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Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Mock draft: Deals could shape opening round I like it....

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Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

Mock draft: Deals could shape opening round

I like it.
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

Me too.

Wonder if NE will take Tebucky and Big Play Ray back as part of the swap?

Kirwin has Rivers dropping to 29...
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Tebucky Hard Hit New Britian Ct. I just just hang my in shame. LOL
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why trade up for a position that is not a major need, when you could stay put and get the highest rated player at a position that IS a major need?????
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

If this scenario presents itself...i guess you have to ask yourself one question...do you feel lucky....nah...who can have a greater impact on this defense Ellis or Rivers...if your answer is ellis it's a no-brainer trade up...but if it's rivers or if you perceive them as equal value...stay at 10...i think that orgeron will have an input on this 1st pick if this scenario plays out...and then we will know who the defensive coaches perceive to be a better playmaker between these two players

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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

Ya know I have been thinking NE trading with us is not going to happen with both teams going for the same players. But looking at this draft it makes VERY good sense. Us getting a CB make no sense with the bodies and money we have tied up at that position so for get it. If you can't see that we can't get to the QB... well I will stop there.
The only think I didn't like by this mock is that Dorsey going to the Birds. I almost became ill seeing that. I wish there was something we can do to prevent that from happening but looks like it could be a reality we will have to face TWICE a year. UGH.

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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

PAC 10 talent. There I said it.
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

USC will have 2 players drafted in the top 10. Ellis goes top 5 and there is no way Rivers gets past #10. The Saints hopefully wont pass on another option to improve the LB position. I'm pretty sure they realize it will soon be a position of need not just adding depth. Vilma hopefully will be around awhile but I dont think they will sign Simmenau(?) or Morgan to any long term contracts. Does have the potential to be a solid LB unit.
Probowls, Probowls, did somebody say Probowls??
What is the concept? Average fans watch every game, every week and vote on who the best player at each position is? I might watch 4 or 5 games a week but I dont have the time to watch 16 games a week. Me I'm just a homer and vote for the Saints I dont fall for that name recognition and assume they are the best at their position.
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
Someone do some research on all the SC guys that have been drafted in the last say, 5 years and detail how many of them are starters and how many probowls have they gone to.
Like you don't have those stats under your pillow... lol
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Re: Kirwin's 1st Mock Draft

Sorry I am not crazy about the top 10 talent
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