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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Venturi is one of Benson\'s boys. He will have a job here in some role as long as Tom is alive. I\'m not sure i understand what you mean by \'\' some role\'\' He is still listed as the D ...

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Saints Draft Board

Venturi is one of Benson\'s boys. He will have a job here in some role as long as Tom is alive.
I\'m not sure i understand what you mean by \'\' some role\'\'

He is still listed as the D coordinator on the teams website...and I know it has been updated..because they have Sheppard as the O coordinator..

Doesn\'t look like his position has changed at all...
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Saints Draft Board

CanLoomis was a draft intern on the team, which is why he gets this info. He still has friends inside.

I believe him.
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Saints Draft Board


Alex Smith-Utah-1st
Charlie Frye-Akron-3rd
Jason Campbell-Auburn-3rd
Adrian McPherson-Florida State-3rd
Kyle Orton-Purdue-5th


JJ Arrington-Cal-2nd
Vernand Morency-Ok. State-3rd
Alvin Pearman-Virginia-4th
Manuel White-UCLA-4th
Maurice Clarett-Ohio State-7th

Wide Receivers:

Chris Henry-W. Virginia-3rd
Jerome Mathis-Hampton-3rd
Roddy White-UAB-3rd
Larry Brackins-Pearl River CC-4th
Tab Perry-UCLA-5th

Offensive Tackles:

Jammal Brown-Oklahoma-1st
Alex Barron-Florida State-1st
Khalif Barnes-Washington-1st
Michael Roos-Eastern Washington-3rd
Wesley Britt-Alabama-4th
Anthony Alabi-TCU-5th
Michael Munoz-Tennessee-7th

Outside Linebackers:

Derrick Johnson-Texas-1st
Shawne Merriman-Maryland-1st
Kevin Burnett-Tennessee-1st
Thomas Davis-Georgia-2nd
DeMarcus Ware-Troy State-2nd
Channing Crowder-Florida-2nd
Darryl Blackstock-Virginia-3rd
Jordan Beck-Cal-Poly-4th

Inside Linebackers:

Barrett Ruud-Nebraska-1st that\'s higher than most-he should be there at the 40..he would be a great player
Odell Thurman-Georgia-2nd
Lance Mitchell-Oklahoma-3rd
Leroy Hill-Clemson-3rd
Robert McCune-Louisville-4th
Mike Goolsby-Notre Dame-5th


Antrel Rolle-Miami-1st
Adam Jones-West Virginia-1st
Justin Miller-Clemson-1st
Carlos Rogers-Auburn-1st

Marlin Jackson-Michigan-2nd
Bryant McFadden-Florida State-2nd
Eric Green-Virginia Tech-2nd
Corey Webster-LSU-3rd
Antonio Perkins-Oklahoma-4th
Stanley Wilson-Stanford-4th
Ronald Bartell-Howard-4th
Alphonso Hodge-Miami(Oh)-4th
Brandon Browner-Oregon State-7th
I would love britt, ruud, barnett, ware, webster with a third, bartell, mccune at the fourth,
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Saints Draft Board

the meaning is that as long as benson owns the team venturi will have a place. coaches and gm\'s may come n go but venturi will remain. nice gig, eh?
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Saints Draft Board

Thomas Davis-2nd round?
Boley not on the list? I wonder if its because he wasn\'t on your list or are they not interested in him?
Kinda surprised me a bit.
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Saints Draft Board

I don\'t know...that list seems kinda bunk...

What kind of source gives out Draft lists over the Internet?...especially this time of year..

Wouldn\'t that be a breach of security and trust? That is sensitive info...and would probably be better kept quiet...if it\'s real...
Interesting point, Shadow.
All teams have a general idea of what other teams intend to do in the draft anywayz. The main thing that controls where draft picks fall is Free Agency. Also ratings will no doubt change over the coming weeks. It\'s really no big deal.
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Saints Draft Board

i asked him about boley somewhere else danno. it is simply a list of ones he had gone over himself and got feedback on. i asked also on andrew walter. he said he had not summed him up since his proday is today and will after that. none of his numbers were much out of line with what you would find anywhere else. i think boley was 3rd rd-ish. he was pretty negative on kirk morrison as lacking in some very neccesary tools.
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Saints Draft Board

Draft intern... LMAO...
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Saints Draft Board

That\'s just how the Saints rate certain players, it doesn\'t mean that\'s where they are going to get picked. If they have Davis rated as a second rounder, I\'m pretty sure we aren\'t looking to pick him. I\'m surprised to see Munoz down there seeing he plays OT. Guess we aren\'t high on him at all. Darryl Blackstock is shooting up the draft boards and Browner is definately dropping because of the 4.6/4.7 he ran at the combine. Look what happened last year with Nathan Vasher who now plays for the Bears. He feel to the 4th I believe after running his 4.6 and now he\'s a very important contributor to their defense. Browner will be a steal. I would like us to take Eric Green because I really like his makeup and attitude. He\'s very much like his former teammate DeAngelo Hall. It\'s a positive thing that not many people are hyping him up because he\'ll be a solid player for someone.

<-- Boley fan :notnice:

[Edited on 10/3/2005 by papz]

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

All little common sense goes a long way.
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Saints Draft Board

I\'m just saying...It seems od that any team would feel it neccesary to give an EX Draft Intern any info at all..

It\'s like saying...Hey..I used to be a Cart boy at Wal Mart...and I have big time connects..I know them all..

Know what Im saying?

This info moslty sounds like stuff they would put on a pay site to me..

Just my opinion
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