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Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Starting to think it is less than a player issue and more of an organization and FO issue. You have an owner who is being sued by his heirs for ownership of the organization. The future of the Saints in ...

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Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

Starting to think it is less than a player issue and more of an organization and FO issue. You have an owner who is being sued by his heirs for ownership of the organization. The future of the Saints in NOLA is questionable weather we want to admit it or not. Loomis being extremely irresponsible with Bensons money does not help his case any. It makes him look like he really might be at the point where he cannot conduct his own business because of his age.I think its bull**** and an old man should be able to do whatever he wants with his money and property no matter what. Up to and including giving it to hookers to wipe their asses with.

Salary cap issues are killing us and there is not much end in sight. Payton seems to have lost it and I think Brees has kind of lost his faith in Payton. Its not every day that a QB even of Brees stature will audible a two point conversion play called by a coach. Something is wrong, I could hear it in Brees voice today during an interview. In the past he had a upbeat and overall jovial personallity EVEN during bad years. Today he just seemed tired and frustrated.Eveything he said was rehearsed and fodder. I think he sees something in Payton that we do not.
I think there is an elephant in the room and people are walking on eggshells

The players are actually improving, which I am fine with. Its better than last year. Last year we just sucked and we werent going to get any better. At least this year we may be able to get to watch the team grow.

We have a QB aging and a coach who we all know wont be around long after, if he even lasts that long. Who is going to want to come in and coach in this nightmare environment? No QB, no cap space to get one, and a franchise with an owner in court battle with an unsure future.

A couple of years ago New Orleans would have been on the top of any coaches list. We probably could have had anyone we wanted not that we needed them, Im not saying that at all, but it looked like the franchise was going to be in great shape for years to come. It looked like we would be a franchise that a former successful head coach would want to be a part of. Now we probably couldnt get a position coach to take the head coaching job.

Anyway hope all is well, but something aint right with the FO
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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

So many threads. So little time.

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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

First, this team isn't going anywhere; that's not denial, that's based on the hard work Paul Tagliabue put in to make sure the Saints were woven into the fabric of the Gulf Coast and its recovered identity...

Second, Loomis/Payton has gotten a pass on some disappointing seasons (including the BountyGate Debacle which would have gotten other people fired) because Payton delivered the unthinkable to Saints Nation...

Third, the one strength Loomis has had was keeping us in a flexible salary cap situation; obviously with some elite talent he's been unable to keep what was a strong core intact because of failed foresight on his part; also, he's become a rubberstamp for Payton's personnel request...

Fourth, as relates to the third, while you do have to give your head coach the reigns to lead the team, enough time has passed and with annual evaluations and assessments, Payton, loyal to a fault, has kept coaches that Loomis, as General Manager, should have insisted be replaced for failure to properly assess and develop talent...

Finally, we now have a stronger personality in the personnel role who will be able to "check" Payton which should help resolve what we are currently experiencing...

Unfortunately, what happened last season and what we are starting to arc out of was set in motion since the year after our Superbowl Championship...
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Will we ever learn? Never let it come down to the officiating...
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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

I haven't listened to a Brees press conference in years because everything he said sounded rehearsed and full of cliches to the point where I could see players would start to tune him out
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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

I don't agree with your assessment that no coach would want to coach here. They kept finding coachs for the Raiders when Al Davis was near his end and looney as hell. This is not the case here. We are still a good organization that has made some questionable choices as to contracts lately.

As to your point on Drew, I think you are reading to much into it. IMO I think he sounds beat because of his injury. He is a warrior and wants to play no matter what but I think his arm hurts more than he is letting on and he knows that he can't make the throws that are necessary. In the back of his mind, he knows he is gonna have to possibly sit out this week and its killing him.
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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

We are a hot mess!
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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

It is all about 2017 and 2018! Objective is simple. Have a solid field of young up with up and coming players and a budget wide open to sign the key FAs needed to get this team one last run. We better hope the draft of 2015 is successful and our luck has changed. The drafts of 2016 and 2017 will be huge to the future of this club.

To start another push with Drew would be nice. If not tanking and drafting a true franchise type of QB would not be so bad. Actually in the big picture the timing would almost be perfect.

Ok back to today's crucifixion of Drew and SP.

Granted the Jr deal was screwed up and then to cut him doubly screwed us up. Payton should have trusted his gut, if the reported stories of him not being happy with Jr and just let him walk. That really put the cap on the front page and effected the field of play. 25% of of lost cap is to much for any team to deal with.

The Bird and Jr contracts were just to risky to begin with. Funny how almost every major issue with players come from the defensive side of the ball. Kinda makes one wonder who got there way in the decision making. cough cough Rob cough cough

As for the offense? another year of rolling the dice along the OL. This year Tim gets the hot seat. Then you have age setting in on the right side. Add to a constant rotation at WR the past few years and the loss of Jimmy how can you not feel for Drew. Inconsistency in receivers and an OL that is demising is a lot to handle. Then the pressure of having to put points on the board with every possession on top of all of that no wonder why people are picking him apart in he press. How can you judge a man when his supporting cast is shell of what it use to be?

As for SP see the reasons reread the reasons Drew.

Now the draft has been hosed and that is a another can of worms all together. Since bounty gate this has slowly fallen apart.

Gregg Williams is missed and the saints have not found anyone since. Who knew the loss of Williams would have this kind of impact on the team. It is safe to bet if he stayed more than one banner would be in the dome today. Please stop trying to build a defense at the expense of the offense. It has been a waste of time since Williams left. SP search so far is in vain. No one has come close to measuring up to Williams and the patch work defenses he was able to field.

Drew is not the main issue in the big picture to windows closing all around the saints.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins

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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

i think we have play that stinks up the frigan joint with 0 energy. Stinking up the joint.
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Re: Another theory about whats wrong with Saints

I used to think it wasn't coaches, Loomis or Payton.

Now I'm thinking it's coaches, Loomis and Payton.
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