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Should heads roll?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Games like this where the offense isn't working our Defense should step up...

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Re: Should heads roll?

Games like this where the offense isn't working our Defense should step up
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Re: Should heads roll?

Originally Posted by Rugby Saint II View Post
McMahon couldn't do anything with Sproles last year and yet he is a return machine in Philly. wtf?
Yup. And Cooks will not fair any better than Sproles did here returning punts.

If any one thinks that there's nothing complicated about special teams as far as coverage & returns does not appreciate this crucial phase of all football games. It's not just a bunch of guys running aimlessly at full speed looking to clobber someone.

Our return game is crap...and has been for the longest time. Our coverage teams are crap...and has been for the longest time. If someone could tell me the last punt and/or FG we've blocked I'd sure like to know...you'd have to use the Dewey Decimal system to find it. We make ZERO big plays on special teams. Hell, we make ZERO above average plays on special teams.
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Re: Should heads roll?

Originally Posted by spkb25 View Post
In all fairness the lack of the deep ball has more to do with our line not providing enough time, so we dinks it and dunks it. When they played their best we took some shots down the field again.
That's true to a certain extent...most of these crossing routes take just as long as a seam route or a post...3 to 4 seconds. The line did a decent job today with the pass blocking but the run blocking was horrible....no push...the deep ball has been non existent except for one or two games this year
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Re: Should heads roll?

I can't say anything negative. I've been told for a long time that our coaches and front office are geniuses. So I can only conclude that there must be a brilliant plan behind all of the awfulness. Good job guys.
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Re: Should heads roll?

This falls on Payton, PERIOD. The past two seasons plus this year we are 22-20. Most average pro coaches can coach a five hundred team. Most of the players on Defense are the guys that the coaches wanted, LB's and DL anyway. The only two guys on the D that weren't starters since day one are Safety and CB. Our Draft this year stunk. One impact player, ONE! All coaching and being able to evaluate talent.
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Re: Should heads roll?

We haven't had a good draft in years
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Re: Should heads roll?

Originally Posted by Danno View Post
We haven't had a good draft in years
That is the part that has to change.Along with some coaching changes, Vitt, Johnson, McNothing and the secondary coach. Payton has got to get some nuts and let them go before he gets fired!!
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Re: Should heads roll?

Originally Posted by lee909 View Post
Anyone wondering why the defense is rubbish just needs to look at the cap difference

Total Cap Number: $131,009,963
(Top 51: $123,720,425)
Offense: $69,044,310
Defense: $35,605,070
Special: $4,665,000

The defense cap goes up next year but mostly on one of the worst contracts in the NFL,Juniors 12.5ml roster bonus. Its gaurenteed money too

It starts with the GM...

I don't get the love and all this BS "In Loomis We Trust"...

Total BS...

It was Loomis who put us up against the cap...

And we praise him when he wiggles by another year?!?

It's like maxing credit cards and making min. payments...

Just really bad cap management...

As poor as the inconsistencies in personnel decisions...

His most successful FA signings are...

Drew Brees - Only Saints and Dolphins were interested, and Dolphins rightfully didn't want to guarantee the money; By The Way, Thank You Drew and Agent for Repaying On That Olive Branch)...

Darren Sharper - Yeah, he's a developed into social-f**ked up misfit, but we got one incredible season out of him...

Keenan Lewis - Total Warrior; Great Heart; Lesson Learned - We Sure As Hell Can't Evaluate Defensive Back Draft Prospects, but we sure can sign him...

Jabari Greer - See Keenan Lewis...

Then you look at his busts and resignings* of some awful, overpaid players...

Jason David
Will Smith*
Ben Grubbs
Roman Harper*
Junior Galette*
Curtis Lofton
David Hawthorne
Jarius Byrd
Zach Strief
Aubrayo Franklin**
Shaun Rogers**
Olin Kreutz
Among Others...

Like to bring up the Franklin, Rogers signings; why did we sign two 34 Nose Tackles when we had a 43 defense?!?

And to take that a step further, why did we invest two draft picks to move up to get John Jenkins and not draft, sign 34 linebackers?!?

And this moving up to get players crap...Did we not learn from Atlanta's gaffe to move up and get Julio Jones?!?

Yes, they have a great player, but the had multiple holes on their roster as we have...

Absolutely love Brandin Cooks - his ability, attitude, maturity, hands...

But we could also have had Kelvin Benjamin or Jordan Matthews and still had a third round pick to get a quality linebacker...

Why get a 34 scheme coach with mediocre success and provide him with a NT that took two picks to get and sign an undersized 43 DE who can only pass rush to a gross overpay...

Just because Coach wants him doesn't mean you sign him...

A Good GM would know

1) Talent

2) Wise Cap Management

3) Consistent Roster Philosophy

Changes MUST Be Made and I'd start with a New GM who's got a better take on talent than just FA running backs and occasional opportune defensive backs...

Will we ever learn? Never let it come down to the officiating...

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Re: Should heads roll?

In a way its like 2005 where we were helpless.
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Re: Should heads roll?

Originally Posted by WillSaints81 View Post
In a way its like 2005 where we were helpless.

More like 07 and 08. We had some high hopes those years but failed to deliver big time. Payton will find his scapegoat again and next year we will have a new DC as the cycle repeats itself over and over. Drafting bad players and blaming the DC for the job... but guess what, vitt and mc**** have been here the whole time and still get a pay check. ..
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