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Aaron Brooks vs. Jake Delhomme

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; the explosion usually happens before 71 games started nate. you\'ll find others here that enjoy debating about him more than i. i do think one thing you said is very true. is arm IS killer and the laser passes do ...

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Aaron Brooks vs. Jake Delhomme

the explosion usually happens before 71 games started nate. you\'ll find others here that enjoy debating about him more than i. i do think one thing you said is very true. is arm IS killer and the laser passes do go ALL OVER the field, especially at critical moments. i\'m trying to think of the biggest slowest slug qb in the league... let\'s say vinny t. give him some time and he will pick most any defense apart too. that is what being a nfl qb is about. it is when you do not have time and it is gut check time that makes the diff. and a little inconsistent?!? phew, i need someone else to step in on that one. i\'m not a basher nate, i hope for the best as long as he is here. hope is a desire of something you haven\'t yet attained no matter how unreasonable. i do not have faith that he will lead the team to a level of excellence. faith is a conviction that a desire will come based on confidence.
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Aaron Brooks vs. Jake Delhomme

He is a little inconsistant and thats my only knock on him. Every thing else is killer so i dont see how anybody thinks im saying cheer for subpar players. Like i said before he\'s very durable, td to int is killer, 3500+yds every year, his arm is killer, throws laser passes all over the field + killer deep balls. If you give him some time he will pick most any Defense apart. So again i dont see AB as a subpar QB, I see him as elite QB getting ready to explode.
I for one think he has killer potential (I am not going to argue about your a little inconsistent at times statement - let me just say I disagree with your choice of the adjective little -- I am a little more jaded than you because the last 2 years I have been hearing this is his year to explode -- I am hoping it is this year but will respectfully wait and see -- finally -- no one (at least not I) am saying you are rooting for a sub par player -- nor would I argue with you if you did -- I believe the argument is that some posters will not admit that AB doesn\'t walk on water -- turn water into wine etc. I think someone posted the best response -- most on this forum really hope AB turns into the kind of QB he has the potential to be --

\"I have a photographic memory -- I just don\'t have any film.\"
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Aaron Brooks vs. Jake Delhomme

Nit-Picking? Hardly. Mincing words? Which word(s) am I mincing? I\'m pointing out that you readily give Jake, Carolina, or any other team the benefit of the doubt...consistantly, but when it comes to Brooks and the Saints (other than Horn and Deuce) you categorically NEVER do. Hey Whodat, the Saints NEARLY made the playoffs last year, and they had to win their last 4 games to do it...does that count? LMAO
Of course it counts. When have I said it doesn\'t?

The post that I made from which you are nit-pciking put forth a theory that many teams perform much like their QBs. I used the Colts and Bucs...

I also used the Saints. I said that Carolina seems to play with grit and heart. They aren\'t the most talented, but they\'re scrappy and all play their role. Do you disagree with that statement?

The Saints are more talented and less consistent. They squander talent and opportunities and shoot themselves in the foot with boneheaded play after boneheaded play. Do you disagree with that?

I\'ve also said that each team is a reflection of it\'s QB? Do you disagree that Jake is the scrappy fiery underdog and that Brooks is the more talented less consistent player?

See - you cannot realistically argue those statements, so you focus on a single sentence, apply it to a different context, and suggest I\'m biased.

You think I give other teams credit? Other teams that make the playoffs and Super Bowl? Yeah, well, maybe that\'s b/c I think certain people do more than enough to make excuses for the Saints. Just check my sig. and tell me it\'s not so.

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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