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Epic Lions 'fail', Mike Florio and 'yellow' journalism

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Posted 03-21-2012 at 07:38 AM by SloMotion

So, I see this article posted up on B&G. That's one of the things I like about the Black & Gold, they do a lot of my legwork and bring the news to right to ya', no need to spend too much time surfing other sites. Personal thanks to WhoDat!656 for birddogging this little gem, just another reason to dislike Mike Florio. That's right, Mike Florio, WhoDat Nation knows him well.

David Hawthorne may not be happy when he gets to Detroit | ProFootballTalk

In the article, as usual, Florio writes a lot, but he doesn't really say anything. No substance, no real opinion, no real research in order to come up with a report on anything of value. After reading numerous articles of his posted up here on B&G, I came to the conclusion it must have been a slow news day, nothing going on with 'Bountygate', everyone else was blogging about Peyton Manning and 'Hawthornegate' was the only sensationalistic print ol' Mike could come up on short notice. Gotta' get that blog out there every day, gotta' make deadline ... it's quantity over quality.

I looked at the Lions offseason thus far, and upon further review, found they get a passing grade. 21 of 22 starters from their 10-6 season are returning, Eric Wright being the only F/A they didn't get signed. Wright is arguably one of the worst corners in the league, no big loss there. They locked down Megatron, signed Stephen Tulloch, franchised Cliff Avril and improved their cap space. All important priorities if this team is to move forward. They said they weren't going to be active in the F/A market and they haven't been. They have a plan, and they're sticking to it. No 'fail' there. If anything, the Lions are a lot like the Saints at this point. They have yet to address some deficiencies, but they haven't taken any steps backward.

Drawing straws? Come on, Mike. This is a professional organization of the National Football League. Tulloch was their man all along and bringing in Hawthorne was just a stop-gap measure should #55 decide to part ways with Detroit. Stuff like this happens, it's the nature of the business in the NFL. I'm sure there's not one bit of remorse over scheduling Hawthorne for a visit and then signing Tulloch while he was enroute. It's just business.

My Lions mug remains 'half-full' and I am optimistcally hopeful for the future of the franchise. I still think they need to address a linebacker position, and Hawthorne, who can play MLB/OLB would be a welcome addition besides resigning Tulloch. They need a cornerback, and that was before Tampa Bay signed Eric Wright. There is no Lions run game, so to speak, hopefully signing Joique Bell and the return of Jhavid Best & Mikel Leshoure will remedy that (though I remain concerned with Best's concussion issues, for the record).

No Mike, there wasn't any 'fail'. It's just another former basement dwelling team on the rise that you feel the need to kick back down. What are you so afraid of Florio? The Lions winning the NFC North? A Lions/Saints NFC Championship Game? A Lions SuperBowl? Are these among your greatest fears?

You've done much to ingratiate yourself with WhoDat Nation, Mr. Florio, so much that they 'voodoo doll' you, want to take you on 'hunting trips', feed you to the gators and use you as fishing bait on trot-lines. Are you trying to endear yourself to the Detroit fans as well? Bring your act to the Motor City, Mike ... no gators, no voodoo, no trot lines ... we'll just beat you down, Detroit style ... there ain't nothing like it ... and it'll hurt ... bad.

Mike Florio dogging the Lions, go figure ... must mean Detroit's doing something right. Just another thing to find in common with New Orleans & the Saints, ... thanks for letting me vent ... you may now return to your regularly scheduled program ...
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