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Our draft sucked... but what's new?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by BiggPoppaFro4 he better take a couple x10 to the house for what he's going to get. I'm still in awe of Brick and Mangold on the same line....the Jets are set for 10 years up front. Think ...

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Originally Posted by BiggPoppaFro4
he better take a couple x10 to the house for what he's going to get. I'm still in awe of Brick and Mangold on the same line....the Jets are set for 10 years up front.
Think about what just happened with Bentley/$. If Mangold is that good he's gonna want big money in his second contract. Ferguson, also. They're going to have to be able to afford two huge contracts there.
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Originally Posted by JimBone
When are you going to realize the impact Bush is going to have on our team? He is a mismatch for any safety or LB in the league and he opens up seams for Horn and Stallworth and also holes for Duece when both are on the field.

Defense is overrated anyway.
I think there are some people here that are not able to notice how special a player Bush is. There's ONE other player in the league like him - Vick. Before that it was Barry Sanders.

Bush can score at any time from any spot on the field in many different ways. You don't pass up a player like that unless you get some crazy offer.

No one will be complaining on here a few games in to the season, but if I had to spend the next 10 years watching Bush highlights with him in another uniform and think how we passed him up I'd be sick.
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OMG! Did anyone hear Bush say he didn't want to play for the Saints? NO! The Saints said they would not draft him if there was a chance he was going to be a hold out, guess what!? They drafted him which means?! He wants to play!

As for the post that said something like, all that and no word on how we are going to stop anyone... lol, are you serious? The Saints were the 14th ranked defence in the NFL last year, I answered how we are going to stop teams.. So have the SAaints.. We improved the offence which will actualy allow the defence to take a break, automaticly moving our defence up to top 10 by actualy being able to rest during a game, in addition to actualy being able to sit on the sidelines for more then 3 plays at a time the Saints also have brought in solid competition at the LB possitions and, obviously, the Saftey possitions since we are in the bottom 5 for interceptions over the past 3 seasons, also known as, since we lost Sammy Knight. Guys, I can throw around facts and statistics all night long that prove why we are making the right calls and why I bought Season tickets this season. I know what I'm talking about.

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This kid is still really young, and he's quite a talent, he just hasn't put it all together yet. A change of scenery might be great for him.
I agree that Faine was quite a talent in college. I think the Cleveland experience leaves him pretty exposed. When you get traded by your drafting team for 9 spaces, I think you're getting into "first round bust" territory. I agree with WhoDi on this one.

To do a similar move, I'd have much preferred to pony up another late rounder and deal with the Broncos for Javon Walker.

From where I'm standing we do have a marquee player, but we've addressed no needs today.

I won't totally defend Loomis, but I will say that my understanding is that he gives the coaching staff a huge amount of latitude. I can't see Loomis making this pick over Payton's objection or without his input.

And how many safeties can one team keep on it's roster?! geeez....

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Obviously we will be releasing some safteys after camp.
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OK...where do I start...

Do i realize what kind of special player Bush is? yes. hell, all i have to do is watch SportsCenter for 5 minutes and see it. Is he a mismatch for some folks? yes. am I discounting his skill? no Do I not see how special a player Bush is? did I say that? no, I didn't. What I did say is that the Jets did a great job of setting up a great line for ten years. I'd say read between the lines, but my quote isn't hidden; it's now in two spots...my post, and yours.

What I am saying is that IN MY OPINION the saints had other needs to address. mismatch? yep, he will be for some. he could score from anywhere on the field in college. let's not go cutting out the talent of all the opposition just yet. He is gonna stand some guys up ontheir ear and make others look stupid, but I also watched Deuce punk Keyon Carpenter so bad our whole barracks laughed ourselves out of the room. He's no slouch, huh?

Jeremy, if Mangold is as good as Bentley was, and he asks for top dollar (as set by Bentley's contract), do you think it may be a little less than what Deuce's and Bush's will be together? And maybe we can use that extra, oh I don't know, few millions of dollars to resign Ferguson. Do you think Bush is gonna give us a "thanks for picking me" discount in 6 years?

Once more for the guys in the back row: I am glad we got Bush, but not convince we weren't his second pick. he does amazing things on the field, but the Jets did well in the draft too.

Anything else you want me clear up?
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I told myself that if the saints got 2 starters out of day 1 I would be satisfied...Bush is in essence a starter and Faine will be a starter at center...no telling what Harper will be...my guess is he will be a typical 2nd round pick for the Saints...he will play special teams and perhaps in the dime...in the 4th quarter.

Now, if the saints can land 3 guys that will have some sort of positive impact on day 2 of the draft...then you have to say this is a great draft...there are some big names still on the board and i am realizing how deep this draft really is so hopefully the saints can capitalize. 2 players that will play will be great...3 players will make this draft phenominal.

-The Fonz
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What is the possibility that we picked a safety to replace Dwight Smith who will be traded for a player from another team that will fill a position of need? The Bush pick is already paying off in ticket sales and he hasn't even walked on the field. Special teams are going to be alot better than last year which has helped the defense tremendously. We have a starting center and our new QB has already started bonding with Reggie and Deuce is happy for the help in keeping himself healthy. No, I was as stumped as the rest of you with the safety pick but on the upside the team as a whole is making leaps and bounds in supporting each other as compared to last year's team. And we haven't even gotten to the start of the second day of draft picks yet. I can't help but believe we are going to see something special with the New Orleans Saints this coming year.
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the only thing that upsets me is that I think we could have gotten this guy in the 4th. this team would have been better served to have picked up McNeill or Marshall here.
this is your new strong safety of the future. called a buddy of mine in Birmingham. he said the guy wasn't a bad pickup, he's a field general, a film-junkie, and he'll be a starter in the NFL. he'll never be great, but he will start and will give you some flexibility.
i remember watching this kid at the senior bowl. i thought he was a linebacker for a while, he was in on every tackle, and laying some wood. one hit in particular, i think i even remarked about here.

The waiting drove me mad....
I don't want to hear from those that know...
Everything has changed, absolutely nothing's changed

Eddie is a....draftnik?
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OK. So which safeties do we get rid of?
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