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Bye Bye Bush (Update pg. 4)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by biloxi-indian @ProFootballTalk Reggie Bush deal with the Saints, per league source: Two years, $9.75 million. He gets $5 million in 2011. It hurts when I see these numbers. I think that was a manageable financial package for ...

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Threaded by KySaintsFan
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Originally Posted by biloxi-indian View Post

Reggie Bush deal with the Saints, per league source: Two years, $9.75 million. He gets $5 million in 2011.
It hurts when I see these numbers. I think that was a manageable financial package for the Saints to keep him.

I know it's business and I know the production wasn't there but I remember Draft Fest when we took Reggie. There were people hugging and crying like we won the Super Bowl. I have some friends in Metairie and I spent a fair share of time helping them right after Katrina. When I think of the hope Reggie brought, the energy, and the extraordinary rise in ticket sales I can't help but feel bad he's now gone.

He gave a regional team a national face and gave the Saints a popularity it had never had outside the Gulf Region at a time it needed the popularity. Reggie may not have lived up to the hype but he was the perfect draft choice for that city at that time and he was a key piece in delivering the Saints it's first Super Bowl. For that, I will always be grateful.

I'm just glad he's not only out of the Division, but out of the NFC. That way I can root for him and wish him well. The fact he put them in a position to get something for him instead of being difficult allows him to leave without putting a bitter taste in my mouth.

Thanks Reggie and good luck.
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I understand.
Money is important. Getting the biggiest contract he can find on the middle to end, more end of his career , is important.
Saints have so much to offer and no more,plus they need to buy other positions.Goodluck to him. He was a big key part of Saints historic SB win.
You always have rebulding in football due to players/coaching staff changes.
RB is going to Miami. Too bad he could have the end of his career here and a steller one if he wanted to play like the SB season or play again for his best season ever.
You have to feel a slight bit sorry for him. I know, how can anyone feel sorry for him with his millions.Playing for Miami,the media,fans, and team are expecting him to be a SB player and take them there. Only thing is he did that here, but he had something called a Drew Brees. Something called a Tracey Porter. Hmm... HC S. Payton with his G.Williams.
The timing and all the ingredients were there.
RB is going to be under so much pressure. Gottafeel a lil sorry for him.
What happened to that guy,Fujita? Yeah. RB could call him.

(I know he went to Cleve.)
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I know alot of people are going to say that Bush was probably better off within the Saints system or something like that, but tbh I simply disagree. I think Bush will probably be a lot more productive with another team, though this isn't saying anything bad about Sean Payton's schemes or anything.

The way our offense is built, it's more designed to have a complementary/consistent running game And why I am in no means calling Reggie Bush a Barry Sanders, if anyone remembers Barry Sanders he got 15-25 carries a game... many of which were for losses. In our system, with the style that our offense is built around, Reggie couldn't get touches that he needed to break one every now and then and actually figure out ways to use his abilities. The thing about that style of back is they actually learn throughout a game on what angles to take on certain defenders, and how to outmaneuver pursuers.

There are many other factors that played into his low numbers including injuries. TBH though I wouldn't be surprised to see him flourish in Miami.
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It's been fun Reggie. You will be missed.
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Question I wonder what Payton's reaction was to Bush leaving for the Dolphins?

He probably already knew what the FO was going to offer Bush and knew that Bush wouldn't accept it
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Yep. I bet he and Mickey are two, three, even four steps ahead with their "if then"scenarios." They have to be.

I continue to have a LOT of faith in the decision-making abilities of Sean and Mickey; along with the support they are given from Rita and Tom.

Who Dat!!!
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I wonder what Payton's reaction was to Bush leaving for the Dolphins?
Payton: There goes our decoy. *grabs Bush's jersey and starts weeping hysterically*
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Good points 73Saint, WhoDat656,and hitta.
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Now he can join the "Ricky Who?" club... and those of you who
were RB fans can now get yer MacFarlane (sp?) action figures
REEEEEEAL cheap! : D
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Honestly, what do I think Payton's reaction was? Well I vividly remember the look on Sean Payton's face during the second half of the Seahawks game, when Bush was on the sidelines with some (at the time) mysterious unspecified injury, and you could see Payton's playcalling card with all kinds of stuff literally scratched out on it with a Sharpie...and going into the game we had no other running backs to speak of, and all week long Reggie had been talking about how that was supposed to be his big breakout game, and his chance to shine in the spotlight and carry the load and finally be THE MAN and everything else... I kinda held my tongue about it at the time, didn't say anything much, but I knew in my gut Reggie was gone right then. Once you become invisible to Payton on the sidelines, you're history with him. It's happened to plenty of players: Joe Horn and Michael Lewis, for two examples. They just became invisible to Payton. I honestly think Payton has been more or less planning on a Reggie-less universe since that long flight home.
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