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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I must admit, the team's performance in the first 2 games is making it really hard to be optimistic about their chances this year. However, there are 14 games left. It is still possible to right the ship, but they ...

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Re: Done

I must admit, the team's performance in the first 2 games is making it really hard to be optimistic about their chances this year. However, there are 14 games left. It is still possible to right the ship, but they better do it in a hurry. Losing, just like winning is contagious!!
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Re: Done

The good thing is that it doesn't matter how much points were scored against us... our record is still 0-2.
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Re: Done

Originally Posted by LongTimeFan View Post
I'm a Die-Hard fan and have to tell all of you, I'm really disappointed in them so far this season but as I said in other post, I think they'll bounce back and start playing they're game as well as they did last season, I could be wrong or just fooling myself..
I hear ya LTF!

Some of you guys really need to look at the money these guys are being paid to be the "Best" in the league.

Grant: Big new contract = not hitting on CRAP!
Thomas: Big contract = FAT and not hitting on CRAP!
Jason David: Big contract = SUCKS and not hitting on CRAP!

I think the guys that want to doomsay, have the RIGHT TO!

This team RIGHT NOW...SUCKS. I know it, you know it, the other teams know it, the world knows it, and the Saints know it.

Am I saying the season is wrote off?????? Of coarse not. The Titans will show us what is yet to come.

"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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Re: Done

Throw the torchs into ships magazine and blow it now. We have lost the ship.
I am not to that point gang. Thank good we have a bye at week 4. Lets get a win next week. Then we can figure out how to right this ship.
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Re: Done

Hope springs eternal ... of course ... however, the quality of play leaves much to be desired ... the Oline resembles the levees that broke after Katrina as they can't seem to block for Brees very well right now. If you don't have time to throw, you can't go downfield with the same success as they did last year ... and the new Mr. Toast, #29, is making headlines for the wrong reasons ... Bottom line ... Chicago showed the NFL how to defense the Saints in the NFC finals.... all other teams are following the same blueprint ... As one of the Times-Pic reporters aptly wrote, it's time to see really how good a coach we have and what adjustments will be made.
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Re: Done

Originally Posted by LongTimeFan View Post
I still have faith that the Saints can turn it around, it's one thing to be 0-2 with no talent on the team but they have a ton of talent, we all know that can score points, just haven't seen much of it in the first two games.
The Saints will be home next week, maybe that will motivate them some but it won't be an easy task going up against the Titans, no matter where they play them..
Talent? Do you mean Reggie Bush, who falls down flat when he gets a hand-swat from a defender? Bush? Who spends most of his time running from one sideline to the other?

Talent? What talent on the Defensive side of the ball? The Defense is pretty weak, and everybody in the world knows it. The Falcons have a better Defense than the Saints right now.

Talent? Did we upgrade our kicking game by getting rid of John Carney?
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Re: Done

For 0-2 teams, playoff chances declining - USATODAY.com

"The cut and paste did not work well but in short a playoff run is likely not in the cards down 0-2...

A look at the 0-2 starts since 2000:
Season-----No. teams------Reached playoffs

2000-------10 teams------------0

2001--------9 teams------------1 (New England, 11-5)

2002--------8 teams------------2 (Pittsburgh, 10-5-1; Atlanta, 9-6-1)

2003--------8 teams------------1 (Philadelphia, 12-4)

2004--------7 teams------------0

2005--------7 teams------------0

2006--------10 teams-----------1 (Kansas City, 9-7)

0-2 teams that have reached the Super Bowl

1993 Dallas Champion

1996 N.E. Runner-up

2003 N.E. Champion"

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Re: Done

Originally Posted by lasaintsfan View Post
I must admit, the team's performance in the first 2 games is making it really hard to be optimistic about their chances this year. However, there are 14 games left. It is still possible to right the ship, but they better do it in a hurry. Losing, just like winning is contagious!!
These guys have not been home in a while. Philly game. Stand behind them and believe and judge them after that. If there is still no fire, no passion, we have a problem. If it's just X&O's that's another thing. I have faith in SP to right this ship and get a string going.
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Re: Done

Originally Posted by Dan the Man View Post
FireVenturi and cajun1977, I hope you don't call yourselves Saints fans. Fairweather fans make me more embarassed to call myself a fan than any loss the Saints could ever have.
I couldn't agree more. Until we moved in 1999 we had season tickets and needless to say they were easy to come by. We're in the process of moving back and are now on the Season Ticket waiting list and happy to be on it.... it meant the dome was sold out. I'm even happy paying the increased price on 2nd hand tickets as long as there are butts in the seats. This means we have a much better chance of keep the Saints in New Orleans; Goodell would never allow Benson to move the Saints if they're sold out.

What scares me is the Fairweather Fans are going to give up their tickets if the Saints have a bad year.

I currently live in Michigan and everyone knows the Detroit Lions suck beyond belief, but guess what..... all of their season tickets are sold out and have been since we moved here in 1999. Last year the Lions record was 3 - 13 and they still have a sold out stadium. Notice there is no talk about moving the Lions....

If you're a fan than you're a fan NO MATTER WHAT!

Stop your whining and go to the Pep Rally on Friday, support your team and show a little pride. If you don't there could be yet another change coming for the city of New Orleans.... we could be Saints-less. Keep in mind, they're only obligated until 2010.
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Re: Done

Good point.I live in orange co.california,I will be there on fri.and mon. nite. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT.!!!!!!!!!!!
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