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Spags: I hope hes canned

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by ChrisXVI Spags is one of the best in the business. Not anymore. You know, Mike Ditka won a super bowl, and was the hottest thing in Chicago since fire. Then he came here. Janet Jackson says.....______ (somebody ...

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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

Originally Posted by ChrisXVI View Post
Spags is one of the best in the business.
Not anymore.

You know, Mike Ditka won a super bowl, and was the hottest thing in Chicago since fire. Then he came here.

Janet Jackson says.....______ (somebody finish it for me)
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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

As for the question on the Opening Post,
ask me wednesday, when I've cooled down.

There's still a distinctively fresh bull$*** taste in my mouth today.
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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

I don't buy into the learning curve excuse, either. I think it makes a difference, but not enough to cause the worst defense ever. He definitely didn't do anything to help us, but our secondary was absolutely atrocious. To me, that's on the players themselves. I don't know how many times I saw Patrick Robinson running step for step with a WR, and then just suddenly stop. That's plain idiotic. Our safeties are everywhere the ball isn't. Jabari Greer got burned an alarming amount, and for the first time really looked as short as he is. QB's figured out that they could throw that fade every time and Jabari just didn't have the hops to compete with all these 6' 4" receivers. And lastly, Johnny Patrick looks exactly like P-Rob when he's out there.

I know our pass rush sucks, but your secondary has to be competent, at the very least. Give Spags one more chance, but that's it. We need a dominant pass rusher, at least one shutdown corner, and also, at least one decent safety. That wouldn't be enough to make us very good on D, but it would hopefully make us good enough.
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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

I don't want to personally put my foot to his arse and kick him out myself like I did Williams. However, I wouldn't be too terribly sad if I didn't see him on the sidelines again. He may have been great with the Giants, but we aren't the Giants. Coach accordingly.

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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

Man I must be the only one hoping he stays. I thought the D really showed a lot of improvement.

ST coach may need to go or WR coach or DLine coach.
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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

I'm not sure how I feel about this one tbh.

The guy came into alot of issues with the GM, assistant head coach and the Head Coach being suspended.

However this guy isn't a rookie coach. I still personally blame him for not judging his guys to see how much of the new scheme was working. It wasn't until Vilma came back that some blitz were used. And we had somewhat good results.

As far as the player quaility... I'm not sure about that either.
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We have probs with personnel and coaching. Our defense has ranked in the bottom for the last 4 seasons with the exception of 2010. I still can't figure out what we were doing that season that made the def click but it does seem to show that we might be able to get it done with the players we have.

Still I don't think spags zone defense works for our guys. GW knew how much are players blew that's why he threw so many blitzes during his tenure.

I'm not a fan of spags - not with his record the last few seasons as a HC or a def coach. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at season's start but the scheme has just plain stunk all season.

I really think MJ is a bust and as much as I loved Harper in the day he just isn't there any more. We need a polamalu big time back there.

Our corners I think can improve and I am not sold and letting them all go.

The defensive line could get better but we need some freaking linebackers big time. I think lofton is good but I don't know what we are going to to do about the other two positions.

Part of me would like to see us get a 3-4 defense back like the ole days but how many players do we need to get to do that?
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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

As bad as our defense was this season, there were flashes of briliance. In the SP era, we've always given up tons of yardage. I don't think we really have the personnel atm to be effective in Spag's scheme but with some key moves in the off season and perhaps drafting some good young talent maybe we can turn the corner defensively next year. We all have our opinions, mine is for keeping Spags for one more season, but ML,SP and the rest of the front office will decide what they think is best. All we can do is go "Wahhhhhh" if we don't like or agree with it.

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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

Just how many of us would really be pissed off hurt is he did get canned?
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Re: Spags: I hope hes canned

Spags isn't leaving, Payton signed off on him coming in so let's see what happens next season after some of the underachieving overpaid POS's on defense are gone. If the defense breaks the yardage record again then cut ties with the whole defensive coaching staff
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