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I can not give up. It's just not in me.

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Posted 10-21-2008 at 10:44 AM by SapperSaint

I have seen way too many "The season is over" post, and I just can't take it anymore.

Guys and Gals we are Saints fans. Some of the other teams have claimed that they are the best and most loyal fans in the NFL, but I greatly disagree.

Our (The Fans) biggest problem is that we know, WE KNOW, this team is close to being the best team we have ever had. A few more players in some much needed holes and this dream of ours will come true. We always find something or someone to complain about. It all boils down to this....we as fans have relentlessly waited, prayed to every deity, even some here have been willing to sell thier souls to finally, FINALLY see and live in the time when our team is the best. When we no longer are considered jokes of the NFL for continusly cheer and support the Saints. To live the day when we can hold our heads high and say..."I TOLD YOU SO!".

Other people do not see the Saints the way we do. This team has a history, a very long history as lossers, jokes, bums, and my favorite to hear..."Same ole sorry a$$ Saints".

Here are some reason I can not give up on this team....

(1.) When I was born ('72) I was birthed into loving three things; 1. The Atlanta Braves 2. The LSU Tigers and 3. The New Orleans Saints.

As many of you should know that is a long list of lossing years. However, the Braves were the first to give me a glimpse as to what the feeling of victory tasted like. (Yes, I know I used two types of senses to discribe that.)

In 1990 they made it to the World Series, they lost to the twins. The next year they made it back....and lost to the Blue Jays. But then after waiting years 1995 brought me my first championship team. The Braves beat the Indians. Sid Breams slide at home will always be in my memory.

(2.) LSU, LSU, LS..WHO? I was not alive when the Tigers won in 1958 beating Clemson, I remember SEC Championships from 86,88, then the long wait til we won in 2001. But still no National Championship. Then 2003, The magical season when LSU would bring me my second championship by beating Oklahoma, then giving me a third last year by beating Ohio State.

I couldn't belive I could wear my LSU hat's, shirt's and jacket's, FINALLY with pride and National respect.

Then there is the Saints......

(3.) The New Orleans Saints. Archie, Bobby, Dalton, the Dome Patrol, Bum, Mora, Ditka, Hasslett. I remeber them all well. A little too well, if you know what I mean. I don't need to sit here and qoute games to you people, you remeber every heart breaking loss just like I do.

We also remember the Saints making it to the NFC Championship game. The game I sometimes wish I would have never seen. "What!?!?" some of you may be saying...Yes, I wish it would have never happened. I was content in my misery of Saintshood. Comfortable, I should really say. I was happy with the Division titles we had won. As many of you were. But when they made it the NFC game, all bets were off.

With the Saints going to the NFC game our minds changed. We woke up and said, "HolyCrap! We can make it to THE SUPER BOWL!" and that changed to.."We WIN THE SUPER BOWL", and that has changed to.."WHY HAVE WE NOT WON A SUPER BOWL!"

Don't get me wrong, I want us to win. I want us to win a Super Bowl. But I don't want us to change the way we love this team. This season is not dead, it's not over. And yes, I will still cuss after every bad play, but I will not give up on this team.

I remember my first game in the dome and seeing everyone with bags on thier heads and I asked my dad;"Why do those people have those bags?" "Because the Saints suck, son",he replied. I then asked him, "Well why do we root for them?" "Because son, just because."

That is a hell of a statement if you ask me. "Because son, just because." I can't tell any of you why much less my own children why I root for this team. I can even tell you why I love this team other than "Because guys, just beacuse."
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    hagan714's Avatar
    Nicely put. They are like a strange marriage. Each person feeding of the other. For the good and the bad.
    I sold those paper bags at the dome as a kid. But I never wore one. I thought it was disrespectful to the team. But a buck was a buck. Idiots spent a $1.50 on a 5 Cent bag and that included the maker and the time to make it. Looking back on it now it also tells alot about the type of fans we had then and well still do.
    Booing seems to in fashion. I was brought up it was something negative you did to the refs and the opposing teams. If your team is struggling it was up to the fans to help the team as best as they could to turn things around. Cheering them to victory no matter what. Yep I sound like a RUDDY movie I know but that is what a fan is all about. The 12th man lifts the teams spirit in times of need. Booing at the drop of a hat makes wonder why these people even come to the games. Are they there out of love for the team or because having tickets is in fashion? I am going with fashion. Most will be the first let there season tickets go when the team heads south. You know those fans with a bag on their heads back then were probably better fans than most of the Boo birds we have today.
    Nice blog Sapper.
    Posted 10-22-2008 at 03:08 AM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline

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    Well I am so glad to hear that from you. I too no matter what people think of our guys in Black N Gold I will always have faith in them. Yeah sure I get dissapointed in them but don't we have a right too? I love them and I have my white nissan Sentra covered in New Orleans Saints. Yes thats right I call it my Saqints mobile and is very proud to sport that baby around. Go check out myspace page my name is carlene duet you'll see with your own eyes.
    Posted 10-29-2008 at 07:37 PM by saintsfan211 saintsfan211 is offline
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    BushizaBeast's Avatar
    Hey I cannot not give up either. I really think I bleed black and gold! I get so angry at them but I say ok but next week they just have to do better. And it goes the same for next week. Go figure haha. I happen to have a Saints mobile and to be not a true Saints fan I would of never did what i did to my new car. As soon as I download those pics you will see how truthful I am. If you cannot wait go to myspace and punch in Carlene Duet and you will see it for yourself but people don't ever give up on something just because they're down.
    Posted 12-01-2008 at 07:06 PM by BushizaBeast BushizaBeast is offline
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