnson is extremely efficient. If you ever gave the guy weapons he\'d tear it up.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

Just take if from a place that does not have the patience for QB\'s.....

Don\'t look back and wish you all had Brooks, given the situation your orgainzation gets tired of him, let him go and then he starts to light it up for another team.....

I still think someone touched on his main problem; that being time. I think you guys need to say hey, this is our QB and ride it out.....

Through the good and the bad. But that\'s hard to do.......

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Aaron Brooks is being treated unfair...

Versus Carolina (1st game)
Donte\' Stallworth stood alone on the sideline, a look of defeat on his face. He had just dropped another pass, this one in the end zone, and he was certain his quarterback would stop looking to him.
Instead, Aaron Brooks gave the rookie a pep talk, then completed a 95-yard drive by throwing a 7-yard touchdown pass to Stallworth with 31 seconds left for the winning score in the New Orleans Saints\' 34-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers
\"He was feeling down, so I went over there and put my arm around him and told him not to worry about it,\" Brooks said. \"The more he tried to fight it, the worse it was going to get. So I told him to forget it and I\'d look for him again later.\"
He\'d dropped at least four passes over the course of the game. One of them was in the end zone, when Stallworth was sure he should have caught Brooks\' long pass for a first-half touchdown.
\"I felt like I was on the verge of having the worst game of my life,\" Stallworth said. \"Then A.B. came up to me and said he wasn\'t going away from me, he was going to keep coming until I made a play.\"
Brooks made good on his word with a 38-yard pass to Stallworth to move the ball to the Carolina 10, and the Saints scored two plays later when the two hooked up again for the touchdown.
Versus Cincinnati
Coach Jim Haslett said the Saints -- who had only one timeout left -- let Luchey score on the final run so they\'d have a chance to get the ball back. Brooks finished it by throwing four incompletions, leaving him 0-for-7 in the fourth quarter.
He wasn\'t alone in letting it slip. Boo Williams dropped a potential touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, and the Saints had five fumbles -- the kinds of things the Bengals usually do.
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