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It seems like spk & DJ are looking at people on the news and assume they know their situation. How do you know who are lazy and not working and drop out of school and draining money from the goerment? The poor people in NO are mostly people that work minimum wage jobs. Your ignorant statment only suggest to me that you look at Race 1st & draw your conclusion. The people who decided to stay have their reason and it is just foolish to sit back and find ways to to degrate the unfortunate. Yeah, I said it.... YOU'RE STATEMENT IS RACIST.
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your an absolute idiot 08.
You do not leave blood in the mud .

Work your issues out later , these are Orleanians in need of help .

Humanbeings die as we wait .

You have your opinion , I have mine .
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Ruffled some feathers last time I was here, but I hope that's not what's important right now ...

I evacuated N.O. early Friday, before anyone even dreamed of things getting this bad. Like most everyone else in the area, I've lost everything I owned down there. Made it back to Birmingham with my skin ... guess that's the most important part.

I'm not here to fight. I just want to wish the best to all who've been affected by this tragedy. My deepest sympathies, and the sympathies of the nation, lie with the residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. I work for the phone company, and will likely be returning soon to begin recovery efforts for the city's network. I'd be lying to say I'm not apprehensive regarding the dangers, but we'll do what we can ... as soon as we can.

God be with all of you and your loved ones.
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i was actually being a little facetious in my comments. i wasnt really being serious. i didnt agree with him but come on guys who in their right mind says you need a little keith and actually means it.
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can someone from the LA area check this out for me?

I've signed up, but no real important information was asked for (ie. money/credit cards). Just checking for authenticity. Let me know, thanks.
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NEW ORLEANS - A day before President Bush headed to the hurricane-ravaged South, Mayor Ray Nagin lashed out at federal officials, telling a local radio station "they don't have a clue what's going on down here."

Federal officials expressed sympathy but quickly defended themselves, saying they, too, were overwhelmed by the catastrophe that hit the Gulf Coast region on Monday.

Nagin's interview Thursday night on WWL radio came as President Bush planned to visit Gulf Coast communities battered by Hurricane Katrina, a visit aimed at alleviating criticism that he engineered a too-little, too-late response.

Straight from the horse's mouth. Our government was overwhelmed by this hurricane. Remember, they had days as well to prepare all along knowing that, if NO took anything near a direct hit from a category 4 or 5 storm, the city would be devastated. Then they go and say...

Brown (FEMA Director) appeared the morning after the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, charged that administration officials "don't have a clue" about what's going on in the devastated city that long has been among the nation's premier tourist attractions.

"People are getting the help they need," Brown asserted on NBC's "Today" show. "This is an ongoing disaster. This disaster didn't just end when Katrina left."

But Brown also acknowledged that little in the government's preparedness plan took into account the likelihood of lawlessness in such dire straits.

"Before the hurricane struck I came down here personally and rode the storm out in Baton Rouge," he said. "We had all of our rescue teams, the medical teams, pre-deployed, ready to go. ... The lawlessness, the crime that is occurring, did surprise us."

Oh, really? You didn't anticipate lawlessness? I did. I've watched Florida suffer through similar types of behavior after hurricanes in the past. I can't remember for sure, but I seem to recall that Florida at one point enacted a law designed to be much tougher on people who loot following disasters such as this.

And the man in charge was surprised. Unbelievable.
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scotty i understand what you mean there are always going to be people who act in a way that isnt the way they should. it is guarenteed. but this was a huge natural disaster and none of it is the governments fault. it is unpreventable. scotty how do you prepare? what do you do? plain and simple the people should have left. thats really it man. in the end they are ultimately responsible for ethir own actions. somehow this turns into for liberals and democrats a bush bash. thats a good idea. it is all bush's fault., he brought the hurricane here. all we can do now is clean up and help. thats it. i will tell you this i bet the next time theese people are told to evacuate they will listen where ever they end up living.

MAXIMKAT i gave my name to the red cross. i just don't trust anyone else and also without the red cross you may end up with some bum from philly living with you claiming he was from there. i would try to call the red cross and ask them if it is legit. hope maybe that helps. i know it isnt much help just offering a solution
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spkb25, Should the government have been surprised by the looting? I don't think so. I think the fact that they were indicated how unprepared to handle something like this they were.

You prepare for this by moving before the fact. Not reacting to the fact. The government now has ships with supplies moving towards La. Ships that were ordered to move AFTER landfall of the hurricane. Wouldn't it have been prudent to move them closer just in case? Isn't that logical considering it was saturday afternoon when the storm was a cat 5 pointed towards NO, but still 36 hours or more away?

You prepare by expecting looting and having enough troops in the city immediately following the hurricane to combat the lawless. As it was the only troops in NO were primarily stationed at the superdome and they were UNARMED.

You prepare by having supplies moved to the nearest possible safe location that can be air lifted in and dropped by helicopter right in front of the superdome and convention center so that your surplus of National Guardsmen (which should have been there - see above) can hand them out. Let it be so much that much of it just sits there because everyone has what they need.

My comments are not about politics. I don't blame Bush so much as I blame the people who were in charge of this sort of planning and who did not mobilize these types of efforts. See, unlike an earthquake or a tsunami, this WAS PREDICTABLE. We had days to foresee what could happen. It is common knowledge that NO is below sea level and that flooding would be a problem. The governement knew nearly two days beforehand that NO and Biloxi were likely spots for landfall. Unfortunately, they underestimated the damage. They underestimated their need for supplies and the difficulty of getting it to those who need them. Why? This isn't the first hurricane to strike the US.

Sure, the devastation is larger than ever before, but so was the hurricane. On saturday we were looking at it on the satelite and getting the information that this was the fourth biggest recorded that could hit the US. But, FEMA took a wait-and-see approach rather than mobilizing everything they had. People are suffering and dying because of that decision.
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no not at all on the looting if oyu look at my response i am with you on that. you will always have that. i get you i said they should have sent in the military as soon as the crap started. i am with you on that. i think what they worried about was like a riot on top of it. now look though you have those people causing that type of distraction anyway. you are right on that part no doubt. i think it was the same mistake we made when that started in iraq also. political correctness will detroy us man. sometimes you have to go in and just be ruthless to those types. it is all they understand you knwo. i think you are right on that.

I like to complain about people who don't think like me. Then I project and say they're complaining. Who am I?
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