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why are the saints 0-3?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Why are the saints 0-3? We're...ummm, not good....

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Re: why are the saints 0-3?

Why are the saints 0-3?

We're...ummm, not good.
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Re: why are the saints 0-3?

There is a very good reason why the Saints are 0-3. That's because they are the Saints. I've been watching this team religiously since around the middle to late 70's, and it's always been one heartbreak after another. Then when things start really looking up, like the Saints are on their way, things have a tendency to break apart. It's been a horrible trend ever since I've started watching them. Anyway, I will continue to be a loyal New Orleans Saints fan, no matter how much it really hurts.
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Re: why are the saints 0-3?

Originally Posted by LongTimeFan View Post
As I said in another thread, the Saints can't block so the our running game is suffering and so is Brees, if they can somehow figure out how to protect Brees and make some holes the running game will get better but it starts up front, question is did the bye week give them time to work on the problem.
This is the quote of the year and the fundamental question to be analyzed for this team. Let's take a look at the timeline a bit:

1) In the preseason of 2006, the Saints O-Line was picked by many pundits to be the worst line in the league. 32 out of 32 teams.

2) The 2006 season comes along and the Saints offense is prolific. #1 in the league for the year in yards and passing. Top 5 in every other category except rushing.

3) The 2007 preseason comes along and while two mid level picks are used for lineman, essentially the line comes back intact (along with the rest of the offense with the exception of TE and one WR position). Also during the preseason two foundations of the line, Faine and Brown, sustain injuries.

4) The 2007 season starts and frankly the line seems to be living down to their 2006 preseason prediction. Can't run block. Can't pass protect. Can't open holes. In Mora speak "diddly poo!".

So the question is what happened and how do we fix it? Is it simply attitude? Do we need new linemen from the backups to play (Streif, Allenman, etc)? No blocking schemes (zone blocking?). New plays to cover up the line deficiencies?

The offense has no rhythm, no identity. And now no Deuce to stabilize.

I know that some are calling for a revamp. Draft new players and the like. But it's the middle of the season. We have who we have. We have the coaches and players that we have. That hand is set.

So how do we play that hand to our advantage?



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Re: why are the saints 0-3?

The Saints o-line wasn't great last year. Brees was MVP worthy great. The defense is the same below average group if not worse. The front office failed to improve the team during the offseason.
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Re: why are the saints 0-3?

Originally Posted by WhoDat205 View Post
I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the O-Line. They were great last year. WTF happened?!?
I'll tell ya what happened... they over-acheieve. I had suspected and wasn't feeling good about them going into last season. If you watch games last year that we played against really good OL and DL teams we got spanked. It was only a matter of time for us to come back to reality. Reality BITES!
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