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greg williams is a dumb @ss!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by mike27 Sorry, you can't just ignore the huge downside of the turnovers. The statistic glares at you, and outside of creating injuries, apparently something SF does to every team, on purpose, it is why we lost the ...

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Originally Posted by mike27 View Post
Sorry, you can't just ignore the huge downside of the turnovers. The statistic glares at you, and outside of creating injuries, apparently something SF does to every team, on purpose, it is why we lost the game.

We needed to not have those turnovers, but we did. So the offense didn't come up with what we "needed" either.
Yes turnovers were bad BUT give San Fran defense the credit they deserve for making them happen. They all came from defense causation. How can anyone bad mouth our offense? Brees did everything in his power to overcome those early turnovers and actually accomplished it! GW is totally at fault for this with some poor ego driven play calls on the last drive.
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After sleeping on it I'm still totally for letting GW go. The more I think about some of his playcalling the more frustrated I get. I read a quote from Jenkins saying; "Nothing has changed, so we live by the blitz and we die by the blitz." That mentality comes from the coach. Sometimes you need to play the situation. The niners were 2nd and 10 with 40 seconds left on their own 33. They had moved the ball 18 yards in about 55 seconds (that's great!) against our "prevent defense." We were keeping everything in front of us, tackling them in bounds and letting the clock run down. We were covering their deep guys and forcing Smith to check down. It's exactly what you want your D to do in that scenario. Then GW blitzes 6 guys and leaves a safety one on one with their only offensive player who showed up to the game and what happens? 47 yard pass, now it's 1st and 10 from the 20 with the clock stopped.

OK, so back to Jenkins quote about living and dying by the blitz. I'll play along for a minute. If GW absolutely feels the need to blitz there I have two words for him: Zone-Blitz! This way no one is locked in on a particular guy and if a catch is made we have multiple guys ready to make a tackle. There are plenty of zone blitzes that keep 2 and even 3 guys deep to prevent a big play. When you blitz in man coverage, you are often banking on one guy making a tackle. That's too high of a risk in that situation.

Again, I wasn't for blitzing in that scenario but if you absolutely insist on it, make sure your cover guys are in a zone. I think GW's time here is done and it's time for us to move on. Our current roster is not suited to his style of coaching. Pick up Spags who won a Super Bowl as a D Coordinator with the Giants in 07 and draft defense in the draft and we'll be fine. Let's be the first team to play in the Super Bowl in their own stadium!
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Originally Posted by spkb25 View Post
Sorry man, I respect your opinion, but that's garbage d at the end. It was 2 stinking drives in a row. I just cant forgive that.

1) Last but one for taking turnovers.

2) The style of 4th quarter D was a continuation of a poor designed D that we have seen all year. Sure I understand if the personnel aren't there you can't expect excellence. But other teams do not seem to blow up as much as the Saints. Other teams use their available personnel the best way they can.

When you are the boss man. surely you have the clout to attract the type of personnel required to improve your situation. Even more so, if you are the boss man for a team that is a strong playoff contender.

For me, fundamentally.
Once is a mistake, I accept that. If you never make a mistake, you are not trying hard enough.
It can be argued that twice is bad luck.
But thrice (and more). Man that is not an accident. That indicates someone is not learning from them, and that is a deficiency.
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You see this article - written in August 2011.

10 Greatest Game-Winning Touchdown Drives in NFL History

What price that the Saints have earned themselves ignominy with the SF late 7 plays, 85 yards in 1:28; with the clock running out.
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I did not watch the game. After a while, I just could not. Too nervous.
I did not post during the week about the game either.
I listened to some of the media talk about 49'ers defense and then turned that off.
I am not posting about GW or Saints defense.

Football, great defense with pitiful offense =not too much going on.
Great offense with pitiful , inconsistent defense = not so good. Secure.
You need both.
You need a good kicking team.

There was a time when the Saints had a great defense during Rickey Jackson years, but you had a pitiful offense with Boobie Herbert.
So when the defense got the ball back to the then offense, not much happend. You had the best or one of the best Sp.Teams then with Morten and Hansen. I always hear posts here about how bad Aaron Brooks was, but none about Bear-Bobby Herbert. I used to call him Boobie.
He was from Cut -Off ,LA and people liked that. Then you had with Hebert, another local, John Fourcade. The defense , often out there to the point of exhaustion, would carry the Saints. A defense can only go so far.
Saints never had an offense until this current team under Coach SP and DB as qb, plus the rest of the offense line.

Thanks Mitch. I know what you told me when we had this offense vs. defense discussion. Mitch told me, the defense gets the ball back. Yeah, I say, but if you do not have much of offense or one getting tired out there, that is not so good.

SanFran has a great defense, but the offense has lots to offer too.
Saints made too many turnovers early on and it came back on them.

The Saints' offense is really THAT good. To come back from 0, down by 17 and end the game where they did was still good. OK, I am trying to make us all feel better here about this crucial lost which the Saints could have won. It is not working but I am trying.

All I want to say is that with the Saints great offense and Sp.teams, yes, the hot/cold/lukewarm defense has to catch up while the Saints still have a great offense and good Sp.Teams.

If the Saints had both sides equal, that would be something unbeatable.

Unlike other fans, we here, have been saying 49's showed up on all teams. They started out early. That is something I have always said about the Saints. They need to start out early and fast and score.
The Saints caught up. Almost had it. A W is a W is a win and that is something I have said. One pt. win, ugly win, is still a win. 49'ers had an ugly, close win there, but won. Saints should have won. They need something else, some improvement, obviously there.

Loves those Saints, still.
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Greg Williams should've played coverage and we would have stopped them on one of those last second drives.
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I've said it before, all of our draft choices should be on the D side of the ball. GW got out COACHED big time. SF and Houston in the Big Dance!
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Originally Posted by vpheughan View Post
I've said it before, all of our draft choices should be on the D side of the ball. GW got out COACHED big time. SF and Houston in the Big Dance!
Green Bay doesn't turn the ball over like we do.
Green Bay by 3 scores

Houston doesn't have a shot without Schaub

Green Bay and New England in the Superbowl.
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Green Bay and New England, yeah, but I would like to see something new. You probably have it right.

I'll be glad when 49'ers get burned next week.
I would love for the Texans to be there in AFC's game. They are the underdog.
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Do you guys remember Venturi and all the other Defensive Coordinators that didn't help the Saints win the Superbowl? And what are the chances that the top DC's available choose the Saints?

Be careful what you wish for.
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