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Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Just seeing what you guys thought of it, the good ,the bad, and the Falcons....

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Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

Just seeing what you guys thought of it, the good ,the bad, and the Falcons.
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

Im intrigued about the draft.
Looks solid rather than splashy and when rebuilding thats the better option.

I do wonder if Anthony would have been there at R2 and Kikaha*in R3. I dont mind reaching a bit if its the player you want though.

Grayson was the only question mark for me though i understand the pick.

Would have been intetesting if the Browns and Colts not selected Shelton and Dorsett as i have a feeling that was the two we wanted.
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

The good : I think we got a bunch of good, solid, safe football players. We addressed all our areas of need with quality football players. Nothing really to complain about.

The bad: The presumed lack of a high ceilings imo. None really standout as a homerun superstar type. With that said, you don't need a team full of superstars to win either. We have two players drafted that's been compared to Andre Whitworth and Kyle Williams... two underrated stars in this league.

The Falcons: I thought they did a really good for the most part. Dan Quinn is the new head coach there so they're going to want to play good defense and run the football. Three guys they drafted on defense provided value and should be able to contribute immediately. Tevin Coleman was an explosive player in college and was highly thought of in the draft. The one big fail they did have was not addressing OL early enough. Their line was atrocious last year and they haven't done much to address it. And if Dan Quinn is going to bring a Seattle Seahawk type football down to Atlanta, you know it all starts up front on both sides of the ball.

Atlanta can't offer anything anyone else can to La'el Collins but if I were them, and if he's cleared of any wrong doing, I would just give him a phone call and send him over a contract... I'd fly someone down to Baton Rouge and start recruiting him like a 5 star athlete coming out of high school.
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

Needed to protect Drew better. Needed to improve defense. And we did what we could to get what we could elsewhere. We likely need another draft to improve as much as we all wanted to, but it may be sufficient enough for this year, provided of course picks come through.

FailClowns still suck!

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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

Originally Posted by SmashMouth View Post
Needed to protect Drew better. Needed to improve defense. And we did what we could to get what we could elsewhere. We likely need another draft to improve as much as we all wanted to, but it may be sufficient enough for this year, provided of course picks come through.
I agree. I like the fact that we're going into next offseason with a better cap situation to hopefully land a couple of big FA signings in areas that are needed following this year. But I am pretty satisfied with our draft picks and I do believe we'll win our division this year. The future of our team is shaping up nicely.
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

Andrus Peat - understand the value butttttt Parker was tempting

Stephone Anthony - Rumors were all true. the saints love this kid

Hau'oli Kikaha - Talent is there but injury history really worries me

Garrett Grayson - This SP man all the way what can you really say

P.J. Williams - RD3? this one had me out of my seat dancing. Round 2 i would have been not so happy. but RD3? sold.

Davis Tull - Mr. Curiosity in my book

Tyeler Davison - Fire plug on the inside ok i can see it

Damian Swann - this replaced Andrus Peat has my number 1 head scratcher of the draft. i like the kid in the next round or two and have talked about him but to trade up and get him in the 5th was a shocker. Charles Gains is on the board still and lasted till after we were to pick in 6th to the Browns. so the Charles Gains vs Damian Swann watch is on for me. worse use of a pick, well PICKS, in the draft by the saints in 2015? this one could be that pick without a doubt, ok Swann is the better tackler i will give him that

Marcus Murphy - he wins my most interesting pick. this one came out of no where for me. A friend that is a huge Mizzo fan say he has that something special thing about his game that made fans stand when ever he touched the ball. A big play just waiting to happen despite the fact when you looked at him you would never think he was anything special. he has that special 6th sense when he plays to make things happen.

- after gutting the pass game i am still shocked that saints did not add 1 WR in the draft. Shocked. teams will now jam the line till we can prove that our 3rd 4th and 5th WR are anything to worry about. Our track history over the past few years depth wise has not been that good. I just think it made the emphasis on the running game that much difficult. My wild card is Morgan. I am hoping they dumped him to heal and planned to have him back all along in 2016

- the saints do not have a true #2 CB on the roster to start on opening day IMO. so i am hoping for a huge surprise in camp. Nickle dime looks good.
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

I say the grade is INCOMPLETE.

They have a lot of info and interviews with these guys that we do not have access to. They have a vision for these players that we do not know what it is yet. THese guys also haven't played a down in the NFL and I don't see how you can grade them an A now and then come game day none of them are on the roster...
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

With Armstead injured and Strief old, I get the OT pick. He will be a future starter for sure. But, with the 13 pick, the Saints could have got a starter NOW at a NEED position. Parker, Johnson, and Dupree come to mind.

Anthony was their guy and he fills a need.

Hau'oli has the talent but the injuries are not good.

Grayson was a waste. Could have had Coates. True playmaker with size at a need position.

Williams looks to be a steal. Great value. Florida St players with baggage concerns me though.

Tull was a steal as well. True football player.

Davidson and Swann should make the team. TE James would have been nice with either pick.

Murphy could be the returner the Saints have long needed. Good pick. But, McBride at WR would have been a steal.
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

Our first round selection of Andrus Peat with pick 13 will be the kind of pick that grows on you when he's still our left tackle - ten years from now with all the accolades and honors in tow...

Maybe it's just not having quality linebackers for so long that clouded my viewpoint, but getting the best inside linebacker in the draft from Clemson in Stephone Anthony with pick 31 will be more than justified...

If Washington OLB Hau'oli Kikaha was a slight reach, it will be among the slightest as there were greater reaches by most teams in the second. But the need to draft a proven passrusher was at critical mass for the front office...

The theme for this draft will be Stealing and taking QB Garrett Grayson of Colorado State will be a delayed gratification pick when Drew Brees comes to the end of his contract the following season...

Speaking of stealing, we got a NCAA National Championship MVP in the third round who did as much with three interceptions in that game; getting CB P.J. Williams, who should start immediately at the nickel, so he can start stealing some pick sixes was a wow moment...

There were some nice values to be had in the fourth round and was disappointed the Saints stood pat there; we had expendable depth on the roster (i.e. safety) at this point and we did nothing...

Now when the fifth rolled around, it was flat-out looting when Tennessee-Chattanooga OLB Davis Tull was still there; every bit as a physical talent as the best OLB in the draft fell because of injury during draft eval process...

Value big screens and even valuable defenders were still there when we took Buck-Strong NT Tyeler Davison from Fresno State who will make the NT rotation tremendous for our 3-4 front...

Jeff Ireland must have taken a pi$$ break and Sean Mickey regressed and moved up to pick another CB Damian Swann, who has limited range and will be a dime defender at best, with Tight End Need/Value there as well as Mich State's ILB Taiwan Jones, just didn't see the need to move up giving up both the 2015 and 2016 6th round picks...

Round seven and the final steal, pick in RB Marcus Murphy should keep what was already a good RB corps even better and honest as the competition there should fire that group up for the regular season...

While it wasn't a perfect draft and we really need three (3) years to truly evaluate it, this has been one of the best managed, quality drafts under Coach Payton's tenure and a solid showing for Saints first year Scouting Director Jeff Ireland...
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Re: Soliciting draft evaluations from the BlackandGold

2015 Draft Pick Criteria...

Non-stop motor
Leader on and off field
High football IQ
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