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Drew's Arm

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Its normal procedure to get a full physical before a contract signing. Im fairly confident in Drews case, that included full disclosure of his arm strength and shoulder health. IF they offered Brees a 100 million dollar contract, they must ...

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Re: Drew's Arm

Its normal procedure to get a full physical before a contract signing. Im fairly confident in Drews case, that included full disclosure of his arm strength and shoulder health.
IF they offered Brees a 100 million dollar contract, they must know he is just fine. Thats how I see it.
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Re: Drew's Arm

The only thing wrong with Drew's arm is the offensive line.
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Re: Drew's Arm

the money in his pocket is weighing him down, its throwing off his delivery, ...now if he was to say, get rid of some of it, to me, then he would get some weight off his back, or shoulder.
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Re: Drew's Arm

Originally Posted by TheOak View Post
Ive started this thread a few times and never finished it...

Am I the only one that sees passes usually caught in stride being thrown behind receivers?

When is the last time any of you hears or saw the phrase "Brees throws his receivers open"?

I am in no way saying his arm is gone, but what I have seen of him in the last few games reminds me of the 2010 season when we found out near the end of the season that he played a few games hurt.

I have tendonitis in both rotator cuffs, and impingement. Drew has his his arm nearly ripped out of socket and is slinging 50 passes/game, you cant tell me his shoulders don't hurt when the weather changes etc...

Let me put it into terms that may wake some people up. The QB that has been touted as one of the most intelligent and accurate QB in the NFL just starts throwing wildly inaccurate passes and makes very bad decisions because.... He ran out of waffles?
He's been getting hit a lot this year. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he is playing dinged up. You won't hear about it until the end of the season if this is true.
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Re: Drew's Arm

I guess when the season goes south, we question everything. Much better things to come in 2013.
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Re: Drew's Arm

You're not the only one. I have been complaining about his throwing behind receivers and almost getting them killed for a while now. It's usually met with some cliche response like "if it touches your hands you gotta catch it"... Like that has anything to do with the fact that he IS throwing behind everyone.

That said, I don't think his shoulder is hurt. I think he's lacking confidence and short arming his passes. I don't know how that happened, but it sure as hell looks like it to me. Slumps happen from time to time, but it usually happens to young QB's. A bad game is one thing, but this is a full on slump, and the timing is rather bizarre.
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If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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Re: Drew's Arm

Originally Posted by Halo View Post
My opinion - alas Drew is human. I definitely feel his arm strength is as good as ever. He's actually using less "touch" this year and his throws are off just a bit. Drew has a powerful enough arm to be a very effective NFL QB. But without the right touch on the ball, it just does not fall exactly where it should as he is the definition of an precision passer.

Agree with nitedept and others that Drew taking on too much to elevate the team to greatness on his shoulders is the failing. He feels he needs to compensate for a weaker defense and score every-time he has the ball. This equates disaster.

NO QB can handle that type of responsibility. I appreciate his courage but the situation defines our season so far.
Think about what you just said... His strength is there but his accuracy (touch) is diminishing.. Now think about it in terms of a pitcher trying to throw his 90th 100 MPH fast ball. As his arm tires control diminishes and that effort is transferred to strength.

I can chunk a baseball fairly accurately 25 yards (distance from 3rd to 1st rounded).. When my shoulders are hurting, I can still get it there with a fair amount of velocity but I have to overcome so much pain that the accuracy is not there.

In simpler terms Drew could throw 35 yards using 70% of his strength very accurately. Pain is causing him to now throw 25 yards using 95% of his strength and that is taking a toll on his touch.

Getting hit is a distraction, more loss of control. Pain in his shoulder just from a weather change, more loss of control.

I suspect if Payton were with us he would correct it by cutting routed by 5 yards, allowing Drew to focus more in control and a little less on velocity.

Then again, I could do like I see a lot of other people doing and ignore diminishing performance and just say nothing is wrong.

2010 Drew threw 22 INTs.. Some blame it on the birth of his son. We have 4 games left, if Drew throws just 2 more INTs he is tired for his second career highest INTs per season.
Drew Brees: Played 2010 With MCL Injury | Bleacher Report

Drews Passer rating has been under 110 two times in his Career. 2010 and this year. Look at the advanced passing stats.
Drew Brees NFL Football Statistics - Pro-Football-Reference.com

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Re: Drew's Arm

Atlas had off days too.
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