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Where's Saintz08?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saintsfan , I am willing to let you off the hook in some sense , that instride fly and bye thought may be too much . Here is the other thought : I am willing to settle for some sort ...

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Where's Saintz08?

Saintsfan ,

I am willing to let you off the hook in some sense , that instride fly and bye thought may be too much .

Here is the other thought : I am willing to settle for some sort of measure of crow , if Brooks does not punk out when cousin Vick is on the same field as him .

I am losing my taste for Dirty Bird .........
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Where's Saintz08?

if you go back on ashley\'s talk about playing the saints when he was in atlanta, you hafta believe they pulled out all the tricks when they played us......and if the defense had come through, it may have been a different ball game......this yr i feel they\'ll just be trying to stay with us because we\'ll manhandle em......once we ring vicks bell a few times you can turn out the light,,,the parties over.......and we will ring his bell.......smitty
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Where's Saintz08?

Dirty Bird trash talk.

Thursday August 07, 2003 10:08 PM

more explosive- saints
more dangerous- saints
better for possesion- falcons
more weapons- tie
better weapons- falcons

overall- close, but i gotta say falcons

Panthers----- 71-0-----11-5 record all-time
Saints-----13 out of the last 16-----40-27 all-time record. You call that a rivalry?
Bucs-----0-26-----welcome to the south

\"come across the middle, 27 gon\' knock ur head off\"

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Thursday August 07, 2003 10:11 PM

ok here ya go, son:

Aaron Brooks vs. Mike Vick: We are driving a Caddy, you all are fixin\' a Ford !!!!

Ernie Conwell vs. Alge Crumpler: Come on, on Sesame Street be honest, Crumpalupagus was the shizzle, Ernie looked like he liked Burt alittle too much!!

Joe Horn vs. Peerless Price: Price beats this idiot just on class ; a little like comparing a ladies man to a pimp....it dont mix

Duece McAlister vs. Warrick Dunn: Duece is duece, and he gets his props for all those yards and stuff...but I\'ll stick with Dunn, he knows how to win...ask FSU..oh, and tell duece to use some stick\'um

James Fenderson (LMFAO!!) vs. T.J. Duckett: Where the hell did you get this clown? And where the hell did he get that FREAKIN\' name? Damn right the Diesel would bend Mr. Freddy\'s Fender if they ever collided!!!

Wayne (Who the F) Gandy? vs. Bob Whitfield: I will take One eye any day over somebody named \"gandy\"....LMFAOROTFF!!!!

Dale Carter vs. Tyrone \"the TOOTH\" Williams: Sorry son, Carter\'s time would be better spent @ the Stop & Go; maybe he could run fast enough to catch a glipse of the old guy that didn\'t pay for his gas.....The Tooth? well, we will see what we will see....

Now that was just a snippet, go eat some cokroaches...er crawdads and come back for some more school..er...I mean opinion

\"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn\'t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.\" - George S. Patton
On another note, I\'ll take a bite of that crow 08. - Saintfan
Brooks is a moron!! - Halo
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Where's Saintz08?

Yeah I read this on that site. I don\'t know if anyone watched NFL Live last night, but Bryan Cox said the saints would win the NFC South, and said the defense is much improved. He also said that the falcons defense was overrated and that Keith Brookings was overrated also. He later said that Brooks was hurt last season and that he shouldn\'t have been on the field. He said Tebucky was on of the top 3-safties in the league.

All of this was very upsetting to Falcons Fans of course. I went to a Falcons site and dropped a few lines in to get their reaction about the Saints and I can tell you they are worried about all the weapons we have on offense and they think our defense is improved.
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Where's Saintz08?

The most important preseason Falcons news is , Vick making the cover of the new Madden game . The Madden curse continues on ..........
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Where's Saintz08?

Yea the dirty-chickens over-reactions and pathetic gradescholl reaches and insults remind me of a great quote.
\"Methinks thou protesteth too much\"

Its pretty obvious for those intelligent enough to read between the lines that they are extremely worried about us.
They know if it weren\'t for two horrible officiating calls they would have lost both games to us.

Vick\'s weaknesses were exposed late (thanks bucs). We all know how to beat him now.

The Bucs stayed the same,
The Falcons improved slightly if any,
The Panthers improved a lot (Del Rio\'s loss will be noticed though)
The Saints improved immensely (more that all 3 of the above combined)

Falcons won\'t win 9 games, and they know it.

Whether we agree or disagree; its all for Him.
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