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Saints - Scared to take a shot?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; No need for me to respond. Kelley and GT hammered it out nicely. Good go guys. :thumbsup:...

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Saints - Scared to take a shot?

No need for me to respond. Kelley and GT hammered it out nicely. Good go guys. :thumbsup:
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Saints - Scared to take a shot?

No need for me to respond. Kelley and GT hammered it out nicely. Good go guys. :thumbsup:
Well, I\'ll respond. What the problem is and remains, is that Loomis is a fool. Yes, he got burned on Sullivan. I don\'t know about T-Jones, because he did much better with the addition of McKenzie. Also, remember that he came into a system that Albert Einstein couldn\'t figure out in mid season. Everyone here agrees that playing for Venturi is difficult, at best.

What I have continued to harp, rant, gripe, and shout about, most of you ignore. The problem with this organization RIGHT NOW is that Mickey \"Cap Room\" Loomis is incompetent. He doesn\'t understand FOOTBALL operations, he understands contract negotiations. He may be a genius as a cap or contract man, but running the entire show is beyond his capabilities.

He\'s also proved that he is ChickenS--t in his statements last year about Hazlett. He bailed on the organization and the coaching staff with his remarks while protecting his own job. I\'d bet that Bill Polian, Charley Casserly, Rich McKay, or Scott Pioli wouldn\'t have pulled a stunt like that. Face it, the problems start at the top.

Whodi, you are pulling your hair out over us not getting ANY quality player. Why are you surprized? Who Dat hit the nail on the head. The FO is AFRAID to pull the trigger on FA\'s, because they don\'t want to threaten their jobs. The same thing is true with Leon. Big bucks for poor performance. :casstet:
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Saints - Scared to take a shot?

well, if you\'re gonna phrase it as you did, i\'d like to see the numbers new england spent compared to ours..........i usually don\'t ask for #\'s , but would be interested to see.....don\'t you think it\'s wise to back off and take your time even though the multi-million dollar players slip through? think about it.....
anything could happen, and i meam anything........are they a player(fa) who will play through injuries as howard would? or will they be a bench warmer if they break a nail? you have to look at total history and even then, it\'s not a sure thing...
SCARED? cautious would be a better word......
but, that is my opinion.........
i think if we start by putting a pacifier in brooks mouth, that may calm him down, but again, my opinion....smitty
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Saints - Scared to take a shot?

I dunno if this has been said, because there has been alot of nice arguements, but don\'t you think free agents are wary of coming here? I mean, in the past couple of years we have had some guys leave with a bang (Ricky, Turley) so wouldn\'t they be catious to come here?
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