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If you sit in the Superdome as high as I do,

Nose Bleed Section at Critical Mass!

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Posted 10-06-2007 at 12:27 PM by Halo

This is the first blog for my team in the nose-bleed section. I've owned season tickets now for 4 years, been going to the games all my life and my father was a charter season ticket holder (somebody in the family still owns those seats- or maybe I still imagine they do).

The Terrace of the Superdome was again filled with colorful characters and the excitement was charged with the smell of football, nachos, and booze. Dome Foam has a special odor, especially when it's mixed with fresh Dome Foam and older, stale Dome Foam. The concoction turns on this switch in my head that says "it's time for football."

The two game losing skid took everyone by surprise. The Saints were a team predicted to surpass last season's success and make it to the Superbowl.

So what the hell happened?

Why have our boys fallen? Let's take a quick look at this.

Some have reasoned that offseason moves caused the opening collapse. For example, replacing longtime kicker John Carney with former Miami Kicker Olindo Mare' (who has a booming leg which is great for kickoffs). Also some believe sending Joe Horn packing for Atlanta hurt the locker room atmosphere.

Another theory is... well MONEY. The all loving, all hating evil of money. The story goes like this: following the success of the Saints in 2006, players got bonuses and long term agreements making them less hungry than last year.

While another offseason blunderous theory was the drafting of Robert Meeeeechum (spelled something like that) who was timid in pre-season and has warmed the bench or remained inactive all season.

My personal theory swirls around the offensive line, which is mostly unchanged from last season, that has allow QB Drew Brees to be hurried countless times this year, and sacked more than the groceries I made last night at the WD. (I still LOVE Winn Dixie- and now they have their own cheap WD brand stuff- we'll talk about that later)

Let's make this short because I gotta drive from Uptown, drop my dog off at the vet for a stay and then head to the LSU football game. (I'm late as usual)...

it's a combination of them all with emphasis on the offensive line playing like a fart married to a garbage can lid.

The offseason moves did SUCK, but who'd-of-THUNK-it? Can we blame Mr. Loomis? I don't think one person is to blame because I think all offseasons are crap-shoots. The kicker thing is not the problem, if anything missing a field goal hasn't contributed to any of the lopsided loses, and at least the ball gets into the end-zone on kickoffs rather than planting in the hands of a return specialist on the 10 yard line.

Ok Joe Horn is a Falcon... so what? I mean how much has he played in recent years to make an impact and when has his locker room behavior been known as anything less than sketchy? Great guy, very emotional, has a heart of black and gold, but did he make Willie Roaf's baby? And haven't some said it wasn't a big loss with him gone? HMMM, I dunno.

As for theories of voodoo and stuff like that, I think they need to resurrect that body of the NFC Championship, otherwise I don't believe in sucky things like luck and all. That stuff will get you into that funk between ADHD and that OCD thing, and I don't need anymore pills for chriss-sakes!!.

Winning this weekend is a MUST because the nature of my immediate brainstorm about a the nose-bleed blog may change drastically. If we win, so do the playoffs live; if we lose, we can talk about beer and random people telling me about their pork worms.

If the Saints lose to Carolina, you can mark my words, they ARE DONE, and there's NO HOPE of making the playoffs. Funny thing is I'm cool with that.


Because playing hide and seek in the Dome, getting drunk and talking about the movie I saw the other night with complete strangers can be downright fun. New Orleans is a great place, and the people are super friendly.

BUT don't get me wrong, THE NOSE-BLEED SECTION IS AT A CRITICAL MASS already because I'd rather talk about our next opponent, or the foe at hand.
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    WhoDat205's Avatar
    So is the season still over?
    Posted 10-17-2007 at 01:17 PM by WhoDat205 WhoDat205 is offline

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    andersen's Avatar
    $7.00 beers hurt, though.
    Posted 10-19-2007 at 09:13 AM by andersen andersen is offline
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    AlaskaSaints's Avatar
    If it was at critical mass then, I can't imagine it now, Halo!

    Great blog.

    Posted 09-28-2011 at 12:51 AM by AlaskaSaints AlaskaSaints is offline
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