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Time is needed to Build a D

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by SaintFanInATLHELL There have actually been other assessments of a "Break don't bend" defense: Saints 2007 Preview: The Real Miracle Season - FanHouse - AOL Sports Blog Cold, Hard Football Facts.com: Dominant Dozen: Week 15 2006 SFIAH I ...

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Re: Time is needed to Build a D

Originally Posted by SaintFanInATLHELL View Post
I actually agree that this may be or defensive strategy, but it still doesn't explain, how we almost always seem to let the other team convert in third and long situations. I thought we were supposed to get the other offense off the field quickly, which I rarely see. I think its time for a change in out approach...
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Re: Time is needed to Build a D

Good find SFIAH

2006 Defense: The Saints ran an unusual defense last year -- the break but don't bend variety (yes, you read that correctly). Their job primarily was just to get the ball back to the offense, either by forcing an early three-and-out or by quickly giving up the big score. And they succeeded one way or the other. They still finished with the 11th overall defense, but causing turnovers was a major problem.

I trust that we will play some form of it again because it helps foster Payton legend as a great offensive genius by giving the Saints offense more time on the field. Only a few teams can truely exploit the Saints defense which is it's offense. You need to either have a very good offense or a good offense and a great defense. Still, there no denying that this will not win the Superbowl.

The break but don't bend defense will keep your defense off the field which keeps them fresh in the 4th quarter and keeps opposing teams defense on the field so they are worn out in the 4th. In any case, the Saints offense needs to be really good to make up for our defenses short comings until we get the players necessary to play outstanding defense.

Last year we were not prepared for the loss of Deuce and no way I'm or Payton going into the season with a bunch of 3rd down back after Deuce who will prove to be washed up.

We have the best QB in the league and now we need a TRUE #1 RB to keep our offense #1 in the NFC. Payton has to know this.

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Re: Time is needed to Build a D

Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper View Post
.. and here I thought the defense the Saints played was the "No Defense Defense"..

I LOVE IT! It's so accurate, great name. You know, I think I'll have to write that onto my Saints gameday brown paper bag.
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Re: Time is needed to Build a D

.. I aim to please
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Re: Time is needed to Build a D

Need to make sure you get royalties... and I get a cut because I pointed it out right. LOL.
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Re: Time is needed to Build a D

... sorry, bro.. I'm open source
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