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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Couldn\'t have put it better myself, WhoDat. All you little madonna\'s who are bent out of shape on this crusade for one side or the other, need to step away from the keyboard for a second and ask yourselves one ...

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Saints Draft Board

Couldn\'t have put it better myself, WhoDat.

All you little madonna\'s who are bent out of shape on this crusade for one side or the other, need to step away from the keyboard for a second and ask yourselves one question-

\"Is it worth getting this riled up, over a message board?\"

Get a grip, most of you who get wound up so tight, is because you fail to force your beliefs on another, here. Who cares? Is the information CanLoomis posts interesting? Sure.
What brings me to this board is the opinions and well thought out posts that are presented. Do I agree with all I read? Absolutely not. That said, I do GREATLY appreciate what Can Loomis says as well as the way he/she says it. No one has ever questioned my credibility here, so why do some of you believe that you have the right to question ANYONE\'s credibility?

Some of the posts on this board are ridiculous to me. But, JoeSam rightly put me on course in a pm that took me to task about posting manners. That\'s what we need to consider, each and every time we post. GOOD MANNERS. It will stand us in good stead with both ourselves and others.

Can Loomis. For heaven\'s sake keep posting. You are both insightful, informed, and in my mind credible. In other words, I like your stuff. Do I know you? No. Do I stick up for your right to say what you believe? Absolutely.

Finally, I have been on boards (Saints Report, Sports Illustrated, NOS.com, Radio Free Bng, NOPF, and others) By far this is the best board with some really knowledgable posters. What we ALL want is to see the Saints win and win big. What we disagree on is how to get there. But, until Tom Benson, Jim Hazlett or any other of the Saints organization comes here and asks, we are all spouting opinion and frustration of losing.

So, as B&B says, take a deep breath. But stop calling names, and read what others have to say, sometines with a grain of salt, but always with good manners.

Thanks guys.
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Saints Draft Board

i hope ya take it as just initial questioning can man. it sounds like it has washed thru already to me. it isn\'t everyday someone who has legitimate connection to industry insiders comes to post on this little fan board. for any of you with doubt i say two things: 1) you are also questioning joesam. he has been given substantiation that satisfies him. that is good enough for me. if ya think he is on here for some internet jerkoff then you are a problem. 2) in the event this dewd or any other is trying to pull our chains or is some internet geek getting his rocks off with such absurdity i have no doubt it would not take long to be exposed here. there are plenty of insightful debaters here. my thought about any newbie is let your default be trust what they say until they show they cannot be trusted instead of initiating a relationship with skepticism.
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Saints Draft Board

What I don\'t understand is the dude said he was sorry, and tried to explain why he was so skeptical. Does noone but me see that? If a man saying he is wrong and aplogizing is not enough to have everyone move on, hell he should have just kept his apology to himself. I KNOW how stubborn shadow is, we even joke about it now, but damn, does everyone who comes late to the party have to comment on it? He said he was sorry, that is more than I have seen a lot of people do on here, myself included. Can we let this crap die now?

I am sure by now CanLoomis can see that several people want him to stay around to share his insight. If he still feels like taking his ball and going home, constantly propping him up ain\'t gonna change that.
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Saints Draft Board

CL, I hope you stay!

I agree with Whodi, though - it is ok to question the source (no matter what the credentials), and, secondly, when a guy says he sorry he means it.

I thought everything CL said so far has been very interesting; it would be sad to loose someone with such a different kind of take on things.

Here is the only worry I can see: if people start simply taking CL\'s word on everything as pure fact. I\'m sure that there is fact to it, but even \"facts\" are still disputable. I for one don\'t want to read this kind of dispute: Whodi says - why do you think x, new poster? New Poster\'s reply - CanLoomis said it, so it couldn\'t be wrong. Whodi - Sure it could, here is my counter evidence and bad azz argument. New Poster - I don\'t care, CL said such and such. This would SERIOUSLY discourage actual discussion. Now the good members here are never going to fall into that trap (because we\'re all too annoying to just give in), but if it going to become a game of CL said this, others said that, so CL automatically wins, then I do see a problem.

I think individual posters are too smart to fall into the trap I note above, but I do want to caution that this kind of thing can develop. This is why we require links, etc. That is why I suggest that people read CL\'s very helpful and interesting posts in this way: CL seems to have evidence that such and such as opposed to CL definitely has evidence that such and such and could never be wrong. This stance, which I\'m sure most have already taken should avoid almost all the worries raised in this impossibly long thread.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks
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Saints Draft Board

Take the virtual chips from your virtual shoulders and just relax.
Dude, they\'re Tostitos, I eat mine out of bag (what kind of psycho puts chips on his shoulder?), and I am relaxed. Whiskey\'ll do that to you, ya know?
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Saints Draft Board

and I am relaxed. Whiskey\'ll do that to you, ya know?
So will rohypnol, you sick, sick bastard :P
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Saints Draft Board

I know it\'s Friday, but isn\'t it kinda early?
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I had not planned on really letting this out, but I will because I want everyone to have a better understanding of how credible I am and why Mike D\'s opinions are so slanted.

I worked as a scouting intern for Chet Franklin before he left N.O. for Oakland. Chet is now retired. This was when Bill Kuharich was \"the man.\" After the Ditka era ended, I stayed on for one more year with Randy. I know the Saints organization really well. I know what went on behind the scenes when Randy was fired. I sat in the war room. I have put together draft boards. My closest friend from that staff is our west coast scout. I am very in-tune with what goes on around the NFL and in the Saints front office. I know them all.

That\'s the post that really made me question if anything he said held validity at all..
It\'s like some new guy saying..\"I\'m Jim Haslett..and here\'s the inside scoop\'\'..of course I \'m going to question that...

I just don\'t understand why someone who really did have the inside scoop, would be on a fan site, blabbing each and everything he was entrusted with...

Hey, IF it\'s legit..awesome..we have a 8 hour lead on the rest of the world...

But..I haven\'t seen any real eye popping info..and if your going to come in with an intro like that...you better be able to back it up...same would be expected from any person posting on any board...
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Saints Draft Board

Let it die. It\'s over for Christ\'s sake. Or I can lock the thread?
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Saints Draft Board

lock it please..
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