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Harper on the decline?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 2 out of the 3 passes that I remember directed at him were on the money and wasn't going to be defended by pretty much anybody.My main complaint is all of the picks he's done dropped!He could've had a pick ...

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2 out of the 3 passes that I remember directed at him were on the money and wasn't going to be defended by pretty much anybody.My main complaint is all of the picks he's done dropped!He could've had a pick six in this last game!(As long as S.Bradford wasn't hot on his trail) The secondary will "be-gellin" soon.Where was the help underneath?As long as he keeps delivering bone jarring hits on opposing QB's I'm good!Sic em' HARPER!

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I think Gregg Williams summed it up. Harper had 2 really bad plays and so did everyone else on the defense. Harper has a lot of steady and capable plays. Green Bay just had too many weapons for us to deal with and some of the ones they made the perfect play indefensible.

Harper and Jenkins is a very good tandem. I don't think we could do better with anyone available. We need to play the cards we were dealt and I am sure we will be singing his praises at times this year.
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Wasn't Harper playing with a broken hand?
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I like Roman Harper, but I don't know why we can't have someone else on the field, Sharper, in obvious passing situations. I was listening to Fox and Company the other day and they said that since Harper was caught from behind by Bradford, he hasn't been the same guy. I think other defenses know just how slow he is now and are going to take advantage of it.
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Originally Posted by NinthWardJay View Post
Wasn't Harper playing with a broken hand?

Yeah that was exactly what I was thinking also. Harper had good coverage on couple of the throws - like already mentioned - and I can't blame the guy for not making a pick 6 with a broken hand.

Rodgers placed the ball really well on almost all of his throws, which made the Saints' secondary seem more vulnerable than it probably was. Also, I think Greer made some nice plays as well, forcing a 3 and out, so it's not all as gloomy as we might want to think now.

When discussing the point of whether Harper or Sharper would be better... I have to say Harper 100% because I have no glue as to what Sharper is capable of today. But if someone has f.e. info on his training sessions with the Patriots that points to him being at least close to the 2009 form than I'd be happy if the Saints brought him along. But, in any case, he'd backup Jenkins and not start as the SS.

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On subject of thread:

I been sayin'...!!!!!!

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Harper = Beast

Gtfo haters.
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I thought Harper was right on his man even on the completions. Tight coverage and perfect throws. We're beating the dead horse on this over and over. We can throw all sorts of numbers out there showing his a solid in coverage, his accolades, what our coaches have said about how much he means to our team, yadda yadda yadda... it's all for naught.

One of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of Roman Harper is Seattle. And from there, generalizations are made. The man could have a sack, a FF, and a couple of batted balls but if a TE caught a few passes on him... that's what they're going to focus on. He's in a no win situation when it comes to our fanbase.

I think I'm going to go back and book mark a few Harper threads and just bump it every single week. It'll save us all a lot of time as it's becoming a broken record. Everything has been said... over and over.
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The play on the possible pick 6 he didn't look back soon enough,but he was in great position to get the pick in a perfect world;It wasn't that close actually.He had to brace his fall all game with that broken hand too.That would have to hurt more than catching a football!
I just wish he had softer hands thats all.

Maybe this is the year they finally soften up!

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Just some observations, watch the marks at -

1:49 Rodgers to Finley with coverage by he who shall not be named

1:57 Rodgers to Cobb with coverage by wait, wait, wait for it

2:36 Starks drags a person of interests into the end zone

5:20 Rodgers is finally sacked by Junyah as the blitzer seems unable to bring the QB down on his own; referees who generally are proactive to protect the QB with the "in the grasp" call weren't convinced either until Junyah closed the deal...

5:50 Graham shows the fire that the Defense seemed to lack
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