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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I wish we could have Haz fired now, so we can get a new coach to start scouting the team and picking his weapons from now. Use the remainder games to test new guys.... My sentiments exactly St. Shrume. Also, ...

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I wish we could have Haz fired now, so we can get a new coach to start scouting the team and picking his weapons from now. Use the remainder games to test new guys....
My sentiments exactly St. Shrume.

Also, I hate the bone headed plays Brooks has made, and I agree with have many many needs as a team, but the qb position has to be addressed. I hope we have a shot at Drew Brees and take that shot not based on talent, but based on his heart and obvious desire to get better. AB has neither unfortunately. We could possibly win with AB if we had a better D, but throwing a pass backward to an o-lineman and that pass Sunday to Al Wilson just can\'t be ignored. All turnovers are bad, but turnovers that lead directly to points or take away points are inexcusable, and these are the kind AB causes.

If he is not fumbling on the goalline he is throwing a pick giving the opposing O the ball in their own redzone or the D scores. IT started in the Seattle game, and can anyone say it has gotten better or worse as the year has gone on? Sunday\'s boneheaded pass is being called worse than the one to Gandy in the Sports community, how much longer does he get a free pass on this?

And why is it the assumption we need someone with AB\'s \"talent\" to replace him? I just want a guy who won\'t turn the ball over and puts the team in positions to win. He doesn\'t have to win it himself. This ain\'t AB and like I said, it is getting worse. Maybe a coaching change is enough, maybe it isn\'t. But if we come out of next off-season with AB as the only option, we may be the lsoers again.
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I just don\'t see how we can be down by 20 and still think we have a chance AND simultaneously think that anyone on the offense is the biggest problem (i.e. over half of the problem, or something to that effect).
WhoDat thanks for posting what you think we should do, although it was broad, as you said. But see, even you had the QB position lower than #1 on the list of issues.

Jesus people. I\'m starting to feel like Danno. I DIDN\'T SAY AB IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.


Get it yet?

Now, can you guys distinguish between me saying AB is A problem that needs to be dealt with and AB is the LARGEST problem???????

Those are two different ideas. Do you guys get that? I think AB is a problem and I would like to see the Saints bring in competition. I DID NOT SAY THAT AB IS A BIGGER PROBLEM THAN THE DEFENSE.

Do you get it yet? Should I start over? C\'mon guys, surely you\'re all smarter than this.

PS - Danno said he wants to trade Deuce! LOL

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I am enjoying this.

So explain to me again why you suddenly DON\'T feel like Brooks is the BIGGEST problem...
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i think i would agre with most of you guys that AB is a problem. one thing that does seem to bother me about him is i think because he has lost confidence in the coaching staff he really doesnt go into the gams giving it everything he has. i mean look at some of the really pathetic plays hes made recently. just terrible and stupid. droughns said after the game in a statement, i saw in an article and i believe it was on nola.com, that on the first play he saw our defense wasnt set and they were looking backwards (like confused) and he thought to himself this might be a big one. i mean jesus if our guys arent prepared on the first play of the game what the heck are they practicing? so i think a lot of this is as much about coaching. and i think thats what im saying about brooks\' play recently. but there is no excuse for the just horrible decisions he has made with the ball. the throw that was intercepted and ran in for a td from our like 7 yard line. then the backwards throw. what in gods name. he also without a doubt misses wide open wide outs, whehter it be over their head or behind them or in front of them. but the worse thing about him late;y to me is his attitude. because he doesnt seem to care. and that from a qb just will not do. but i agree with whodat. lets bring in someone he can compete with and lets see what hes worth. that also includes a new coaching staff. im not ready to say he cant play in this league just yet. this staff doesnt seem to have developed any of our players really. but i also think even with anew coaching staff we may still be a few years away from winning. because i think we have to be overhauled. so they will have to build a team. but if we could get a team that just played hard every week i\'d be happy until the winning eventually came. like the cardinals

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\"If Brooks were available tomorrow to be signed as a starting QB, no teams would be interested. That\'s reality. \"

Do you watch other NFL games, or just Saints games? Bro, watch Miami, watch the Ravens, watch Oakland, the list can go on. I truly don\'t understand how you can say no team will be interested.
I must disagree with you here... while I think Brooks would be signed elsewhere... Baltimore would not be that place. Have you seen Boeller lately? He is playing great... Brooks would probably be picked up by Miami, Arizona, Oakland, and maybe Dallas depending on Parcells... I dont think him and Brooks would get along... Seattle might give him a look too since Hasselback is about to cost Homgren his jobbie job...
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Oh, and to answer your other question:

1. Fire the coaching staff and Loomis (or at least move him back to business operations).
No doubt.
2. Hire a coordinator from the Patties as HC and true personnel guru at GM - I\'m not sure who would be best here.
I\'d take Romeo over Weiss. I really think we need a defensive minded focus.
3. Sign LBs, DTs, and CBs IN FREE AGENCY, not through the draft.
Yup. No time to grow those positions.
4. At least examine the idea of a QB competition and bring someone in to compete... at least.
Nothing wrong with that. But on the flip side bring in a real QB coach to work with Brooks and whomever else we bring in.
5. Use the draft to bolster other needs - T and O-line geerally, S, depth on D, a possession WR.

That\'s what I do, broadly.

OH - sign Deuce to a LONG term deal, restructure Joe Horn\'s contract, get rid of D howard and Sullivan... or sign/restructure both to small contracts.

Great post.

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Whodat, why do you feel that AB is the biggest problem on this team?
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WhoDat, I think Brooks is not the answer at the QB position for this franchise.

But even I don\'t think AB is the BIGGEST problem on this team. We can\'t give up 500 yards in offense and expect to win games.

Even though I struggle to understand what Brooks means with quotes like this:
Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks said there is no way of determining what kind of impact Benson\'s comments will have on the team.

\"We\'ll find out,\" Brooks said. \"I\'m not here for hearsay. I come to do my job, do what\'s asked of me and get out of here.\"

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Why do you keep insisting that AB is the biggest problem? Sheesh. I thought Shrume and I argued successfully against that?

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Ok, just kidding.

I just wanted to clear this up actually. Since I knew what your position was, I went back and read my post to see how you could think that I was acusing you of being so ridiculous.

I see that the quote that you took from me appears in the post I addressed to you, so it makes quite good sense that you took me as saying that you disagreed. It was actually that I was just stating my argument in another way to see if you AGREED, since (at that time) Syco and Blake6900 were raking my view over the coals.

Thus, I did not intend for you to take it as me putting words in your mouth, merely a restatement of why I was saying the things I was in general. You\'ll notice a bit higher up in that post I asked if you agreed with what I was saying and then stated two more points - so apologies for the misunderstanding.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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